King (KoF '02 UM)

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Just like most men, King really likes to shoot venom. That's why he's always carrying a handkerchief.

Move list

At a glance:

Normal Throws
Hold Rush (throw) f./b. + C
Hook Buster (throw) f./b. + D
Command Moves
Trap Kick f. + B
Sliding Kick df. + D
Special Moves
Venom Strike qcf + B
Double Strike qcf + D
Trap Shot dp + K
Mirage Kick hcb + P
Tornado Kick '95 hcb + K
Mirage Dance (proximity unblockable) hcf + P
Desperation Moves
Surprise Rose qcf qcf + K
Illusion Dance qcf hcb + K
Max Desperation Moves
Illusion Dance qcf hcb + KK
Max 2
Secret Mirage f hcf + KK

Normal Moves

Close Standing Normals

  • Close A
cl.A – A quick elbow. This will hit most crouching opponents and is both chain and special cancelable, but realistically Crouching A is more reliable for combos and blockstrings due to its superior reach. Some characters have lower hitting Close A attacks, but King's will still work as a good hop anti-air.

  • Close B
cl.B – Token Muay Thai low shin kick. This is only special cancelable and restricted to a very short activation range, but it can function as a twitch bait since it's a standing low attack. Be careful when trying to use Far B as an anti-air when under close pressure or you might end up using Close B and being punished.

  • Close C
cl.C – Standing uppercut. Since King bends her arm back a bit too far it's not as effective as an Iori or Kyo Close C; don't expect this to anti-air very well in the corner. That said, it works well when running forward to preempt hops or dash throw, especially given her amazing Far C which can accidentally hit as an option select. For combo usage, Close D is preferred since it gives you more time to hitconfirm.

  • Close D:
cl.D – Double kick chain. Although King's Close D is on the slower end of Close Normal speed, it's fast enough to link after most standard jump-ins or as a punish. Both hits are cancelable which gives King plenty of time confirm into a combo, stop, or cancel into Venom Strike for a blockstring. Given the long animation and most players tendency to cancel on the second hit, Close D is a common move to guard cancel roll. However, by mixing up canceling on the first hit, stopping, or chaining into command normals you can make this attack stupidly safe. Finally, Close D works decently as an anti-air just in case Far D didn't come out.

Far Standing Normals

  • Far A
Long straight jab. This is as fast as Far C, but the recovery is much better making it more suited for quick hop checks or twitch baits. Whiffs on smaller crouching characters like K'. but on bigger characters like Kyo or Daimon this is a handy attack since it's plus on block and can frametrap into Far C.

  • Far B
Diagonal kick. This covers a slightly higher space than Far C and Crouching C while recovering faster and generally having no vulnerable hitbox at the tip of her foot. This is another great button to press when fearing a hop on reaction, but it also serves as a good Venom Strike feint much like whiffing Ryu's st.LK to bait jump-ins. Be sure to remember that this is going to lose to just about any low attack or any decent mid.

  • Far C
The god fist: King's necessary vice. Unlike any other Far Heavy Normal in the game, King has a 3F fierce straight punch. This means she can anti-air in certain situations in as little as 3F, frametrap even when she's at a negative advantage, and easily hit opponents out of their own attacks or keep them from walking/running/hopping forward. Far C is also King's best punish against semi-safe on block moves like Iori's Aoi Hana which spaces him too far out for universal punishes. Whenever you're feeling yourself or know a Far C will hit, it's possible to BC bypass into a 40% combo for two meter. So what's the catch? Far C whiffs on most crouching characters, and even larger characters like Kyo can sweep to shrink his hitbox. Far C is almost like a DP that beats standing attacks, hops, and movement but loses to crouch blocking. Note though, that even though it can whiff on crouching characters, the burden of punishing is on the opponent; don't be too surprised if you get away with whiffing Far C unpunished.

  • Far D
Muay Thai high side kick. Slower than Far C, but the hitbox extends further up and down. Crouching C, Far C, and Far D make up most of King's reactionary grounded anti-airs from the neutral game. As previously referenced, Far D will hit most crouching characters which gives King a decent blockstring ender once the opponent gets out of Crouching A range and gives her another great footsie poke in the spacing game. The biggest weakness to this move is that some characters can low profile underneath her boot with a sweep.

Standing Blowback

st.CD – Slow but strong palm strike. This move starts up slow like other CD attacks but isn't quite that bad in terms of speed. This move is a safe pressure tool that takes a decent chunk off the opponent's guard gauge and pushes both players out to a safe distance. Antsy opponents also have the tendency to want to GCCD against this move since it's easy to react to and want to absolutely push Daimon away. Daimon can use this move as a bait and then cancel into other special moves that beat out GCCD. More covered in other sections.

