Yuri Sakazaki (KoF '02 UM)

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Move list

Normal Throws
Command Moves
Special Moves
Desperation Moves
Max Desperation Moves
Max 2



  • cl. A/B/C/D are cancel-able.
  • Close B hits low.
  • Close C/D are the combo starters of choice, close D is a bit slower though.


  • Stand A is chain-able to other lights.
  • Stand B can be used as a make-shift anti-air.
  • Stand C isn't cancel-able but has good range, nice poking tool.
  • Stand D is kinda slow, hits mid and isn't cancel-able.


  • cr. A/C/D are cancel-able/ whiff cancel-able.
  • Crouch B is chain-able and very fast.
  • Crouch C can be used as an anti-air attack, links into specials/DM's easily.
  • Crouch D sweeps the opponent to the ground, you can whiff cancel it at any time.


  • j.B/C/D all cross-up.
  • Jump C delivers a nice chunk of hit-stun on contact, great cross-up normal.
  • Jump D hit-box stretches to her other leg making it great for jump-in attacks
  • Jump B and D are both instant overheads.

Blowback Attack

  • CD is very fast for a blowback attack but the range is poor, cancel-able/whiff cancel-able.
  • JCD is her best air-to-air move as it stretches far and comes out best during a hyper hop


Demonic Slap - (b/f+C)

  • Yuri grabs them then quickly slaps them across the face.
  • Can be broken.
  • Regular Knockdown.

Silent Throw - (b/f+D)

  • Yuri grabs them then flip kicks to the other side of the screen, the recovery isn't all that good so if you do it to get them into the corner and they safe roll they maybe be able to punish you before you get a chance to block.
  • Regular Knockdown

Swallow Dropper - (in air, any direction except u+C)

  • Yuri grabs them then slams them onto the ground, Yuri doesn't really have any options are as it goes for attacking after landing a hard knockdown. DM Flying Phoenix Kick can work since it's her only move that goes fast and far enough but only if they don't guard so it's still a pretty big gamble, the more convenient choices would be "Go for the meaty jump-in" or a "(late) Rai Oh Ken!" for that extra pressure on wake-up.
  • Can not be broken
  • Hard Knockdown

Command Moves

Swallow Wings - (f+A)

  • Yuri does a butt bump to the opponents face. It isn't cancel-able except during Max Mode. In Max Mode this move can be canceled in to her Raioh Ken making her close offensive/air game increase ten fold. A couple reps of cl.C/D~f+A~qcf+K and your opponents guard is bound to break in seconds, they'll have more than enough trouble guarding high/mid/low so they're chance of catching you with a GCR/GCA is very slim.
  • Overhead Attack
  • Max Mode Advice: Use in conjunction with Raioh Ken for a great constant guard crush string combo, gives good frame advantage on block as well, keep it going until their guard breaks.

Piercing Swallow - (df+B)

  • Yuri does a quick low kick with her left leg to hit the opponents foot. This not only helps her with her quick high and low mixups (block high, block low, etc) this normal also cancels right in to her special moves, and regular DM and SDM for quick and easy damage, great for those people who don't want to try anything fancy.
  • Free Cancel-able
  • Hits Low
  • Combo Advice: You can link it from either standing strong normals but the only trusted follow-up after the df+B is her Flying Phoenix Kick DM, everything else is gonna miss terribly.

Rising Swallow - (df+D)

  • Yuri does a high (maybe too high) kick hitting the opponent and launching them into the air. This is her sister command normal to her Piercing Swallow attack, does everything quite the opposite though. Unlike Piercing Swallow this move hits high but there-in lies a bigger problem, the thing is (if you combo into it or not) the recovery of this move just doesn't let it link into much of any her because they're either to fast or too slow. Despite it's shortcomings it can still link into her dp, you can replace her dp with a crouch C reset instead, and even her HSDM Super! Ryuuko Ranbu for around 60% damage so it's not too bad, never combo into her Core! Super Upper SDM with this as it just isn't worth it.
  • Free Cancel-able
  • Anti-Air
  • Max Mode Advice: If you Max Cancel the Rising Swallow (df+D, [BC] on hit) you gain a few options, Flying Phoenix Kick DM is a good combo ender but it still uses up two stocks. HSDM also works but it's up to you as it's 3 stocks in or outside of Max Mode. You have to sacrifice to really make this move work for you.

