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Ura Sie Kensou (KoF '02 UM)

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Move list

Normal Throws
Command Moves
Special Moves
Desperation Moves
Max Desperation Moves
Max 2



  • cl.A/B/C/D are all cancellable
  • cl.A/B chain into themselves
  • cl.A chains into cl.B


  • s.A/C are cancellable
  • s.B is EX Kensou's furthest poke
  • s.C is a two hit move that is cancellable on the 2nd hit. Has very decent range and usually connects both hits.


  • cr.A/B chain into themselves
  • cr.A chains into cr.B
  • cr.A/C are cancellable


  • j.B remains EX Kensou's best crossup tool
  • j.C is also a good crossup on crouching opponents and can be quite ambiguous.
  • j.D has a better hitbox than normal Kensou and is yet another crossup tool


  • standing and jumping CD both cause soft knockdown
  • s.CD is whiff cancellable
  • j.CD has a nice downward angle and can be effective as preemptive air-to-air or jump in attack.


Inch Blast - (b/f + C)

  • causes hard knockdown

Psychic Slam - (b/f + D)

  • causes soft knockdown

Command Moves

Tiger Takedown Punch - (f + A)

  • EX Kensou slams his fists downward on the opponent. Hits overhead.
  • can combo into it and it becomes special cancellable, but loses the overhead property
  • could be used in a frame trap like: cl.C, f+A, pause hcb+p

Reverse Mass Kick - (f + B)

  • EX Kensou performs a hop-like flying kick. Hits mid.
  • can combo into it and it special cancellable on hit even when not comboed into
  • can use it as an advancing move with anti-hop properties.
  • lacks low body armor enough to be super effective at beating out lows.

Special Moves

Arrow Dash Blast - (qcb + A/C)

  • EX Kensou dashes forward with a fist, hitting twice and causing soft knockdown.
  • hits mid
  • can be combo into
  • A version goes half the screen to hit. C version goes full screen so could be used as a punisher from many distances
  • both versions are negative on block, but C version is extremely negative
  • Super cancellable

Dragon Drubbing - (dp + A/C) (C rapidly)

  • EX Kensou flings fist after fist at the opponent ending in an upward double strike causing soft knockdown
  • hits mid
  • can be combo into
  • C version can be rapidly pressed to achieve two extra hits
  • both versions are pretty negative on block
  • Super cancellable

Dragon Scale Tackle - (rdp + A/C)

  • EX Kensou throws out a damaging back hand to the opponent
  • both versions cause soft knockdown
  • A version is stationary and 1 hit whereas C version EX Kensou dashes forward a bit and is two hits.
  • cannot be comboed into
  • both versions have upper body armor able to absorb a hit and continue the attack
  • use can use the frame of armor to absorb a mid fireball like Athena's
  • no armor to lows so can be hit out of it if opponent guesses right

Earth Dragon Fang Nibble - (hcf + A)

  • EX Kensou launches himself at the opponent in a flurry of punches & kicks
  • it is a grounded horizontal attack that hits mid
  • causes soft knockdown
  • can be comboed into
  • pretty negative on block

Heaven Dragon Fang Nibble - (hcf + C)

  • an upward diagonal kick hitting multiple times
  • hits high so will whiff on crouching opponents
  • can be comboed into
  • situational anti-air

Arrow Kick - (qcf + B/D)

  • EX Kensou plants his palm and smashes the opponent upward with a vertical kick
  • hits twice and causes a soft knockdown
  • on hit creates a juggle state where EX Kensou can follow up with lots of options or a reset
  • unlike normal Kensou can combo into this move. In the corner you can get more combo options into it
  • the first part of the active frames of both versions will negate fireballs and continue to the upward kick
  • not a very effective reversal or anti-air

Dragon Uppercut - (rpd + B/D)

  • Kensou spins upward in a cyclone of kicks
  • unlike normal Kensou you can't combo into them
  • B version is faster and covers less vertical space
  • C version moves Kensou forward a bit more and covers more vertical space
  • both versions are unsafe on block
  • B version is EX Kensou's go to reversal
  • Super cancellable

