Yashiro Nanakase (KoF '02 UM)

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this nigga dead why is he here

Move list

Normal Throws
Command Moves
Special Moves
Desperation Moves
Max Desperation Moves
Max 2



  • st. A is a cancel-able jab that is good poking at a close range
  • st. B is a quick long ranged kick that is very good to use as a poke
  • st. C is a short ranged right hook punch that moves Yashiro forward slightly
  • st. D is a reversed roundhouse kick which can be used as an standing anti-air but it is fairly slow, and may activate into cl. D if someone hops in too close. It also whiffs on some crouching opponents.


  • cl. A/B/C/D are cancel-able
  • cl. A is a cancel-able quick back hand punch that may be used in some combos. It whiffs on some crouching opponents.
  • cl. B looks like a low, but hits mid.
  • cl. C is a close uppercut that is used in the beginning of his combos, and covers the front of his head in-case someone tries to jump over Yashiro at a close range.
  • cl. D hits mid, and is also used in the beginning of many of his combos.


  • cr. A/C/D are cancel-able
  • cr. A is chain-able into itself, st. A, cl. A and st. B
  • cr. B is chain-able into cr. A, cl. A and st. A
  • cr. A is a long ranged jab that can be used poke and to apply pressure
  • cr. B is a very short crouching kick that is hard to combo into Yashiro's cr. A
  • cr. C is a very good uppercut that can be used as an anti-air
  • cr. D is long range two hit sweep that can be whiff cancelled


  • j. A is a jumping jab that can be used in many ways, as a air-to-air, ground-to-air, or a jump-in attack. It can also hit crouching opponents rather easily.
  • j. B is a swinging jump kick that can be used as an air-to-air
  • j. C is good to as a jump-in attack to start combos but it whiffs on some crouching opponents.
  • j. D is good to use as an air-to-air or to use from air-to-ground.


  • st. CD is a cancel-able shoulder tackle. Pushes Yashiro back away from the opponent if blocked.
  • j. CD is a high angled kick that is good for air-to-air but whiffs on some crouching opponents.


Liver Blow - close (b/f + C)

  • Yashiro quick grabs the opponent then uppercuts them in the midsection. They land near the corner of the screen.
  • Soft knockdown

Hatchet Throw - close (b/f + D)

  • Yashiro picks up and slams the opponent; switching sides.
  • Hard knockdown

Command Moves

Regret Bash - (f + A)

  • Yashiro steps forward then slams his fist on the ground. Good to use in combos after his cl. C or cl. D as an easy confirm.
  • Hits overhead by itself
  • Cancel-able only when cancelled into

Step Side Kick - (f + B)

  • Yashiro steps forward to deliver a side kick. When used in some combos, it can push Yashiro back a bit far to connect a special move, but the push back can be used if blocked.
  • Cancel-able only when cancelled into

Special Moves

Dual Upper - (dp + A/C)

  • This is a dragon punch uppercut with auto-guard (or armor) during the start-up. Light punch version (A) hits twice, while the heavy punch version (C) hits three times has more damage, but slower start-up with more auto-guard. Good to use at the end of certain combos that place the opponent in an juggle-able state, and good to use as a reversal option.
  • If whiffed, Yashiro stays grounded completing one half of the animation, but he can still be punished during the recovery.

Combo Advice: Try in the corner, cl.C/cl.D, f+A, hcf+A+C, hcf+C, dp+A

Jet Counter - (hcf + A/C)

