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Last Blade 2/Mukuro

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Moves List

Normal Moves

  • OTG:
    • C
    • u+B

Special Moves

  • Bald Eagle Swoop - qcb + A/B

Mukuro swings his blade upwards and then it comes back around the ground If Mukuro is hit while the blade is away from him, the attack will cancel and the blade must be retrieved Follow up with Tsuibami (u + B)

  • Rotation Evisceration - dp + A/B

Mukuro sticks his spinning blade outward

A version is the blade moving forward, B version is the blade moving 45 degree angle Follow up with pushing A/B repeatedly

  • Weasel's Slash - hcf + A/B

Mukuro charges to opponent and slash and flips off of opponent if it connects.

  • Land Licking Slider - f b f + C

The crawl. Muruko charges toward opponent, won't stop till movement is stopped Can go past opponent Can be mistaken for Weasel's Slash

  • Scissor Slice - qcb + A/B (in air)

Muruko dives down from the air to the ground A version has Mukuro diving straight down, B version moves him at a 45 degree angle. Super Cancelable

  • Mercliless Mash - hcb + C (close)

Mukuro knocks opponent to the ground to stab his opponent multiple times

Desperation Moves

  • Delirium Drubber - qcf, qcf + AB

Mukuro spins his blade outward with a very high velocity

Super Desperation Moves

  • Wild Hunger Wallop - qcf qcf + B

Mukuro dashes and delivers several slashes. Can be combo easily up close in power mode after standing A, B, and C and after f+C (f+C > crawl > SDM)

The Basics

The fifth element of the top tiers in the game , he is the unorthodox trickful character of the game, because his objective will be about make 2-in-1 with the Weasel's Slash and mixing up with a Bald Eagle Swoo or Rotation Evisceration, or in the most sadic case, use your u+B pursuit OTG.

Also his fbf+C crawl is the most fearful special in the game because he will cross walk his opponent and thanks to the short recovery you can receive a b+A to hcf+A in a flash.

His main weakness is his recovery in the Bald Eagle Swoo or Rotation Evisceration, that is the best moment for the opponent to punish him


Unique to him u B > hcb (repeatedly) on grounded opponents


  • b+A (x 2-3),
    • A > hcf+A
    • f+C >
      • qcb+A/B > u+B
      • dp+B (mash B)
      • f b f+C >
        • dp+B (mash B)
        • (SDM) qcf qcf+B

  • b+A, B >
    • hcf+A
    • (DM) qcf qcf+AB
    • qcf qcf+B
    • dp+A (mash A) (difficult)

  • d+C, b+A, follow-up of your choice

  • d+C, C, follow-up of your choice

  • C (x 2-3) > hcf+A

  • j.B > qcb+A > (DM) qcf qcf+AB

  • d+C / b+A, C,
    • b+A, f+C > follow-up of your choice
    • A > hcf+A

  • b+A (x 2-3), f+C > (Delayed) (SDM) qcf qcf+B

  • (Corner only) b+A, f+C > dp+B (mash) > (SDM) qcf qcf+B


  • air qcb+A, (DM) qcf qcf+AB

Still links in speed

  • b+A (x 2-3) > A > d+A > d+B >
    • hcf(A
    • dp+A
    • (DM) qcf qcf+AB

  • d+C, b+A > follow-up of your choice

  • d+C, C, b+A > d+A > d+B > follow-up of your choice

  • b+A, C, b+A > d+A > d+B > follow-up of your choice

  • d d A / B) A, B, C, d C, d C, f B C > qcf qcf A B (Hold, late release)
  • d d A/B A, B, C, d *C, d C, f B C > f b f C > qcf qcf A B (from behind)
  • d d A / B) A, B, C, d C, d C, f B C > f b f C > B > f b f C > (Go into *mix-ups)
  • d d A/B A, B, C, down C, forward B+C, back A(link) into whatever you want.


  • b A (x2-3), A, d A, d B > qcf qcf B
  • d C, C, b A, d A, d B > qcf qcf B
  • b A, C, b A, d A, d B > qcf qcf B

Advanced Strategy

Advanced crawl techniques

There are a lot of different things you can do with his crawl, but all of these assume that you just launched an opponent with :r::snkc:. These are not combos, they're simply set-ups and whatnot. You can lower the recovery time of the crawl by pressing or holding back, down or up during it. As well, after you've reset them with :snkb: or whatever other attack, 'when' you stop the crawl (by hitting back/down/up) determines whether you'll land in front or behind them. Visually, it's very confusing since you just 'barely' cross under, so this makes him very dangerous mix-up wise.

r::l::r::snkc: > :snkb: > :dp::snkb:
r::l::r::snkc: > :snkb: > :r::l::r::snkc: > :d::snkc:, :l::snka: > Etc.
r::l::r::snkc: > :snkb: > :r::l::r::snkc: > Dash-in throw
r::l::r::snkc: > :snkb: > :r::l::r::snkc: > :u::snkb:/:uf::snkb:/:ub::snkb: (You can get some totally ambiguos cross-ups like this if you learn the specific timings for each)
r::l::r::snkc: > :snkb: > :r::l::r::snkc:> :hcf::snka:


Possibilities are limited only to your imagination really. Probably one of the best multi-purpose moves in the game. Keep in mind that you cancel into it from just about anything, and it makes for great wake-up games.


He's best on power.

Mukuro's damage output is retarded, and his crawl gives him a ton of mobility. Basically, you'll be trying to pressure and disorient your opponent, doing shit loads of damage the whole way through. Utilize the crawl to get near your opponent or just to psyche him out. His air dives can be useful for punishing deflect happy opponents, but I wouldn't rely too much on them. His super can safely chip certain opponents on wake-up as can his :dp::snka:.

Learning to use him at a high level of play involves knowing his crawl move inside out. It can and will go under certain projectiles, and it's a great way to get his command throw (:hcb::snkc:) off.

Jump :snkb: is a great cross-up, jump :snkc: is a great air-air. :snkb: is nice for punishing air recoveries and you can right into your crawl mix-ups from it. His :hcf::snka: is not a throw, it can be blocked. However, it comes out fast as hell and it's got a ton of priority. Use the :snkb: version to punish ground recoveries from far away, the :snka: version closer up.

His projectile is one of the worst in fighting game history though. Avoid it unless you like getting hit with large combos.