Special Moves

Tiger Flame Punch - (qcf+A/C)

  • Yuri shoots a shield of energy out of her right hand, very basic zoning tool for Yuri. On the bad side the start-up for this move seems a little bit longer than it should be so it kinda holds it back. On the flip side this move nullifies projectiles, the hit-box stretches a bit further than it looks, and can be charged to turn into a Haoh Shokoken, pretty straight forward move.
  • The light punch version (A) has more frame advantage on block than the longer ranged heavy punch (C) version.
  • Nullifies Projectiles
  • Juggles opponent on Counter Hit

Haoh Shokoken - (qcf+A/C hold)

  • Yuri holds an energy sphere then charges to shoot a much bigger one, this variation of her move has much more options than the former. The start-up is long so try using from far away to stuff jump-ins and other laggy attacks, after the they're hit you can end the combo with a DM, SDM (not recommended), normal reset, or meaty jump-in.
  • Combo Advice: The hit-stun from the attack last long enough for you to connect her Flying Phoenix Kick from point blank range (they can safe roll out of the way) or from the other side of the screen, weak Yuri Slash will also work but only from close range.

Rai-oh Ken - (in air, qcf+B/D)

  • Yuri shoots an air energy sphere while descending to the ground, one of her best moves in her entire move set. This move is key to Yuri's zoning game, you can use it high in the air or even while your just a few feet off the ground. Using it long with her hyper hop will make it extra safe because dealing with an opponent that can zone and move at the same time is extremely annoying, the trajectory in which use will make it very difficult for them to try and hyper hop or even safe roll passed it. If you time it right you can use weak Rai-oh Ken to combo into her strong Flying Phoenix Kick but the timing is really strict. You can tiger knee into it (qcf uf+B/D) to make it come out very quickly but the recovery is poor so make sure you either space or land it properly.
  • Backdash OK
  • Max Mode Advice: As mention before using this along with her Swallow Wings command in Max Mode gives you a really strong block string combo and a whole bunch of frame advantage along with it.

Sai Ha - (qcb+A/C)

  • Yuri swings both her arms forward to make an energy sphere shield, one of her more unique special attacks. In terms of basic use it nullifies incoming projectiles but that's about it. This doesn't really have any special properties to be honest, it can be used as an anti-air but you have to use it early as the start-up is a little long and can be punished. Both versions give a great amount of frame advantage on block though (more so the latter than the former).
  • Nullifies Projectiles

Yuri Super Upper - (dp + P) [A: 11%] [C: 9% (2 hits) / 6.5% (1 hit)]

  • Yuri does an uppercut launching the opponent into the air on contact, this move is extremely versatile and is detrimental for Yuri during ground combat. At first glance as you can see it's a dp and a good one at that, can be used as a link, to super cancel, or just a regular combo ender. The difference between each version, the weak version almost comes out immediately and does only one hit. The strong version on the other hand has a much slower start-up because she runs forward first, but the attack makes the opponent go much higher into the air and does two hits hits instead of just one.
  • Super Cancel-able on hit
  • Anti-Air
  • Combo Advice: Both versions link from both her df+B/D command normals off raw hit however if you combo into them it won't work, this move can also be super canceled into her Flying Phoenix Kick on hit for that extra boost of damage, it can hit after Haoh Shokoken too but only in the corner.

Double Yuri Super Upper - (dp + C > dp + P) [18% (Total.)]

  • After the first dp if you input the motion again she'll do another uppercut as a follow-up. Just an add-on attack to give the combo the finishing touch, this isn't really important but if you're in Max Mode and you attempt the double uppercut time your inputs because you'll end doing the dp then canceling into her qcf+P instead if the second dp.
  • Anti-Air

Hundred Blows - (hcb+B/D)

  • Yuri runs toward the opponent then slaps them in the face a bunch of times then ends it with a hard smack that knocks them down. The weak version only makes her run about half screen then she slides to a stop, The strong version makes her go about 65% then slides to a stop. Doesn't really have combo options but can work if a variety of other ways, using it after her Piercing Swallow command normal can work but only if you wait until you completely recover first. It isn't a legit combo but you can still trick your opponent into guarding instead of trying to punish you. It tends to work well after empty jumps as well but only in your really close and your opponent isn't fast enough to react accordingly.
  • Running Command Grab

Yuri Super Slash - (hcf + K) [12%]

