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Last Blade 2/Yuki

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Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

  • Ice Blade - qcf + A/B

Yuki launches an icy projectile A version acts more as a stun, B version knocks down

  • Frosty Flasher - dp + A/B

Yuki creates an icy diagonal 45 degree attack

  • Blizzard Blast - qcb + A/B

Yuki rushes forward and delivers a slashing attack Super Cancel able

  • Ice Reflector - hcf + C

Yuki creates a disc attack that acts as a counter. Will counter high and mid attacks, not low.

  • Split-in-Two Swing - hcb + C (close in)

Yuki makes an in-close assault with the last hit launching opponent into the air.

Desperation Moves

  • Glacial Sequoia - qcf qcf + AB

Yuki thrusts her spear forward Tapping A repeatedly inflicts more damage if it's done before the attack hits the opponet

Super Desperation Moves

  • True Frozen Whirlwind - qcb db f + B

Yuki creates a snow tornado. If the opponent is close enough, they'll be sucked in, and positioned for a heavy attack from Yuki. Acts as a vaccuum. Unblockable

The Basics

Yuki its a lightweight character focused in zoning and had good specials for keepaway the opponent along with good pokes, her main problem will be that she is one of the weakest stamina characters in the game and also don't had bad recovery in some of her specials, she is low tier because it doesn't had a decent Super Move for make a great damage, you can play EX Mode for Super Deadly Move setups and mixups for the winter tornado that is a great super in the game


Any Mode


  • b+A (x 2), A >
    • DP+A
    • QCF+A

  • d+C, A > QCF+A

  • d+C, b+A (x 2), A >
    • DP+A
    • QCF+A

  • B > QCB A > (DM) QCF QCF+AB (Mash A)

  • HCB+C,
    • QCF+A
    • DP+A

  • f+C >
    • QCF B
    • DP B (near corner)
    • (SDM) QCB DB F + B (near corner)


  • A > d+A > B >
    • QCF+A
    • DP+A
    • QCB+A
    • (DM) QCF QCF+AB (Mash A)

  • d+C, A > d+A > B >
    • QCF+A
    • QCB+A
    • (DM) QCF QCF+AB (Mash A)

  • d+C, b+A (x 2) > A > d+A > B >
    • QCF+A
    • DP+A
    • QCB+A
    • (DM) QCF QCF+AB (Mash A)


  • d+C, A > d+A > B > QCB+A > (DM) QCF QCF+AB (Mash A)

  • d+C, b+A (x 2) > A > d+A > B > QCB A > (DM) QCF QCF+AB (Mash A)


She's best on speed since you're gonna need all the options you can get with her.

Yuki is probably the worst character in the game unfortunately. She reminds me of a weaksauce combination of Kaede and Hibiki. O. Kaede does a lot less damage than her, but at least he has decent normals. She has the weakest air game of anyone in the game, mainly because she lacks any fast horizontal/upward air normals. That means she gets raped by people with quick, high priority air attacks like Lee or Amano. She's also slow as hell in general.

With Yuki, you're going to have to play more of a defensive game. Her jump :snkb: is her only reliable air to air and it has quite a bit of start-up. You really don't want to be jumping forward with her at all unless it's to start a combo. If you have to go air to air, dash forward then jump back with :snkb: so it has time to come out and you can take advantage of its relatively large arc. Also, for air to air, you want to be high jumping so that the arc of her polearm is above or parallel to the other person's attack, not under it. It's slow start-up does give you one advantage though. It's great for safe jump-ins, so you can use it to get in to her command throw or start a low link.

d::snkb: makes a good ground anti-air, and it can be cancelled, but it's quite slow. :dp::snka: is a decent anti-air, but it lacks range, and you can end up eating the jump-in anyway sometimes. Used sparingly, :r::snkb: is a good poke from afar and jump :snkc: does cross-up. Stick with the :snka: version of her fireball. It's quite decent since it's off the ground and the recovery isn't too bad. You can also tick with :l::snka: in to her command throw ala Kaede or Shigen.

Her :d::snkc: can be linked from to form combos, but it's slow and has so much recovery that it's risky to try it more than a few times per match. Her :l::snka: links are really hard to time too, because there's so much recovery on it, so if you're gonna use it, you'd probably best off just doing :l::snka:, :snka:. I'd be careful using her :hcf::snkc: reflector since a missed one can end with you eating a 40% damage combo (it doesn't hit like in LB1). I'd use it as a sort of long distance deflect, that way if it misses, you don't end up getting nailed too hard. It's main purpose in my opinion is to give you up the upper hand in projectile wars.

A bright side is that she has a good overhead and she can set-up ground recovery punishes using it. It makes a good anti-air too since it stays relatively close to her and arcs pretty far upward.

Her SDM is possibly the worst in the game. You can't combo in to it unless you're right next to the corner, and the start-up is so long that she can be hit out of it no matter what she does. For example, contrary to popular belief,

r::snkc: > :hcb::hcb::snkb: and :hcb::snkc: > :hcb::hcb::snkb: don't work, because they can jab you right when they get up. Hell, some characters can even hard slash you before it hits. The only time you can ever hit it is if you ground-air parry something and they try to high jump straight up right when they land, but I have no idea why they'd do that.

Advanced Strategy