Crouching Normals

  • Crouch(ing) A
cr.A – Small, crouching jab. It's a standard, crouching light punch that one could find in most fighting games. Low committal, doesn't hit low but is a pressure tool to a certain degree. Unlike others of its class, this attack can't be chained into nor out of. Overall it's still a decent pressure tool from up close that can combo into the faster command throws from either canceling into the command throws or even just by simply linking after Crouch A. If it hits meaty while the opponent rises from knockdown, it can also link into Close C.

  • Crouch(ing) B
cr.B – Crouching kick. Slower than many other Crouch B attacks and can't even chain into anything else or even itself. It has little practical use other than being a semi-fast low attack Daimon could do from point blank to interrupt Alternate Guard attempts, but even that is kinda slow to accomplish that at times. Daimon can link his faster command throws from a Crouch B on hit, for what it's worth.

  • Crouch(ing) C
cr.C – Janky-looking head butt. Although it has poor range, this attack has the furthest range out of Daimon's crouching attacks. Still, Crouch C has little purpose since it isn't that fast, can't cancel into anything else, and is out classed by Daimon's standing normals.

  • Crouch(ing) D
cr.D – Sweep. It's pretty short for a sweep but it comes out at a very good speed and has good amounts of push back on block. This attack is more preferred to use over Crouch B in terms of frame trapping and breaking opponents' alternate guards. This move is also pretty neat because it is also cancelable, so it's another move to use to bait out GCCD.

Jumping Normals

  • Jump(ing) A
j.A –

  • Jump(ing) B
j.B –

  • Jump(ing) C
j.C –

  • Jump(ing) D
j.D –

  • Jump(ing) Blowback
j.CD –

Normal Throws

  • - (throw) f./b. + C

  • - (throw) f./b. + D

Command Normals

  • df + D

  • f + B

Special Moves

  • qcf + K

  • hcf + P (Proximity unblockable.)

  • dp + K

  • hcb + P

  • hcb + K

Desperation Moves

  • Surprise Rose
  • qcf qcf + K
  • King's ancient Art of Fighting/Ryuuko no Ken DM where she defies gravity. This is invincible on startup which makes it King's only real — but great — reversal. While good as an anti-air, the second downward kick must connect for the ranbu to start which limits it to working best as a deep anti-air or reversal. The D version travels downward at a higher angle, making it the preferred version for combos and most reversal situations. On hit King kicks the opponent nearly fullscreen away which easily sets up her zoning game.

  • Illusion Dance
  • qcf hcb + K
  • Slow ranbu in which King jumps backwards, then forward. Unfortunately, the terrible start up time makes it too slow to combo into directly from normals and the minor invincibility is irrelevant since it's too slow to catch anything while being unsafe on block. Be sure to use the B version in combos as the D version is slower.


  • Illusion Dance
  • hcb hcb + KK
  • A more damaging version of the normal Illusion Dance with bonus Tornado Kicks. Used in the corner to finish BC combos.


  • Secret Mirage
  • f hcf + KK
  • King finally learned how to do Lightning Legs. Looks stylish, but the damage and utility aren't anything spectacular. Secret Mirage is faster than Illusion Dance so it can be used midscreen to end combos when low on life.


  • cl.D (2) > [10%]
    • qcf + D [28%]
    • DM qcf qcf + D [32%] {1 stock}
    • HSDM f hcf + BD [52%] {3 stocks}
    • hcf + P (3) >>> DM qcf qcf + D [44%] {2 stocks}
    • hcb + P [24%]
    • dp + B [23%]
    • hcf + P [23%]
    • hcb + D (Standing.) [22%]
    • hcb + B (Standing.) [21%]
    • df + D >> [19%]
      • BC ~ hcb + C (4) >> DM qcf qcf + D [46%] {2 stocks}
      • BC ~ hcb + C (3) >> dp + D >>
        • (S)DM qcf hcb + K/BD (Corner.) [53%/63%] {2/3 stocks}
        • hcb + B/D (hcb + D 1st hit will miss.) [36%/34%]
        • qcf + D (Out of the corner.) [38%]
      • BC ~ hcb + C (1) >> (S)DM qcf hcb + K/BD [43%/53%] {2/3 stocks}
    • f + B [19%]

  • cl.D (1) > dp + D [20%]

  • cr.B, cr.A >
    • dp + B
    • DM qcf qcf + D {1 stocks}
    • hcb + B (Combo even from the tip of cr.A.)

  • c.B >
    • hcf + P
    • hcf + P (3) >>> DM qcf qcf + D {2 stocks}
    • hcf + P

  • Counter hit: j.CD,
    • hcb + D
    • j.CD
    • st.C

Reminder to be on the lookout to follow up a j.CD counter hit since it causes a free juggle state.

Remember that a st.C or df + D alone, can convert into the entire BC combos above.

The Basics

Learn Triple Strike, get turkey.

Advanced Strategy

Awaken Bacchus.