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A student/foster child of Gaisei's along with Kaede and Yuki. He was present when their master was murdered by Kagami, and was mistaken for the killer himself.

Moves List

Special Moves

Glancing Blade Moonlight - qcf + A/B

A version stars quicker but travels forward only slightly A version can combo into 3 hits B version stars slower, but travels further ahead and hits one extra time B version can combo into 4 hits You can Super Cancel out of this move

Glancing Blade Haze - qcb + A/B/C/D

An extended long projectile slash You can charge this move A version strikes high B version strikes mid C version strikes low D version cancels the move

Glancing Blade New Moon - dp + A/B

Upward slash, grounded anti-air Follow up with Ittou Sogetsu (dp + B) after performing A version Ittou Sogetsu can only be peformed in Speed or EX Mode

Sash Blade Moonwalk - b/db/d + A/B/C

Teleportation A version puts Moriya away from opponent B version puts Moriya in front of the opponent C version puts Moriya behind the opponent Pressing A, B, or C during the teleport puts Moriya into the Glancing Blade Haze stance for a long distance strike

Desperation Moves

Life and Death Moonlight Flash - f, hcf + AB

Series of multiple Glancing Blade Haze strikes Able to charge

Super Desperation Moves

Life and Death Wild Seasons - f, hcf + B

Rushing attack, does a series of dramatic strikes when it connects Only able to perform in Power or EX Mode

Basic Strategy

One of the true four gods in the game, he is the SPEED mode in a nutshell,its the ultimate rushdown character with a lot of specials and follow ups,also his "serpent slash" its useful if you like keepaway strategies as a second meta game of him.

How you play Moriya depends on whether you're using the teleport glitch. I would highly recommend that you learn how to play him without it first. Otherwise all you'll have is mindless rush-down/keep-away, and you'll get wrecked by better players.

  • He's best on speed mode.
  • He has tons of mix-up options and damaging combos with it, and he cancel in and out of his 'port easily.
  • This guide's going to be a little harder to write, because a lot of his advanced stuff revolves around using his teleport properly, and his combos are probably the most complex in the game (Lee and Zantetsu taking 2nd and 3rd place respectively).
  • That being said, if you're not using the glitch, he's a decent starting character.

Teleport glitch

Right after the teleport, quickly hit AC together. If you do it correctly, he won't say anything, and he'll have 0 recovery on the teleport (He'll be able to move right away). This only works for the A and B variations.

  • B-DB-D+A goes to the far end of the screen behind you.
  • B-DB-D+B goes right to the opponent.
  • B-DB-D+C goes directly behind the opponent.

Stuff unique to him

  • DF+A (Can't cancel into this from B)
  • You can shorten the recovery on his QCB slashes by tapping the buttons multiple times, and cancel the move completely by pressing D

Power Mode

  • B+A, B+A > QCB+B/QCB+C
  • B+A, B+A > DP+A/B
  • B+A, B+A > F-HCF+AB
  • D+C, B+A > F-HCF+AB
  • D+C, B+AC, B+A > QCB+B/QCB+C
  • UF+A/B/C/> A > F-HCF+AB
  • UF+A/B/C > B+B > QCF+A > F-HCF+AB
  • UF+A/B/C > B+B > QCF+A > QCF+A > QCB+A (Your main set-up for punishing ground recoveries, although you can't do much besides B+A, QCB+C)
  • UF+A/B/C > F+C > F-HCF+B
  • UF+A/B/C > F+C > QCB+A/B (Hold, late release)
  • UF+A/B/C > F+C > Dash-in A > Mix-up
  • UF+A/B/C > B+B > B-DB-D+B(AC) > B+A > F-HCF+AB
  • UF+A/B/C > B+B > QCF+A, QCB+A(D)> B+A > F-HCF+AB
  • (Corner only) UF+A/B/C > F+C > F-HCF+AB
  • (Corner only) UF+A/B/C > B > QCF+A> QCF+A > (Late) F-HCF+AB
  • (Corner only) UF+A/B/C > B > QCF+A > QCF+A> (Somewhat early) *QCB+A > DP+A

Speed Mode

You cannot cancel into his BC from A, D+A or A,A. This because he already has a special overhead and him having 2 overheads to combo into would make things extremely unbalanced.

  • B+A A D+A > B > QCF+A > QCF+A > DP+A > DP+B

(I prefer to just skip the first B+A part for the added range/simplicity). (You can technically link another :l::snka: at the beginning, but it's not really worth it unless you're showing off or something).

