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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future/Polnareff

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Jean Pierre Polnareff (ジャン・ピエール・ポルナレフ Jan Piēru Porunarefu) is a core ally in Stardust Crusaders and appears with his stand, Silver Chariot. He fights along the Stardust Crusaders, heading for DIO in Egypt.

Polnareff was injected with a parasite given to him by Dio after his encounter with him while searching for his sister's murderer. DIO told Polnareff that the man he's seeking has two right hands, and that he will help him find that man if he got rid of Jotaro and company. His desire to seek revenge caused him to be blinded by DIO's evil, and be tricked into attacking Jotaro and company. Luckily, Jotaro and his friends defeated Polnareff and safely removed the parasite that was controlling his mind. Polnareff joined Jotaro and company hoping to get revenge for his sister and DIO's manipulation. After a while, they faced the man who killed his sister, J. Geil and he got his revenge on him. Ever since he got revenge, he aimed to get revenge on DIO.

Polnareff is a very solid character all around, able to run his gameplan easily through the use of Stand ON normals and Shooting Star. He has a decent skill floor, as his combos aren't hard to execute at all. Speaking of Shooting Star, that move is the definition of Polnareff, he can easily switch the flow of the match with it, as well as trap the opponent in very hard-to-block mixups. His normals are among the best in the game, 2C/D.2C is a very oppressive button that can be very hard to punish, as well as S.4B which is one of the best anti-airs in the game due to it's disjointed hitbox and fast startup.

Difficulty: Easy/Average


Color Palettes
Pros Cons
  • Incredible near-Unblockable Mixup potential
  • Good Damage output
  • Phenomenal Stand OFF and Stand ON Normals
  • Excellent meter build
  • Frequent reset opportunities
  • Fairly easy execution requirements
  • Can take control of the match via Stand Off Shooting Star
  • Solid offensive options even without Shooting Star out
  • Antiair monster
  • Fairly prone to IPS, making it risky to go for combo extensions
  • Doesn't have fast "Get off me" normals in Stand ON compared to other S Tiers
  • Taller than Average crouching Hurtbox in Stand OFF
  • Cannot block while Shooting Star is out

Polnareff A.png

Stand: Active

Defense Value Stand OFF: 89

Defense Value Stand ON: 81

Stand Durability: 80

Roll Speed: 39

Wakeup Speed: 36

Prejump Stand OFF: 5

Prejump Stand ON: 4

Notable Players

Color Nickname Country Platform Accounts Notes
Kakky Japan Arcade (BigOne2nd) Twitter: @kakky_jojo True Neutral.
Status: Active
BNOC Russia Fightcade 2 Twitter: @BNOCHFTF
Fightcade: BNOC, RideTheLightning, BlackPickleRick
Discord: THE Man behind the slughter#8319
Tournament host for Slavic Clash and best western player out right now. Also plays Jotaro.
Status: Active
GaryButternubs USA, East Coast Fightcade 2 Twitter: @GButternubs
Fightcade: GaryButternubs
Discord: GaryButternubs#9122
Big Brain Romhacka and AnimEVO Champ. Also plays New Kakyoin. Sploogie Jr.
Status: Semi-Active
Lamar Davis USA, Midwest Fightcade 2 Twitter: @LamarConquest
Fightcade: Lamar Davis
Discord: HTA#6957
Partially functional keyboard player. Also plays Hol Horse, Vanilla Ice and Jotaro.
Status: Active
Dannythebalu Canada Fightcade 2 Twitter: @dannythebalu
Fightcade: Dannythebalu
Discord: Dannythebalu#2323
Sponsored by Sneed's Feed & Seed. Also plays Vanilla Ice.
Status: Retired
MassterDraWa Chile Fightcade 2 Twitter: @MassterDraWa
Fightcade: MassterDraWa
Discord: MassterDraWa#8217
Mastered the art of Pol in the valleys of Chile.
Drawa in action:
Status: Active
MelvinIsANiceBoy Ireland Fightcade 2 Twitter: @MelvinIsANiceB1
Fightcade: MelvinIsANiceBoy
Discord: MelvinIsANiceBoy#8221
Very good Pol player, although he doesn't play as much as he used to.
Status: Rarely active
SploogieMcNoodle USA, West Coast Fightcade 2 Twitter: @Splooogie
Fightcade: SploogieMcNoodle
Discord: ???
Went off to UNIST and BBTAG, will be missed, good player.
Status: Retired
FalcoFatalitY United Kingdom Fightcade 2 Twitter: @falco_fatal
Fightcade: FalcoFatalitY, SaddamHusseinFGC, MadaraUchihaHFTF
Discord: FF#8623
One of the wiki editors, plays only on alt accounts. If you see a UK player on wired with a stupid name, it's most likely him.
Status: Retired
Waluwiigi United Kingdom Fightcade 2 Twitter: []
Fightcade: Waluwiigi
Discord: Waluwiigi#0591
One of only two Pol players to lift more than 10 kg
Status: Basically Retired

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