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Lin (KoF '02 UM)

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Move list

Normal Throws
Command Moves
Special Moves
Desperation Moves
Max Desperation Moves
Max 2


NOTE: Lin's normals are very fast and can combo into each other without being canceled into(cr.B,cr.C) and can reset his qcf+A/C without droping the combo.


  • cl.A/B/C/D are cancel-able
  • cl.A/B chain into themselves and each other
  • cl.C two hits, both are cancellable


  • s.A cancel-able and good poke
  • s.B has good range and can set up frame traps
  • s.C advances Lin forward, though it looks like an overhead it isn't
  • s. D is a fast anti-air, it whiffs on crouching opponents except larger ones like Daimon, Chang, Maxima


  • cr.A/B cancel-able
  • cr.C two hits, both are cancellable
  • cr.D slow but far sweep


  • neutral j.A as a spinning property at the beginning, its hitbox doesn't start til Lin's arm pops out
  • j.B has a steep downward angle with a surprisingly large hitbox as an air to air move
  • j.C is also has a steep downward angle, but is largely useful as a close range hop in starter
  • j.D is Lin's best air move with a sweeping arc that makes it a good air to air, a good hitbox to land from different distances on standing or crouching opponents, as well as having character specific crossup possibility
  • j.CD is an ok air to air move and has some use as a fake jump-in into throw or mixup

Blowback Attack

  • Comes out slow and has a tilted(upward)hitbox.
  • has preemptive anti-air quality if timed well
  • is whiff cancellable into specials


Akuzan - (b/f + C close)

  • Lin picks the opponent up by the neck and pierce it then briefly drops them. Throw leaves the opponent very close so be wary when fighting opponents with command grabs(Clark,Ralf,Daimon,Raimon,etc)
  • can be broken
  • causes hard knockdown

Akuzan Ki -( b/f + D close)

  • Lin picks the opponent up by the neck and pierce it and throws the opponent.
  • can be broken
  • causes hard knockdown

Command Moves

Benpatsuken - (f + A)

  • Lin steps forward and crosses his arms while performing a shoulder rush.
  • Benpatsuken is a really good command move, it has a nice forward hitbox and comes out at decent speed
  • can combo into it and then from it, used in most of Lin's BnBs
  • great MAX mode starter

Joudan Hakkyoku Ken Dakai - (df + C)

  • Lin spreads his arms and smashes the ground.
  • hits overhead
  • causes hard knockdown
  • it has a small hitbox and comes out slowly.
  • although this is Lin's only direct overhead and you can cancel into it, it should only be used rarely and in mix-ups.

Special Attacks

Hiten Kyaku - (hcb + B/D)

  • Lin jimps horizontally while kicking multiple time in mid air.
  • hits mid
  • Hiten Kyaku versions B/D are very different despite the similar move animation.
  • B version comes out fast, unsafe on block, and its final hit(3 Hits) can hit an opponent while on the ground.
  • B version causes hard knockdown
  • B version is negative on block, but it pushes Lin back 3/4 of the screen
  • D version starts slower, safe on block, and its final hit(4 Hits) is a launcher which allows him to perform resets or free extra damage by linking his dp.A/C.
  • D version causes soft knockdown
  • D version is safe on block and leaves Lin point blank

Muei Kou Sa Shu - (dp + A/C)

  • Lin swiftly strikes in a barrage of punches cutting through the opponent.
  • has upper body invincibility
  • hits mid
  • negative on block, but pushes Lin back from the opponent
  • can be canceled into
  • can be used as an anti-air and has a vacuum effect that draws the opponent in
  • causes soft knockdown

Kasumi - (qcb + A/C)

  • Lin removes his mask then spits out poison toward the opponent,
  • A version is fast, can combo, and knocks the opponent away
  • A version causes soft knockdown
  • C version releases a smog of poison that lingers in the air for a bit
  • C version is slow, its final hit wall bounce the opponent on counter hit, but cannot combo into.
  • Cversion causes hard knockdown
  • third hit of the C version is super cancellable
  • both versions are decent zoning tools and A version is a good pressure tool

Himou Kyaku - (hcf + B/D)

  • Lin phases out of reality and teleports through the stage.
  • a very useful tool because it allows Lin to swiftly and relatively safely attack the opponent and escapes from corner pressure/rushdown.
  • B version allows Lin to only go through half of the screen
  • B version is faster, but has no upper body invulnerability. Can't go through projectiles and can be stopped by any mid attack
  • B version has some lower body invulnerability so makes it a great pressure or safety tool
  • D version allows him to go full screen.
  • D version has no lower body invulnerability, it can pass through projectiles, but it can be stop be any low attack
  • D version has a lot of upper body invulnerability

