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Ura Takuma Sakazaki (KoF '02 UM)

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Move list

Normal Throws
Command Moves
Special Moves
Desperation Moves
Max Desperation Moves
Max 2



  • cl.A chains into lights
  • cl.A/B/C are cancellable


  • none of EX Takuma's stand normals are hit or whiff cancellable except st.C which is whiff cancellable in the first few frames of its startup.


  • cr.A/B chain into themselves and each other
  • cr.A/B/C are cancellable


  • j.B is EX Takuma's go to crossup tool
  • j.D is another good crossup tool from specific ranges and setups
  • j.CD is a wonderful air to air and pressure tool


Wide Slicer - (b/f + C)

  • grants hard knockdown

Single Heave-ho -( b/f + D)

  • grants hard knockdown

Command Moves

Demon's Vehicle - (f + A)

  • EX Takuma swings out his fist straight in front of himself, hitting it raw will grant a hard knockdown.
  • Can combo into it from close and crouching normals during which on hit it becomes cancellable.
  • With link timing you can do cl.A, cl.A>>f+B and still retain the hard knockdown property of the move.
  • If you hit an aired opponent with the move it will slam them into a hard knockdown as well.

Vehicle Drop - (b + A)

  • EX Takuma sends out a chop in front of himself, hits mid.
  • Can combo into it, but only connects from lights.
  • Pushes him a little bit from the opponent which can make it a good spacing tool for certain pressure strings.

Bottle Breaker - (f + B)

  • Same as normal Takuma's, he throws out an elbow.
  • Raw it hits overhead and you can combo straight into fireball super.

Horse Strike - (df + B)

  • EX Takuma punches straight toward the feet of his opponent, hits low and causes hard knockdown.
  • Great for mixing in with a string to a standing opponent, but is atrociously unsafe on block.

Overall his command normals give him a lot of different angles to attack and pressure from.

Special Moves

Tiger Flame Punch - (qcf + A/C)

  • ExTakuma's fireball move, a classic 2D spacing technique.
  • C version travels faster.
  • Both versions can be comboed into as combo finishers/pressure tools.

Tiger Boulder Blast - (qcb + A/C)

  • EXTakuma thows out a parry then follows up with a heavy punch.
  • The first part of the attack will absorb a single hit then he will continue the attack.
  • Against predictable opponents could be used to counter meatys, but is very unsafe on block if overused.
  • Causes soft knockdown.
  • With correct timing you can use the parry animation to destroy fireballs.
  • Hits mid.
  • Super cancellable, but the follow up super won't connect depending on the spacing.

Zan Retsu Ken - (f, b, f + A/C)

  • ExTakuma punches furiously, creating a wall of fist, when it connects it will suck the opponent in and launch them after 13 hits causing a soft knockdown.
  • Can be comboed from a cl.C.
  • On block the move will push EXTakuma back and the opponent will recover before the move even finishes making it very unsafe as a raw pressure tool.
  • Htis mid.

Shouran Kyaku - (hcb + B/D)

  • EXTakuma runs, grabbing the opponent and kicking them several times.
  • Counts as an unblockable command throw.
  • Causes hard knockdown.
  • Cannot be comboed into.
  • B version has slightly faster startup and goes only half screen. Grabs mid.
  • D version will connect full screen from the run animation into the throw.

Lightning Legs Knockout Kick - (charge db~f + B/D)

  • EXTakuma flies forward connecting with a kick.
  • B version hits once and is about -1 on block.
  • D version hits twice and launches the opponent into the air where you can land a juggle hit including his fireball supers.
  • D version is about +1 on block.
  • Both versions cause soft knockdown.
  • Hits mid.

Desperation Moves

Haoh Shi Koh Ken - (f, hcf + A/C:)

  • great fireball super.
  • A version is slower, both versions cause soft knockdown.
  • Good punisher/combo ender.

Ryuko Ranbu - (qcf, hcb + A/C)

  • EXTakuma dashes forward hitting the opponent with multiple attacks ending in a fireball.
  • Unlike normal Takuma's it causes soft knockdown.
  • Can be comboed into.
  • Much like his run grab, A version goes a smaller distance in the screen to connect than the C version.

Neo Demon-God Attack - (close, qcf x 2 + A/C)

  • although it has the animation of his parry move this is actually an unblockable throw super without parry properties.
  • It will connect at about the same range as his s.C normal.
  • Causes soft knockdown.

Super Desperation Moves

Ryuko Ranbu - (qcf, hcb + AC)

  • harder hitting version of EXTakuma's ranbu super does an addition hit and three fire balls at the end.
  • Causes soft knockdown.
  • Will go through fireballs for only the very first part of the animation.


Lion Killer - (f, hcf + AC)

  • EXTakuma's gi bursts open flexing all his muscles as he summons the destructive power of the tiger: a massively damaging full screen fireball the causes a soft knockdown.


  • cl.C > [10%]
    • f + A > [19%]
      • (S)DM qcf hcb +A/AC [41%/57%] {1/3 stocks}
      • DM f hcf + C [40%] {1 stock}
      • qcf + C/A (Point blank.) [30%/29%]
    • f + B > (Point blank.) [19%]
      • (S)DM qcf hcb +A/AC {1/3 stocks}
      • DM f hcf + C {1 stock}
    • qcf + C/A [21%/20%]
    • f b f + P (Point blank.) [26%%]
      • df + B (OTG. Corner.) [34%]

  • cr.C > [9%]
    • (db) f + D,[%19]
      • f b f + P, [34%]
        • df + B (OTG. Corner.) [43%]
      • f + A, (Timming required.) [27%]
        • df + B (OTG.) [%34]
      • DM f hcf + A, (Out of the corner.) [41%] {1 stock}
        • HSDM f hcf + AC (Timming required.) [84-88%] {+3 stocks}
      • j.CD [31%]
      • j.D [28%]
      • qcf + P [31%]
      • CD > (Timming required.) [31%]
        • HSDM f hcf + AC [73%] {3 stocks}

  • CD > [12%]
    • HSDM f hcf + AC [57%] {3 stocks}

  • cr.B x 2 > [6%]
    • DM qcf qcf + A [32%]
    • (S)DM qcf hcb +A/AC [29%/44%] {1/3 stocks}
    • f + A >
      • (S)DM qcf hcb +A/AC {1/3 stocks}
      • DM f hcf + C {1 stock}
      • qcf + C (Point blank.)
    • f + B > (Point blank.)
      • (S)DM qcf hcb +A/AC {1/3 stocks}
      • DM f hcf + C {1 stock}

  • j.D, cl.C >> BC, run, cl.C ..

  • cr.B > f + A >> BC, run, cl.C ...

  • Max Mode: ... cl.C > f + A > (db) f + D, f b f + P >> DM f hcf + A, HSDM f hcf + AC {Max mode + 3 stocks}

The Basics

Advanced Strategy