Dragon Talon Tear - (qcb + A/C) in air

  • Kensou strike diagonally downward with his fists.
  • hits mid
  • unlike normal Kensou can't be comboed into
  • A version is faster
  • C version has a longer pause before descending and hits for 1 more hit than A version
  • both versions be tiger kneed (qcb,ub+p)
  • both versions are negative on block another difference from normal Kensou

Desperation Moves

Dragon God Kick - (qcf hcb + B) [25%]

  • super verison of his (qcf+A) move ending with an upward kick
  • hits mid
  • soft knockdown
  • can combo into it
  • first hit of the super hits from 1/3 the screen away for punishing purposes
  • great way to end a combo if you have stock

Dragon God Drubbing - (qcf hcb + D) [25%]

  • super version of his (qcf+C) move
  • first hit hits high, second grounded part of the combo hits mid
  • can combo into it
  • connects from about 1/3 screen for punishing purposes

Super Dragon Fist - (qcf qcf + P) [26%]

  • EX Kensou clobbers his opponents with a super version of his (dp+A/C) moves
  • unlike the special there is no difference between the two moves.
  • hits mid
  • causes hard knockdown
  • can combo into it

Super Desperation Moves

Dragon God Drubbing - (qcf hcb + BD) [40%]

  • EX version of his D aerial super
  • first hit hits high, follow up grounded hits hit mid
  • causes soft knockdown
  • for punishing purposes it has the same range as his (qcf,hcb+D) super
  • can combo into it
  • great way to add damage to finish a match


Arrow Dash Dragon Crunch - (qcf b f + AC) [42%]

  • EX Kensou dashes fist first into the opponent and upon hitting unleashes a wave of energy through them
  • causes hard knockdown
  • will connect from full screen as a punish
  • can combo into it with close A/D


  • cl.D >
    • f + A > (Corner.)
      • (S)DM qcf hcb + K/BD
    • qcf + D,
      • j.CD
      • air qcb + P,
        • rdp + D (Corner.)
      • rdp + R
      • HSDM qcf b f + AC
    • dp + P,
      • rdp + D (Corner.)
    • (S)DM qcf hcb + K/BD
    • DM qcf qcf + P
    • hcf + C/A
    • qcb + P

  • cr.B, cr.A >
    • qcb + A
    • dp + P...
    • DM qcf qcf + P

ノー Stock


cr.B>cr.A>qcb+A or dp+P

cr.B>cr.A>qcb+A or hcf+A or dp+P>far 距離B(Cornerならrdp+D)

cl.D>Delay qcf+B>各種追い討ち

1 Stock



(Corner)cl.D>qcf+B>stand BC >rdp+D>SCqcf,hcb+D

2 Stock

cr.B>cr.A>qcb+A×1>SC qcf,hcb+D or SC qcf,qcf+A


cl.D>Delay qcf+B>run rdp+D>SCqcf,hcb+D



(Corner、少し間合いを開けて)cl.D or cl.C or far C>6+B>cr.A>dp+P>rdp+K(SC)>qcf,hcb+D


3 Stock

cl.D>f+A>絶招歩法 臥龍砕

cr.B>cr.A>far 距離A>絶招歩法 臥龍砕

発動コンボ2~3 Stock

(Corner・MAX発動中)dp+P(5段目まで)>穿弓腿>龍爪撃>(rdp+K>qcf,hcb+D) or 絶招歩法 臥龍砕

cl.D or f+A>(BC)>run cr.A>dp+P>rdp+D>dp+P>rdp+D>強箭疾歩(1段目)>各種超必殺技

(Corner意外)cl.D or f+A>(BC)>run cr.A>dp+P×3>rdp+D×1>dp+P×3>rdp+D×1>穿弓腿>MAX2

(Corner)cl.D or f+A>(BC)>run cr.A>rdp+D×1>dp+P×3>rdp+D×1>dp+P×6>rdp+D×2>MAX天舞

The Basics

Advanced Strategy