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Last Blade 2/Okina

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Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves Turtle Thrust - qcf + A/B/C

Okina throws turtle projectiles from his basket A version is a short toss, and then it crawls along the ground B version is a longer toss C version has the tortise coming out then moving back to Okina; it heals Okina slightly if it reaches him

Turtle Tremor - hcb + A/B

Okina whirls himself in a top spin, attacking the opponent B version is a knockdown Super Cancle able

Tortoise Tromp - hcb + C

Okina launches himself forward Anti-Air potential

Fisherman's Feint - dp + A/B/C

Okina throws a fishing line with a turtle at the end, meant to trip/knockdown Unblockable From version A to C the length of the line is determined

Pacificst Pounce - rdp + A/B/C

A vanishing, teleporation technique A version, called Feint puts Okina and the far end of the screen. B version, called Earth puts Okina in-front of opponent, hitting opponent low with a turtle C verison, called Heaven puts Okina above opponent, dropping him down on his/her head. Cversion is overhead

Desperation Moves

Genbu Blast - f, hcf + AB

Okina spins and creates a damaging tornado

Super Desperation Moves

Rage of Genbu - f, hcf + B

Okina holds out basket and a Dragon Turtle pops out and hits opponent The tossed Dragon Turtle will lock in on where you are, so block instead of moving

The Basics

He is the Genbu incarnation but sadly that lore isn't useful for competitive play.

He is a short old man focused in projectile styles and zoning, he isn't a combo character and lacks of rushdown specials, and general meta game demands you beign comboer as soon as possible, I think if you like to play Samurai Shodown esque its your character.

He lacks of a decent anti air but beign a short character had some advantages like walk in and crossup groundly the opponent

Outside of that, its riskful play with him.


  • d A > DP A
  • d A > HCB C (only close up)
  • b A (x2), A > DP A
  • (Near corner) f C > f HCFAB
  • f C > QCF B
  • f C > f HCF B


  • A, d A, d B > DP A
  • A, d A, d B > QCF A
  • A, d A, d B > HCB A
  • A, d A, d B > HCB C (only close up)
  • A, d A, B > QCF A
  • d C > DP A (Huge range on this, since the d C actually moves you forward)
  • b A A > b A A, d A, d B > QCF A
  • (Corner)(Activate speed combo special d d A/B) (Let it hit)
  • b A A > b A, A, B > QCF A


  • BC (stuns) > HCB B > f HCF AB

Advanced Strategy


He's actually pretty low on the tier list, but he's one of my favourite characters to use. He's a zoning character who can also play tradtional rush-down as long as you're careful.

If you're smart, you can probably beat less experienced players just by alternating high/low turtles and the far version of his fishing rod. I've gotten a lot of perfects this way. Alternatively, if they're smart enough to get past the turtle zoning (because it's relatively easy to, if you just jump straight up and block), then move in with low-jumps :snka:'s and :snkb:'s. If you land a jump-in, follow up with :d::snka: then :dp::snka: > walk forward :df::snkb: or if you're absolutely sure you're gonna score a hit, :d::snkb: > :dp::snka:. Hit and run, don't always try to rush-down with him. Hop back, tos s a turtle or two and then go back in again. His turtles do inflict a lot of damage if they hit, so even one or two hits here and there can really turn the tide.

IMPORTANT: If the turtle zoning starts to go bad, or they manage to get past one, stop throwing turtles and retreat/re-group. Get to the other side of the screen, and then start throwing them again. If you stay and try to fight them head on, you will lose. Okina excels in keep away and in quick offensive strikes. Clutch fighting is not his strong point.

His super is only guaranteed off :r::snkc: in the corner, or off :hcb::snkb: after a successful parry. You have to start the :hcb::snkb: like RIGHT AFTER you parry.

Don't use his turtles in combos, don't use his spinning moves, and don't use his teleports besides the :snka: version. You can dodge the :snkb: and :snkc: versions just by jumping straight up and blocking. Or in the case of the :snkc: version, I can just parry and punish.

If you land a successful ground-air parry, punish with :d::snkb: or :hcb::snkc: (more on this move in a bit).

The main thing holding him back is that he can't land his super very easily, but mix-ups between :l::snka:/:snka:/:d::snka: pokes, low jump ins, and :dp::snka:'s can really disorient someone. I used to have him at the bottom of my tier list until I figured him out a little better and I now believe he's about on par with Juzoh.

One great tactic I've found is that if you're successful with the turtle zoning, people become very frustrated and they'll try to get in using whatever means necessary. This usually means that if they get knocked down, they're gonna roll towards you. Now, Okina's :hcb::snkc: has to be blocked high, but any half decent player is gonna block low on wake-up to be safe. So what this does is it not only scores you a relatively guaranteed hit (you'd be surprised how long it takes people to figure out how to defend against this), but the way it hits, you end up landing right behind them. If they're not close enough for you to hit this move at point blank, run forward a bit after the knockdown and wait for them to roll. The running forward will also give them even more incentive to roll towards you since they'll be thinking "oh shit, he's moving in now's my chance".

Now, if they quick recover, you can nail them with a guaranteed :d::snkb: > :dp::snka: and if they don't, you still get a free :df::snkb: or :snkc:.

Also, as the guide says. Jumping A for all purpose, C for air-air for him.

He has problems with Moriya, Setsuna, Zantetsu and Lee though because of how quickly they can get across the screen. They can punish a blocked turtle very easily.

-I find his :hcb::snkc: to be the best finisher off a sucessful combo, both for the damage and positioning. Additionally, as long as they ground recover, you can pseudo-infinite them with :d::snkb:/:snkb:>:hcb::snkc:. The slight recovery lag on the end also makes you an appealing target to roll towards, setting up for the other use of :hcb::snkc:, as an overhead wakeup, as Kyokuji discussed earlier. In certain situations it can be thrown out as air defence as well. As with anything, use it judiciously, but in the right circumstances it can really provide that firepower Okina needs in close range.

-His :dp::snka: is unquestionably a top-tier move,. It provides an excellent unblockable (and undeflectable?) finisher for a blocked combo and does fair damage (they really add up). Some people swear by this move but it definately takes back-seat to :hcb::snkc: off a hit. Many people like to try to avoid it by jumping if you dont combo it properly, but with Okina's hight, you're typically over the recovery lag by the time you're in range for most aerials if they dont short hop it.

-His SDM (:r::hcf::snkb:) is chainable off his :r::snkc: if they are just under halfway from the edge of the screen (its pretty tight spacing).

-Feel free to use his :bdp::snka: as a finisher to escape combos if you think they can punish :dp::snka:/:hcb::snkc:. Depending on their character/reaction time, its typically nice to toss a turtle or two from safety and, if you're really courageous/they block :qcf::snka: on the ground, a :dp::snkc: for nice dmg/added humiliation.

-His super cancel is utterly worthless, do not use it (OK, :hcb::snkb:>:r::hcf::snka::snkb: works off a deflect but you need to throw the :hcb::snkb: out absolutely instantly upon parry). If that full power bar is really burning a hole in your pocket, wait for a high jump, dash under them and let it rip or something.

-:bdp::snkb:/:snkc: are worthless. You can sometimes surprise someone trying to projectile zone you with a :bdp::snkb: but there are so many other options at your disposal to deal with people at a range that you deserve whatever you'll probably end up eating.

-I've managed to land :r::snkc:>:hcb::snkb:>:r::hcf::snka::snkb: (if it doesn't reset you didnt do it properly) once from close to the corner against a Shigen (not in the corner though). I'd appreciate any information as to whether this actually combos though.