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Iggy (イギー Igī) also known as Iggi, is a core ally who appears in the second half of Stardust Crusaders. An urban mutt from the streets of New York, Iggy begrudgingly aids the protagonists on their final expedition to Cairo. Iggy commands The Fool, a really bizarre looking Stand made of sand that can partially change its shape, allowing it to even mimic humans.

In Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage For The Future, Iggy is a very odd character, using charge style special attacks and featuring different gimmicks depending on whether his Stand is On or Off.

In Stand Off, he's the shortest character in the game which gives him a lot of advantages, but also limits his movelist, most notably making his simple attacks really hard to connect due to short range. In return, once Iggy manages to knock down the opponent, his moveset contains an easy to time meaty low attack, a decent overhead and a fantastic grab, giving him some good reset options.

In Stand On, Iggy's hitbox becomes larger and wider, which comes with many disadvantages, but Iggy himself gains some new mobility options, exclusive only to his character. Instead of a double jump, Iggy can glide in the air while protecting himself with sand balls. He also gains the ability to perform a simple airdash. His normals also become much better when it comes to range.

Overall, Iggy is a very versatile character, but none of his modes truly give him a massive advantage, meaning that you'll be switching your playstyle a lot while using him.

Iggy is an unorthodox character who switches between slowly whittling opponents down at midrange and smothering them at close range with oppressive mixups.
Pros Cons
  • Small: Iggy's Stand Off hurtbox is extremely short, and will naturally low profile many attacks, neutering many characters more effective tools.
  • Mobility: Has by far the fastest walk speed in the game, as well as an airdash, a float, and even a teleport to move around the screen with.
  • Turtling: Iggy has many strong keepaway options at midrange with extremely low risk such as Far 5C, [4]6C, and Sandballs.
  • Air Control: Iggy has several anti-air options to hit opponents with. He also has amazing air to airs, with Sandballs potentially being the best air to air in the game.
  • Mixups: Iggy can use airdashes to create near unreactable overheads that give full combos on hit. He also has a grab that gives okizeme, leading into further mixups.
  • Oki: Iggy has some of the most complex and layered okizeme in the entire game. If there's any oki option you want, Iggy probably has it.
  • Gimmicky: Iggy’s toolkit has many strange setups that can be difficult for inexperienced players to deal with.
  • Awkward Normals: Most of Iggy’s Stand Off moveset has downright awful range, while his Stand On normals are generally slow and lacking in frame advantage.
  • Approach: While Iggy's approach options aren't bad, they're certainly more risky than other characters, and he can struggle to approach in certain matchups.
  • Combos: Almost all of Iggy's combos have some issue with them, such as low damage, being punishable on hit, or requiring meter. Many of his best moves also can't lead into combos.
  • Inconsistent Oki: Iggy can struggle to do oki against characters with faster wakeup timings. He's also uniquely vulnerable to reversals and jump outs after a grab knockdown.
  • Gimmicky: Many of Iggy's tools have hard counters that can easily be exploited by experienced opponents, making it harder for Iggy to apply his strengths against them.

Iggy A.png

Stand: Active

Defense Value Stand OFF: 91 (Low)

Defense Value Stand ON: 81 (Low)

Stand Durability: 80 (Medium)

Roll Speed: 42 (Slow)

Wakeup Speed: 32 (Fast)

Prejump Stand OFF: 4

Prejump Stand ON: 5

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