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Last Blade 2/Kagami

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Moves List

Special Moves

Shallow Wings of Flight

Kagami launches a fiery projectile.

Qcf.png + Snka.gif
Flaming Talon of Retribution

Kagami makes a motion to leave a streak of fire in-front of him.

Qcf.png + Snkb.gif
Follow up with Shrainui (Qcf.png + Snkb.gif) to set his sword aflame and knock his opponent down with it.
Char-Broiled Blast

Kagami goes into the air, trailing swirling fire behind him.

Dp.png + Snka.gif/Snkb.gif
Super Cancellable.
Blazing Bawler

Kagami grabs opponent, lifts them into the air, stabs them with his sword and explodes the opponent with fire.

Hcb.png + Snka.gif/Snkb.gif (in-close)
Shizuka Naru Kodou

Kagami crouches in a stance to create a ring of energy around him. Only used to build super meter.

Hcb.png + Snkc.gif
Like a Furnace

Kagami dives Downward.png like a diving bird.

D.png + Snkc.gif (in-air)
Can be a followed up with some moves like Dp.png + Snka.gif/Snkb.gif.

Desperation Moves

Sparrow of the Red Lotus Thrust

From the air, Kagami dives down like he does in Like a Furnace, incased in fire, and hits again making a V shape and taking the opponent on his flight path.

Hcf.png + Snka.gifSnkb.gif (in-air)
Heavenly Phoenix

Kagami throws a large ground wave of fire towards opponent.

F.png, Hcf.png + Snka.gifSnkb.gif

Super Desperation Moves

Phoenix Rising Hack

Same motion as Sparrow of the Red Lotus Thrust, but deals more damage and creates a phoenix image during the attack.

Hcf.png + Snkb.gif (in-air)

The Basics

After beign beaten by Kaede he reformed and then decided to beign the lonewolf of the Four Gods, he is the aereal character for excellence and his gameplan commonly is based in air pokes and has the best aereal special in the game because its comboable.

He is seen 6th in the tier list along with Kaede as the 7th in general, is the only half of the lore of the Four Gods that is useful competitively in Power Mode

Air dive stuff

Use his dive conservatively. It has a ton of recovery lag on it. Best to low-jump with it if you're going to use it. If you're good, you can dash under someone who jumps straight up and then low-jump dive immediately to get them from behind. This is risky though, and it would require you to be able to read your opponent fairly well. It's great for punishing attempted parries, anti-airs and air recoveries though.

-You can link Hcb.pngSnka.gif off his air dive, just delay the motion a bit. It's a good way to save your ass if it gets blocked, but again use the dive conservatively if at all.
-Hcb.pngSnka.gif is combo-able, Hcb.pngSnkb.gif is not.
-The other somewhat safe option is to follow up with Qcf.pngSnka.gif and then quickly back off.
-You can combo his Hcf.pngSnka.gifSnkb.gif off his dive, but the timing is very strict. Can also be another good way to follow-up a blocked dive.
-Don't be one of those idiots who constantly air dives and follows up with Dp.pngSnka.gif.



B0.pngSnka.gif + (Dp0.pngSnka.gif / Snkb.gif) + {Hcf0.pngSnka.gifSnkb.gif}
D0.pngSnkc.gif(x2-3) + B0.pngSnka.gifSnkc.gif + (Dp0.pngSnka.gif / Snkb.gif) + {Hcf0.pngSnka.gifSnkb.gif}
(In the air)(D0.pngSnkc.gif) + {Hcf0.pngSnkb.gif}
(In the air)(D0.pngSnkc.gif) + (Hcb0.pngSnka.gif)
(In the air)(D0.pngSnkc.gif) + (Dp0.pngSnka.gif / Snkb.gif) + (Hcf0.pngSnka.gifSnkb.gif)


B0.pngSnka.gif + D0.pngSnka.gif + D0.pngSnkb.gif + Snkb.gifSnkc.gif

(Dash-in)(Punish ground recovery with: B0.pngSnka.gif + same combo or if they don't recover + Snkc.gif + Whiff (Hcb0.pngSnka.gif) for meter)

B0.pngSnka.gif + D0.pngSnka.gif + D0.pngSnkb.gif + Snkb.gifSnkc.gif + (Dash for a split second) (Dp0.pngSnka.gif) corner / near corner
(D0.pngSnkc.gif)(x2-3) + B0.pngSnka.gif + Db0.pngSnka.gif + D0.pngSnkb.gif + Snkb.gifSnkc.gif(Dash-in)(Etc.)
(D0.pngSnkc.gif) + (Dp0.pngSnka.gif)