Tetsuzan-bu Rasatsu -(qcf + A/C)

  • Lin thrusts his hand toward the opponent covered in poison.
  • rekka starter
  • hits mid
  • safe on block
  • Lin's primary BnB tool and combo starter
  • fast enough poke to be useful as a spacing and punishing tool

Tetsuzan-bu Nagi - (hcb + A/C)

  • Lin alters the poison release in his hand and thrusts it upwards toward the opponent.
  • rekka follow up
  • hits mid
  • safe on block and pushes Lin back a character distance away
  • super cancel-able

┗Tetsuzan-bu Hakei - f + A/C

  • Lin strikes hard with a twisting palm thrust.
  • rekka finisher
  • hits mid
  • causes soft knockdown
  • negative if blocked, so if the first 2 rekkas are blocked do not follow into this as it leaves Lin very close to the opponent
  • tosses the opponent about 1/2 the screen

Jyatotsuga - (rdp + A/B/C/D)

  • Lin kneels and extends his arm into the ground reappearing in a location dictated by A/B/C.
  • it is a great zoning and mixup tool because Lin can launch the opponent towards or away from him anywhere on the screen.
  • all versions hit mid
  • all versions are safe on block
  • A version comes out as a V shape or if point blank as a rectangle behind the opponent that launches them over Lin
  • A version is a fast spacing tool to stymie opponent progress or occasionally as an anti-air
  • B version functions the same as A, but with a longer range
  • B version whiffs at point blank range
  • C version has the longest range
  • C version hits the opponent into the air higher than the others and allows time for a jumping or ground followup including his dp+p
  • D version is a faint to bait a jump-in and anti-air or zone to build meter.


Yougou - (hcf x 2 + B/D)

  • Lin phasewalks toward the opponent and appears behind them sliting their throat.
  • counts as an unblockable throw.
  • can be evaded by jumping and due to its horrible recovery time Lin will be wide open.
  • B version covers less distance than its D ver.
  • both versions phase turn projectiles

Ranbu Dokuga - (qcb hcf + A/C)

  • Lin slides toward the opponent and then performs a chain of combos upon contact.
  • has many options and a large variety of set-ups that allows it to be canceled into making it a great combo ender and punisher
  • both versions have partial upper/lower invulnerability during the phase walk

Super DM

Ranbu Dokuga - (qcb hcf + AC)

  • Lin slides towards the opponent, performs various chains of attacks and finishes by watching the poison aftershock take effect.
  • EX version of Lin's ranbu super causes more damage
  • can combo into it
  • hits mid
  • causes hard knockdown

Senju Rakan Satsu - (d, d, d + AC)

  • Lin unleashes a onslaught of attacks ripping through the opponent with his sorcerously stretched limbs
  • can combo off of any attack Lin manages to connect.
  • It has very fast start up and very long range
  • It is also useful to use when the opponent has 15% health or lower to chip them to death.
  • unlike Lin's dp it does not vacuum aerial opponents and will hit them once and knock them out of the super, thus not useful as anti-air


Hiada Ougi Dokushu Kou - (hcb x 2 + AC)

  • Lin picks up the opponent then slowly moves his hand as it changes color then swiftly pierces them and throws them down.
  • it is a command grab and the only move in 2k2UM that poison the opponent.
  • poison stays active until the opponent health reach 10%,
  • has poor damage for an HSDM (poison makes up some for that), and can combo into.
  • the range you have to be in to grab the opponent is bigger than most command throws (about 1/2 character distance)


  • cr.B / cr.A, cr.A > qcf + P > hcb + P > f + P

  • cr.B, cr.C (2) > f + A >
    • qcf + P > hcb + P > f + P
    • hcb + B

  • cr.C > f + A >
    • dp + P
    • qcf + A > hcb + A >>> (S)DM qcb hcf + P/AC

  • cr.C (1) > f + A > qcf + A > hcb + A >>> DM hcf hcf + K

Max Mode

  • cr.B, cr.C (1) >> BC, run, cr.C (2) > f + A > qcf +A >> hcb + A >> hcb + D, dp + P >> (S)DM qcb hcf + P/AC

The Basics

Advanced Strategy