  • Yuri extends her leg in front of her to hit the opponent and send them flying away, a new and possibly her best move out of all of her special attacks. The weak version on hit causes them to slide on the ground on hit but during a counter hit it will cause a counter wire which will make them wall bounce in a juggled state, links from her df+B command normal. The strong versions start-up is a little bit slower but it's also much better, on hit it does an auto counter wire which make them bounce of the wall much like the former, it has a HUGE chunk of invincibility on start-up and cuts through just about anything, doesn't link from anything because it's too slow. As good as this move is don't spam because a lot of characters can get around it and will punish you for screwing up.
  • Super Cancel-able
  • Hard Knockdown
  • Combo Advice: After the counter wire you can use a few follow-ups to finish the combo, dp+C~dp+P is the most reliable ender, both her DM and SDM work too, her HSDM can also work but you have to time it because depending where you are the opponent may be too high or too low so you could whiff it. Super canceling options are limited to her SDM and that only, her DM will whiff if you super cancel it. You can also use the strong version then end the combo with the weak version as well.
  • Tougeki Note: In the Tougeki version of 2002UM the strong variant of this move was nerfed, the start-up is a bit longer and the recovery is worse making the move altogether a lot less abusive.

Desperation Move

Flying Phoenix Kick - (qcf hcb + K) [20%]

  • Yuri dashes forward to kick the opponent in the torso/chest/face hitting them twelve times, possibly her best combo ender as far as super canceling goes. This will combo from anything that does a juggle as long as you're willing to time it correctly, links from both her command normals but her df+D requires a more strict set-up because of it's recovery time.
  • Running DM
  • Combo Advice: It works after just about anything, qcf+P counter hit, Haoh Shokoken from the other side of the screen, (late) jump-in Rai-Oh Ken, Saiha counter hit juggle, Yuri Super Slash counter wire, and super canceling from her dp,.

Super Desperation Move

Core! Super Upper - (qcf qcf + BD) [38%]

  • Yuri does one punch with her left arm stunning the opponent, then she quickly switches to her right arm and does an uppercut doing two hits launching them then sending them quickly towards the ground. Very strong SDM but can't really be set-up unless you want to sacrifice damage. The start-up is invincible so it'll cut through most DM/SDM's that try to challenge it at point blank range. The raw damage it does is about 38% but comboing into (while difficult) yields much better results especially since you're using 3 stocks. Don't use it as an anti-air unless you're sure you will knock them out because when you use it as an anti-air you won't get all the hits in and the damage is scaled to around 21% which makes it a severe waste of meter.
  • Invincible Start-up
  • Hard Knockdown
  • Combo Advice: For starters you can link in from all of her standing strong normals (yes all of them), either of her ground command normals (more so her df+B than df+D), Yuri Super Slash CW, and (late) Rai-Oh Ken.


Super! Ryuuko Ranbu - (qcf hcb + AC [hold]) [45%]

  • Yuri poses then charges forward, when she hits the opponent she does a barrage of attacks that end with her HSDM. Since it can be charged it's a lot more lenient in ways of execution and set-ups. The dash is fast but never fast enough to completely whiff but if you hold the charge too long you will. The raw damage this move does is around 45% which is a lot better than her Core! Super Upper but it's still limited because you have to be at low health and have at least three stocks. Sadly charging only prolongs the start-up besides that it doesn't do anything special.
  • Hold AC to prolong
  • Combo Advice: Works after her df+D laucher combo'd or not, strong Yuri Super Slash but you have to space it, it will also link from Haoh Shokoken from mid-screen for 63% damage.


  • cl.C >
    • df + B
    • DM qcf hcb + K {1 stock}
    • SDM qcf qcf + BD (Very close) {3 stocks}
    • HSDM qcf hcb + AC (Point blank.) {3 stocks}
    • dp + A
    • dp + C > dp + P
    • dp + C (1) >>> DM qcf hcb + K {2 stock}
    • hcf + B
    • df D ...

  • cr.B, cr.A >
    • DM qcf hcb + K {1 stock}
    • SDM qcf qcf + BD (Very close) {3 stocks}
    • dp + P ...