(In the air)(D0.pngSnkc.gif) + Hcf0.pngSnka.gifSnkb.gif(Glitch){D0.pngD0.pngSnka.gif / Snkb.gif} + Snka.gif + Snkb.gif + Snkc.gif + (D0.pngSnkc.gif) + D0.pngSnka.gif + (D0.pngSnkc.gif) + F0.pngSnkb.gifSnkc.gif + dash-in + Low-jumpUf0.png(D0.pngSnkc.gif) + (Dp0.pngSnka.gif)
(Corner){D0.pngD0.pngSnka.gif / Snkb.gif} + Snka.gif + Snkb.gif + Snkc.gif + (D0.pngSnkc.gif) + D0.pngSnka.gif + (D0.pngSnkc.gif) + F0.pngSnkb.gifSnkc.gif + (slightly delayed)Low-jumpUb0.png(D0.pngSnkc.gif) + (Qcf0.pngSnkb.gif) + (Dp0.pngSnka.gif)


B0.pngSnka.gif + D0.pngSnka.gif + D0.pngSnkb.gif + (Dp0.pngSnkb.gif) + {Hcf0.pngSnka.gifSnkb.gif}
(D0.pngSnkc.gif) + (Dp0.pngSnkb.gif) + {Hcf0.pngSnka.gifSnkb.gif}
F0.pngSnkb.gifSnkc.gif + (slightly delayed)Low-jumpUb0.png(D0.pngSnkc.gif) + (Qcf0.pngSnkb.gif) + (Dp0.pngSnka.gif) + {Hcf0.pngSnka.gifSnkb.gif}
(D0.pngSnkc.gif)(x2-3) + (Dp0.pngSnkb.gif) + {Hcf0.pngSnka.gifSnkb.gif}

{D0.pngD0.pngSnka.gif / Snkb.gif} + Snka.gif + Snkb.gif + Snkc.gif + (D0.pngSnkc.gif) + D0.pngSnka.gif + (D0.pngSnkc.gif) + F0.pngSnkb.gifSnkc.gif + dash-in + Low-jumpUf0.png(D0.pngSnkc.gif) + (Dp0.pngSnka.gif / Snkb.gif) + {Hcf0.pngSnka.gifSnkb.gif}(Corner){D0.pngD0.pngSnka.gif / Snkb.gif} + Snka.gif + Snkb.gif + Snkc.gif + (D0.pngSnkc.gif) + D0.pngSnka.gif + (D0.pngSnkc.gif)

Advanced Strategy


Kagami is best in Power, but he's fine in any mode really.

Kagami is the one of the best pure poking characters in the game. His dash is exceedingly fast which allows him to get in and out quickly and his D.pngSnkc.gif is one of the fastest recovering long range lows in the game. His jump Snka.gif is one of the best air-air pokes in the game as well. Extremely quick, angled slightly upwards and has wayyy too much priority. His Snkc.gif can cross-up, but you gotta do it kind of early, and it's fairly unreliable.

Get dash into his command throw down, it'll help out a lot. Low dives can be useful, but they're risky. Use :Dp.png:Snka.gif/:Dp.png:Snkb.gif > :Hcf.png:Snka.gifSnkb.gif or dives/DM's/SDM's to punish air recoveries. Dash-in after any overhead launch or :Dp.png:Snka.gif hit to punish ground ones. Punish ground recoveries on power and EX with:

(Dash-in) :l:Snka.gif > :Dp.png:Snkb.gif > :Hcf.png:Snka.gifSnkb.gif

He can jump cancel dash under people air recovering just like everyone else, but he can jump cancel into a low dive as well and then cancel it into something else if need be.

He's best in power if you can hit the link consistently, but given it's difficulty, you might opt to use EX instead. Being able to link into his DM from such a versatile poke adds 'a lot' to his game, especially since you can hit confirm it off multiple linked ones. Plus you still get access to his SDM for desperate situations. Only problem is that meter doesn't build nearly as fast in EX.

In speed, he's still a fantastic poker, and you don't have to worry about getting hit the way you do in EX.

Plus, he's already good at punishing recoveries, but on EX and power he can cancel his :Dp.png:Snka.gif into his DM, which makes it suicidal to try and recover at all around him. Seriously, try it. You'll get fucked in the ass.

Low-jump SDM can be useful as a desperation attack since it comes out almost instantly, but if you miss, you're likely toast.

Miscellaneous crap

-He steps back a bit on his unblockable, and the coverage is more vertical than most, so it's more useful than some of the other ones, but like all power unblockables, use them very very sparingly if at all. -His SDM is only combo-able off his dive. It's one of the few supers that can see some use outside of a combo. -:r:Snkb.gif is a great long range poke. -Avoid using his :Qcb.png:Snkc.gif, it's crap