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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future/Bice/Misc

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Selecting Boss Ice

In order to select Boss Ice the quickest, select DIO. Once you press Start + C you will have selected Boss Ice. If you win as Boss Ice, you need to press Start + C during the intro again since the game still thinks you have selected DIO, however if you lose as Boss Ice you will be stuck on him in the select screen. He also plays Young Joseph's "Happii urepii yuropike ne" voice clip when selected.

Boss Ice Palettes

Boss Ice has a weird thing regarding his palettes. The thing is, Boss Ice only has one palette. However if you select Boss Ice on the select screen with different buttons than A his portrait will change color as it should, and his small portrait during the fight will also be affected, but Bice's sprite remains the same color. If you actually edit Bice's palette using the FBNeo palette editor, then you will only be able to select that custom Bice palette with the A button, nothing else, which shows that he has other palette slots, they're just not accessible. Also the custom palette will sometimes disappear at times like in Bice's throw where Cream turns to the default palette then if you are using a custom palette his colors return there.

Other Oddities

  • Bice's taunt is the only taunt in the game that can be cancelled into anything. This includes walking, "crouching," any attack, dashing, and even another taunt. This makes taunting in between rounds a lot safer since you can move around after taunting easier, so if you're a guy who likes taunting, then Boss Ice has some easy taunt options for you.

  • Bice's "crouch" is technically him crouching, although it immediately returns him to his standing state. There is a window where Bice is in his crouching state, as indicated by his animation just being the first frame of his idle. By spamming 2, you can see he will have the same idle sprite and never actually animate. However you cannot attack from this state since Bice does not have any crouching attacks.

  • In Stand On, pressing 7/8/9 and taunting on the same frame causes Cream to move. This include's Bice's hurtbox as well. Bice stays in place then eventually glides to where Cream is. You can also "seperate" them with a dash by pressing 4 or 6, then pressing 4/6 and taunt on the same frame. If you attack, then Bice will automatically teleport to Cream's location. This is an interesting glitch, however it is tricky to execute. There's no practical use for it.

Original Doc & Fandom Wiki

If you want to see other sources regarding Boss Ice information outside of the SRK wiki, there is the google doc which includes data, combos and matchup charts by Dronk and JtheSaltyy.

There is also the original Boss Ice fandom wiki by Gyroman, however note that there is no data for the moves, so it might be a bit outdated. It's still a good source of info.

Google Doc by Dronk and JtheSaltyy
Fandom Wiki by Gyroman and Filipo1308

Boss Ice Wiki written by JtheSaltyy

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