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Last Blade 2/Lee

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Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Dragon Hammer - qcb + C (x3)

Lee hops and twists forward to deliver a flaming kick Motion can be done up to 3 times to deliver more damage

Ryu Shou Sen - qcb + C (x2) (in air)

Same as the Dragon Hammer, only done airborne Motion can be done twice

Fan of Flames - d~u + B

Lee rises and swings his fans creating a fiery attack Anti-air capability Follow up with d + B

Mist Mauler - A + B

Lee does a quick evasion:

  • Follow up with Hokage (A) to spin and attack with his fan
  • Follow up with Homura (B) to do an overhead attack
  • Follow up with Senpuu (C) to do a low kick. Can be repeated twice more
  • Follow up with Hakkei (D) to do a mid level strike

Serpent Rush - hcb - A/B

Lee swings his flaming fan forward Super Cancel able Follow up with hcf B from B version

Invisible Kick - qcf + C (in air)

Lee dives down from the air to deliver a kick. If it connects, he delivers several follow-up kicks

Ibuki - Start

Lee enters into a stance and slowly regains life

Desperation Moves

Hidden Serpent Slam - qcb, df, f + AB

Lee moves forward after he throws his fan into the air

Super Desperation Moves

Concealed Javelin of Judgement - qcb, df, f + B

Lee dashes forward into opponent. Makes a long combo if he connects

The Basics

One of the True Four Gods in the game, he is the ancestor of the upper tier 2002 and post Kim Kaphwan incarnations with his rushdown specials and Fan Dodge follow up, also use an anti air special that remember Hienzan and the jumping special that remembers Hishou Kyaku.

Lee is one of China's most dangerous imports - that is to say one of the versatile characters in the game, from Speed exclusive chains or Power cancel.


Power Mode:

  • b A (x2) > B > HCB A > QCB db f A B
  • b A (x2) > B > QCB db f B
  • b A (x2) > B > QCB C (x3)
  • b A > d B > d u B d B or QCB C (x3) or QCB db f B or HCB A > QCB db f A B
  • d C (x3) > B > HCB A > QCB db f A B
  • d C (x3) > B > QCB C (x3) or d u B d B
  • d C (x3) > B > QCB db f B
  • d C (x2) > QCB db f A B or QCB db f B
  • A B > A > QCB db f A B
  • A B > C d C > QCB db f A B or QCB db f B
  • A B > C d C > HCB A > QCB db f A B
  • A B > C d C > QCB C (x3)
  • A B > C d C > d u B d B
  • A B > C d C f C
  • b A (x2) > f C > QCB C (x3)
  • b A (x2) > f C > Dash uf C > QCB C (x2)
  • b A (x2) > f C > HCB A / B
  • b A > d C > B > (Any of the B follow-ups mentioned before)

Character specific

u C on downed opponent B f C

Speed mode:

  • d C (x2-3), B > d C, d C > d u B
  • d C (x2-3), B > d C, d C > QCB C (x3)
  • d C (x2-3), B > d C, d C > QCB db f A B
  • b A (x2) A d A d B d C (x2) > QCB C (x3)
  • A d A d B d C (x2) > d u B d B
  • A d A d B d C (x2) > QCB db f A B
  • A d A d B d C (x2) f C
  • A d A B f C
  • (Activate speed combo d d A / B) A B C > d C > d A > d C > f B C > HCB A > d u B d B

EX mode:

  • A A d A d B d C (x2) > HCB A QCB db f A B
  • A d A d B d C (x2) > QCB db f B
  • d C (x2-3), B > d C, d C > HCB A > QCB db f A B

Advanced Strategy

Basic Gameplan

Lee is fast as hell, and his dodge move is unbelievably broken. :snkb: gets you an overhead, :snkc: gets you the double sweep that you can combo into a DM. The opponent has exactly like half a second to guess which one you're doing and it gives no clear indication of which you're using. Use his jumping :qcf::snkc: off a blocked jump-in attack on occasion; especially in the corner. The opponent has to block this high, and if any part of it hits, you get to combo off it, as there's very little recovery on it. The easiest follow up is

d::u::snkb: but only do that if you're sure it hit, or if you're sure the opponent's going to try to counter-attack after blocking it (It'll stuff their attack). :hcb::snkb: (x2) is great for punishing mistakes from far away but make sure it's not gonna get blocked. Lee's air to air game is phenomenal, he may have the best air normal in the game. His early dash jumping :snkc: stuffs or at worst, trades with almost every other air attack, and you can chain :qcb::snkc: (x2) off it to boot.

His links are much safer in speed, since if you screw up, you can just keep going into those little sweep moves. Plus you can still get into his DM.


-I think Lee works well in any mode, although I'm leaning more towards using him in power because his :qcb::snkc: (x3) just does monstrous damage and you can link it from :d::snkc:. Also, his dodge overhead/sweeps do a lot more damage in this mode.
-He has the fastest standing :snkb: in the game, but it also stuns for a shorter amount of time than most of the others. -Dash jump :snkc: and low jump :snkc: are your friends.
-If you hit a throw, :u::snkc: after.
-Off a successful ground-air or air-air parry, do :uf::snkc: > :qcb::snkc: (x2)
-Nasty trick with Lee: Run behind the opponent, then as soon you cross over, do his :d::snkc: links. You'll get people a lot of the time because of how quickly it comes out. Alternatively you can feint a dodge first then do the link as a mix-up so you don't get parried right away if they see it coming. -You can do all the :d::snkc: links without the :snkb: part, as it can be very difficult to hit that link 100% of the time, you don't lose all that much damage so I say do it if you're having trouble. Similarly, his :l::snka: links are probably better done with only 1 :snka: as the range on doing 2 is very short, and his :d::snkc: links are sometimes better done with 2 :snkc:'s instead of 3.
-Doing :hcb::snka: on a crouching opponent will knock them into the air which completely fucks up your super cancel so don't cancel it if they're not standing up.
-:hcb::snka:/:snkb: and :snka::snkb: > :snkb: are great when the opponent is quick roll recovering from a fall.
-You can mash out of the second part of Lee's DM. After you get hit by the first part, just mash directions/buttons and you'll get out of the stun, then quickly block or parry the second part (Also applies for Zantetsu's DM) (Thank god). My only explanation for this is that they got lazy and re-used the code for the dizzy animation, so mashing gets you out of this as well.
-On speed mode, you can combo his air attacks. Easiest one is low jump :snka: > :snkc: > :qcb::snkc: (x2)
-If you get an air-air parry, do :snka:/:snkc: > :qcb::snkc: (x2) off it.
-Jumping attacks that are higher than your's can be stuffed with jumping :snkb:, but be careful, it's not as quick as his other air normals.
-More of a general tip: speed combo activations are only ever guaranteed off a parry, or an overhead hit.
-Another general tip, his :qcb::db::r: DM motion (which is also the same motion for a lot of other characters), can also be done with :qcb::qcf: which I find easier.


vs Shigen

Shigen its Lee's kryptonite, his 100% basic Power combo will hit you easily