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Boss Ice (ボスアイス Bosu Aisu) is a hidden CPU only boss in Heritage for the Future. He appears in the story mode when you play as any of the crusaders. Alternatively he can also be fought when you reach the second to last opponent in challenge mode.

In order to play as Boss Ice, the hidden debug mode must be enabled, and switching your character mid-match until you get Boss Ice. He's a far worse version of Vanilla Ice, as he cannot crouch and has very limited tools, much like the other low-tiers of this game, requiring strong neutral, good reads and excellent punishing with his Stand On to deal damage.

He faces some challenges most characters wouldn't even think of having to deal with, such as his Stand On being completely worthless against crouching opponents, or his specials and supers doing Boss Ice more harm than it does helping him. Overall, if you have strong enough neutral and are good at punishing things, Boss Ice should be a nice and fluid character.

Difficulty: Below Average

Pros Cons
  • Normals don't trigger IPS or scaling, meaning his combos do insane damage.
  • Dashes make his ground mobility the strongest in the game outside of the Kakyoins.
  • Incredibly strong tech-chase from his Stand On.
  • Strong neutral with an effective bait and punish game.
  • Easy combos with even easier stand crash setups that work on almost all gauges.
  • Insane meter gain by just whiffing s.5A.
  • Fastest wake-up speed in the game.
  • Stand On is useless against crouching opponents with a few exceptions.
  • Specials and supers have little to no use at all.
  • Many moves that are just unusable in any situation.
  • Cannot crouch, meaning he will get destroyed by mix-ups.
  • No combos stand off, all his stand off moves launch and are techable.
  • Only low is 5C/66C, meaning you need to really get in close to mix-up with his j.C/66B/66C.
  • Only usable super is his tandem and it's a fairly weak one.
Boss Ice

Stand: Active

Defense Value Stand OFF: 80

Defense Value Stand ON: 81

Stand Durability: 88

Roll Speed: 26

Wakeup Speed: 25

Prejump Stand OFF: 5

Prejump Stand ON: 4

Notable Players

Color Nickname Country Platform Accounts Notes
Bice win.gif
dronk USA Fightcade 2 Fightcade: dronk Left HFTF to play better fighting games, full-time Rubber enjoyer.
Status: Rarely Active
Bice win.gif
JtheSaltyy USA Fightcade 2 Fightcade: JtheSaltyy The troll master.
Status: Active
Bice win.gif
Gyroman USA Fightcade 2 Fightcade: BrazenBlackPolnareff Another Rubber player who wrote the original fandom Boss Ice wiki.
Status: Active

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