  • These are Yashiro forward dash punches. Both punch versions have different versions, and have their own follow-ups. They are a little risky to use in neutral space because Yashiro can be knocked or poked out of them, so they are best used in combos.
  • Light punch version is an uppercut aimed at the opponent's jaw that doesn't knockdown. On block, it can be punished by fast specials, supers and light normal attacks that can reach him.
  • The heavy punch version is downward swinging punch that hits overhead. A little harder to punish on block than the light punch version.
Steel Jet Counter - (qcf + A/C during Jet Counter)
  • These punch follow-ups must be start by whatever version Jet Counter you use, or else they will not come out.
  • The light punch Steel Jet Counter punch is a straight punch aimed at the opponent's face. It doesn't knockdown, but if blocked Yashiro is pushed back a good distance away from the opponent. Only very fast Desperation Moves can punish it (example, Terry's qcfx2+K).
  • The heavy punch Steel Jet Counter punch ends an uppercut that launches the opponent in the air. If you hit the opponent with the first heavy punch Jet Counter, this follow-up will connect. If blocked, the opponent can punish with a fast normal, special or DM that can reach him while Yashiro is in recovery. The opponent is in a juggle-able state while they are in the air, but Yashiro recovers too slowly.
  • The heavy punch Steel Jet Counter is Super Cancel-able but whatever Desperation Move it will cancel into will whiff.
  • There is a glitch that enables the use of combining the light punch Jet Counter with the heavy punch Steel Jet Counter punch (the uppercut) follow that enables Yashiro to recover fast enough to hit the opponent while they are mid-air. You input hcf + A+C (which performs the hcf+A) then qcf + C (which performs the qcf + C uppercut). You will be able to follow-up with a jump normal for a reset, a dp + A if done in the corner, or his qcfx2 + P (or qcfx2 + A+C) Desperation Move for big damage. Even if you don't follow up with anything, the opponent gets a soft knockdown.

Sledgehammer - (qcb + B/D)

  • Yashiro jumps and leaps toward the opponent with a swinging hammer punch aimed at the top of the opponent's head. Hits overhead, has no invincibility, and has poor recovery if whiffed or blocked. It can be used to evade certain low aiming moves, some projectiles and low skimming projectiles. You can also use it as a mix-up surprise if someone blocks your cr. D sweep, you can cancel out of the first hit, and it will still hit overhead. Use this move moderately with careful spacing because it is unsafe on block, and he can get hit out of it.
  • If hit, the opponent lands at Yashiro's feet, and recovers before they wake-up.
  • The light kick version has Yashiro leaping at a distance little less than his forward hop
  • The heavy kick version has Yashiro leaping almost a half screen distance.
  • Hard knockdown

Mighty Missle Bash - hcb + A/C

  • Yashiro delivers a bunch of left and right hooks at the opponent's face. Best used in combos, because if used by themselves, Yashiro can be hit out of the punches, and on block they are unsafe.
  • Light punch version (A) hits twice while the heavy punch version hits 5 times. Use the heavy punch version (C) at the end of combos for more damage.
  • Light punch version is Super Cancel-able
  • Soft knockdown

Desperation Moves

Final Impact - qcf, qcf +A/C (push down to hold)

  • This is Yashiro's powerful straight punch that can be charged fully for more damage plus a counter wire wall bounce. By itself, it is a very useful DM that has very fast start-up great range, and good damage. If blocked or whiffed, it's obviously punishable, so it's best to keep it at the tail end of combos, or as a whiff punish. It doesn't have any invincibility either, so try not to use it as a reversal option or plow through block-strings.
  • Light punch version and the heavy punch version has the same damage and start-up but the heavy punch version has a bit more range.
  • Can be charged
  • Full charge causes wire damage
  • Soft knockdown

Combo Advice: Try cl.C/cl.D, f+A, hcf+A+C, qcf+C, (wait) qcfx2+A/C that does around 450 damage points.

Super Desperation Moves

Final Impact - (qcf, qcf + A+C) push down to hold

  • Same as the DM version but with a bit more damage
  • Soft knockdown

Combo Advice: Try cl.C/cl.D, f+A, hcf+A+C, qcf+C, (wait) qcfx2+A+C that does around 600 damage points.