  • B+A A D+A > DF+C > QCB+CC (Fail-safe in case the DF+C gets blocked. Mashing C (in a controlled fashion) eliminates some of the recovery from the special)
  • B+A A D+A > DF+A > :DP+A > DP+B

(Mix it up with those two)

  • D+A > DP+A
  • D+A > QCB+CC
  • D+C > DP+A
  • D+C > QCB+CC
  • B+A A D+A > B > BC > QCB+B
  • D+C > B+AC A D+A > B > BC > QCB+B


  • > QCF+A > QCF+A > DP+A > DP+B after the first B
  • (Activate speed combo D,D+A/B)

A, B, C, D+C, D+A, D+C, F+BC > (Quickly cancel into) B-DB-D > DP+A > DP+B

  • (Corner only) (Activate speed combo D,D+A/B)

A, B, C, D+C, D+A, D+C, F+BC > (Somewhat early) QCB+A > (Late) DP+A > DP+B

EX Mode

B+A A D+A > B > QCF+A > F-HCF+AB

Advanced Strategy

Teleport Glitch Tactics 1

Ok, here's where things get complicated. If you're using the teleport glitch, you're going to want to be using his C to hit downed opponents most of the time, not his DF+B. This is because you can cancel into his teleport from it. After any successful knockdown, you'll want to run in, hit them with C, then cancel into either the A or B teleports to get the mind-games going.

One of my favourites is:

(Knockdown) > Dash-in > C > (Wait half a second for them to try something)

B-DB-D+B (AC) > B-DB-D+A (AC) > B-DB-D+B (AC) > Then either:

  • Dash-in throw
  • Jump straight up > Dash-in throw
  • One of the speed combos listed above
  • Jump-in, then continue into one of the speed combos listed above
  • Block if you think they're going to try and DP/poke you.

You can create any number of variations on this.

Teleport Glitch Tactics 2

Another thing you can do with the teleport that adds to his broken-ness is using it as a way to punish ground recoveries. The same principle that applies to the knockdowns applies here, only this time, after a knockdown, when you teleport in to follow-up after the B-DB-D (AC), quickly dash-in and hit B+A and then follow-up into the A, D+A, B > BC > QCB+B combo. From there, you can either dash-in again to punish another recovery, or if he doesn't, use C and start the mind-games again. You have to guess beforehand whether they're going to recover or not though. This will only work with B+A. A isn't fast enough to hit.

Teleport Glitch Tactics 3

One last nasty thing about it is that it essentially allows you to end all your combos safely (if you don't get red parried or guard cancelled anyway). Any normal can be cancelled with the B-DB-D+B (AC) teleport essentially giving you more mix-up options as well as a safe ender/getaway.

A favourite is:

  • (Blocked) B+A A D+A > DF+C > B-DB-D+B (AC) > Dash-in throw.
  • (If they're in the corner, make sure you throw them back "into" the corner).

This is why I recommend you learn him without the glitch first. It'll take a long time before you can glitch the teleport consistently and quickly enough to make it look like you're a living blur, and it'll distract you from playing properly at first. Plus, he's the only character who has this, so if you become dependant on it, it'll impact your performance with the other characters. Get the basics down before you even start worrying about this.


If you decide to play him on power. Keep in mind that he loses a lot of his combo ability, but he's still a strong hit and run character because of his teleport. If you can get his D+C, B+A link down consistently, it'll help you out a lot. Also, remember that you can greatly reduce the recovery on those QCB slashes, so make sure to do this if you're not great at hit confirming. This also means that messing up the link is a little more forgiving, because you're not necessarily a sitting duck if it's mis-timed and blocked. Learn to hit confirm his standing A into his DM from a jump-in as well, as it's basically your only comeback tool on power. If you can combo into his DM consistently from the D+C link, then you might have something going with him on power, but you're totally screwed if it misses.

Otherwise, he has some of the best safe rush-down in the game, and he can play safe hit and run if he decides he needs to. Just don't get too predictable with the teleports. They're godly, but they don't make you invincible.


  • UF+A and D+A are good pokes.
  • UF+C can cross-up.
  • D+C is useful for mix-ups, especially since you can combo out of it (even if it's difficult to do so).
  • He has an infinite with B+A A D+A > B > B-DB-D (AC) > B+A A D+A > B > (Repeat), but it's banned as you might expect. Some tourneys will allow one repetition.
  • Use QCB+A or DP+A to punish people who constantly air recover.
  • D+B is a pain in the ass to cancel off of. I try to stay away from it.
  • B+B will give you a sort of vertical slash.
  • His F+B is a great long range poke if you use it conservatively.
  • As with a lot of other characters, you can dash under someone who's in the air and jump-cancel into D+C and then follow-up with a combo/mix-up. This is risky so be careful.
  • The teleport glitch is allowed in most tournaments.