Crouch B Starter

  • cr.B, cr.A, dp+C~dp+P

- Damage: 22/100

  • cr.B, cr.A, qcf hcb+K

- Damage: 27/100 (1 Meter)

  • cr.B, cr.A, qcfx2+BD

- Damage: 42/100 (3 Meters)

Close C Starter

  • cl.C, df+D, qcf+C

- Damage: ?/100

  • cl.C, df+B, qcf hcb+K

- Damage: 34/100 (1 Meter)

  • cl.C, df+D, qcfx2+BD

- Damage: 61/100 (3 Meters)

Jump X Starter

  • j.D, cl.D, dp+C~dp+P

- Damage: 34/100

  • j.D, cr.B, cr.A, dp+C~dp+P

- Damage: 31/100

  • j.D, cl.C, hcf+B
  • j.D, cr.C, qcf hcb+K

- Damage: 38/100 (1 Meter)

  • j.D, cr.C, dp+C, (SC) qcf hcb+K

- Damage: 46/100 (2 Meters)

  • j.D, cr.C, qcfx2+BD

- Damage: 63/100 (3 Meters)

  • j.D, hh.C

- Damage: 18/100

Yuri Super Slash (CW) Starter

  • hcf+D, dp+C~dp+P

  • hcf+D, qcf hcb+K

- Damage: 32/100 (1 Meter)

  • hcf+D, qcfx2+BD

- Damage: 58/100 (3 Meters)


  • qcf+A (CH), st.CD
  • qcf+A (charge), qcf hcb+K

- Damage: 38/100 (1 Meter)

  • qcf+A (charge), dp+C~dp+P

- Damage: 34/100

  • qcf+A (charge), qcfx2+BD

- Damage: 31/100 (3 Meters)

  • qcf+A (charge), dp+C, (SC) qcfx2+BD

- Damage: 38/100 (4 Meters)

  • [BC] f+A, qcf+B, cr.C, df+D, qcfx2+BD

- Damage: 70/100 (2 Meters)

  • [BC] (f+A, qcf+B, cr.C)×n (only works on fat characters)

Air Starter

  • qcf+B (landing), cr.X, qcf hcb+D

Changes from OG2k2

  • Crouch B and Crouch D got a bigger hitbox
  • Yuri Super Slash (hcf+B/D) added
  • Her old HSDM "Hien Hou'ou Kyaku" (f b hcb+BD) has been removed
  • Super! Ryuuko Ranbu (qcf hcb+AC) is her new HSDM
  • She's been completely re-voiced

Frame Specifics

Frame Advantage

Close Normals

cl.A - 4F (+0F)

cl.B - 5F (+0F)

cl.C - 4F (-18F)

cl.D - 6F (-3F)

Far Normals

st.A - 4F (-5F)

st.B - 6F (-8F)

st.C - 6F (-11F)

st.D - 12F (-8F)

CD - 16F (-4F)

Crouch Normals

cr.A - 5F (+1F)

cr.B - 4F (+1F)

cr.C - 3F (-10F)

cr.D - 8F (-8F)

CD - 16F(-4F)

Command Normals

Swallow Wings (f+A) - 15F (-6F~+4F)

  • strong.X, f+A - (+2F)

Piercing Swallow (df+B) - 10F (-3F)

Rising Swallow (df+D) - 15F (-16F)

Special Attacks

Tiger Flame Punch (qcf+A) - 20F (+8F~+16F)

Tiger Flame Punch (qcf+C) - 24F (+2F~+10F)

Haoh Sho Kou Ken (qcf+A/C [hold]) - (+3F)→On Guard

Sai Ha (qcb+A) - 26F (+6F)

Sai Ha (qcb+C) - 26F (+7F)

Yuri Super Upper (dp+A) - 4F (-30F)

Yuri Super Upper (dp+C) - 11F

Hundred Blows (hcb+K) - 18F

  • st/cr.X, hcb+K (-18F)

Yuri Super Slash - (hcf+B) - 15F (-8F)

Yuri Super Slash - (hcf+D) - 15F (-8F)

  • 20F(-16F)<Tougeki Version>

f+A, Rai Oh Ken (qcf+B in air) - (+6F)

f+A, Rai Oh Ken (qcf+D in air) - (+3F)


Flying Phoenix Kick (qcf hcb +B/D) - 9F


Core! Super Upper (qcfx2+BD) - 5F (-30F)→Whole Guard


Super! Ryuko Ranbu (qcf hcb+AC) - 15F (-22F)


The Basics

Advanced Strategy