Million Bash Stream - (qcb, hcf + A+C) tap A/C repeatedly for more hits and damage

  • This Super DM is the hyper powerful combination of Mighty Missile Bash and ends with the Dual Upper uppercut. Best used at the end of combos since he can get hit out of his punches, and it ends with an uppercut if whiffed (or block) which is highly punish-able.
  • Compared to his Final Impact SDM, it's a bit less damaging and useful (in terms of whiff punishing, or punishing unsafe moves on block) but it's fun to mash the buttons to get more hits and damage.
  • There are 3 levels to this super, with no mashing you get 7 hits = 260 damage. Medium mashing: 13 hits = 300 damage, heavy mashing: 23 hits = 400 damage
  • Hard knockdown


ERROR... "code**2002**: qcb hcf + BD [41%]

  • Yashiro rushes towards the opponent to unleash a flurry of rapid punches, kicks, to end with the Dual Upper uppercut. This is pretty much a ranbu type super. If it's blocked then the attacks don't come out, and it is hard to punish Yashiro.
  • The distance Yashiro dashes toward the opponent is 1/2 screen distance, plus one character space. Yashiro can be easily hit during the dash.
  • Soft knockdown

Combo Advice: Midscreen, it is possible to combo this HSDM from cl.C/cl.D f+A string. But the damage isn't as great if you used cl. C/cl.D, f+A, hcf+A+C, qcf+A, qcfx2+A+C that uses less meter and outputs more damage. But in the corner, you can do cl.C/cl.D, f+A, hcf+A+C, qcf+C, (wait) into HSDM to get 650 damage points.


Combos courtesy of Dark Chaotix.

0 Stock

  • cr .A, cr. A, st. A, s. B

Standard poke string. Quick, safe and easy.

  • j. D, cl. D, f+A, hcf+AC, qcf+A, j. D

The jump D is strict in timing

  • (corner) j. D, cl. D, f+A, hcf+AC, qcf+A, dp+A

Same combo above, but done in the corner with a better finisher

1 Stock

  • j. D, cl. D, f+A, hcf+AC, qcf+A, qcfx2+A

Same as the first combo but with a DM. If you have stock, this is the combo you want to do

  • cr. A, cr. A, st. A, qcfx2+A

Easy combo from cr .A. Even though they can block it while standing, st. A is fast and if you hit confirm it good then you can get a DM in if you have stock, else finish the st. A with a st .B.

2 Stock

  • Far B, qcfx2+A

If you can hit confirm far B, you can BC bypass into his DM for decent damage. To do BC bypass, press BC instead of A and it uses 2 stocks to do it.

  • cr. A, cr. A, st. A, far B, qcfx2+A

A bit more flashier then the one above, which again utilizes the BC bypass technique.

3 Stock

  • j. D, cl. D, f+A, BC, cl. D, f+A, hcf+A+C, qcf+A, qcfx2+A+C

Pretty much the staple BC combo you would see Yashiro players use. Its easy, straight forward and can be used anywhere.

  • Cross Up j. C, cr. A, cr. A, st. A, qcb~hcf+A+C

Cross Up combo with the SDM used

  • f+A (overhead), BC, sD, f+A, qcb~hcf+B+D (HSDM)

A basic combo that utilizes his f+A overhead into BC Max Mode.

  • j. D, cl. D, f+A, BC, cl. D, f+A, qcb~hcf+B+D HSDM

A basic BC combo that shows how to connect the HSDM mid-screen

  • (Corner) j. D, cl. D, f+A, BC, cl. D, f+A, hcf+AC, qcf+A, qcb~hcf+B+D (HSDM)

Corner only combo if you want to link the HSDM.

  • (Corner) j. D, cl. D, f+A, BC, j. D, f+A, hcb+C (2 hits), qcf+A, hcb+C (2 hits), qcf+A, qcf+A, qcb~hcf+AC SDM

A more technical combo which utilities the BC bar more with extra hits and damage.

  • (Corner) j. D, cl. D, f+A, BC, cl. D, f+A, hcb+C (2 hits), qcf+A, hcb+C (2 hits), hcf+AC, qcf+A, dp+A, qcfx2+A+C (charge slightly)

A combo to do in corner where the ending is the difference from the combo above. The dp+A into SDM Super Cancel can be tricky but has to be quick

  • j. D, cl. D, f+A, BC, cl. D, f+A, hcb+C (2 hits), qcf+A, hcb+C (2 hits), hcf+AC, qcf+A, qcb~hcf+B+D (HSDM)

Same as above, just with HSDM as the finisher.

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