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Last Blade 2/Juzoh

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Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves


Juzoh hops forward, slams his club into the ground creating an explosion.

Qcf.png + Snka.gif/Snkb.gif
Snkb.gif version has a short hop delay.

Juzoh rears back quickly, then dashes forward, having turned red.

Qcf.png + Snkc.gif
Super armor.

Cancellable into a parry or ANY special or super apart from his Hcb.png + Snkb.gif throw.

Rock Crusher

Juzoh leans back to deliver a headbutt.

F.png,B.png + Snkc.gif
Unblockable in Power Mode.

Follow up with Tetsu Atama (Qcf.png + Snkc.gif)(x3) in Speed Mode. Tetsu Atama is three additional headbutt's, the last of which is unblockable.

Violent Quake

Juzoh hops and strikes ground with his club.

Dp.png + Snka.gif/Snkb.gif
If blocked low, will knockdown. Also applicable as a ground hit.

Snkb.gif version hits farther than Snka.gif. Snka.gif version will Cancel.png into his Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Snka.gifSnkb.gif DM.


Juzoh sneezes, creating a Low.png hit.

Qcb.png + Snkc.gif
Pile Drive Burial

Juzoh does a ground-to-air grab. If not followed by anything, he bats opponents away.

Hcb.png + Snka.gif
Follow up with Suritsubushi (Qcf.png + Snka.gif).

If successful you can follow with:

Follow up with Ranmoku (Hcb.png, Hcb.png + Snka.gifSnkb.gif); also a DM.

Follow up with Chougeki Dou Ja (Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Snkb.gif); also an SDM (free SDM as it doesn't require any Extra.png meter or Low.png life). Can be done in Speed Mode as well.

Can also follow the air grab with Qcf.png + Snkb.gif. Note your opponent can break out of the follow ups by pressing Snka.gif/Snkb.gif depending on which follow up you use.

Hammer Whop

Hcb.png + Snkb.gif
Follow up with Kattobashi (Qcf.png + Snkb.gif) then Futtobashi (Qcf.png+Snkc.gif).

Follow up with Homerun! (Qcf.png + Snka.gifSnkb.gif); also a DM. Perfect timing of Homerun! will do a full bar (or nearly in the case of Shigen and Juzoh) of damage to your opponent.

Desperation Moves

"Just Dandy" Invincible

Juzoh does a small jump and slams club into the ground.

Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Snka.gifSnkb.gif

Super Desperation Move

Ultra-Violent Eruption

Juzoh attacks with a headbutt, then launches opponent into the air, and slams the club into the ground, exploding it and the opponent.

Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Snkb.gif
Has some super armor so it can stuff some things.

It has to much startup to be used in combos, even if used instantly after a deflect your opponent will be able to block before it hits. You might be able to use it to punish some whiffed Dp.png's but that's about it. Overall, not that useful.

The Basics

Juzoh its a tall character that is focused on getting close to his opponent as soon as possible, its the heavy grappler in the game, you will love to run with his special or use his non Power mode required SDM follow up of his command grab


Uf0.pngSnkb.gif / Snkc.gif + F0.pngSnkc.gif + (Qcf0.pngSnkc.gif) + (Dp0.pngSnkb.gif)
(Corner only)Uf0.pngSnkb.gif + F0.pngSnkc.gif + (Hcb0.pngSnka.gif) or {Qcf0.pngQcf0.pngSnka.gifSnkb.gif}
(Corner only)Uf0.pngSnkb.gif / Snkc.gif + F0.pngSnkc.gif + (Charge)(F0.pngB0.pngSnkc.gif)
(Corner only)Uf0.pngSnkb.gif / Snkc.gif + F0.pngSnkc.gif + (Hcb0.pngSnkc.gif)
Df0.pngSnkc.gif + (Dp0.pngSnka.gif / Snkb.gif)
Midscreen / anywhere:

Uf0.pngSnkb.gif + F0.pngSnkc.gifxx(Qcf0.pngSnkc.gif) + (Hcb0.pngSnka.gif) then whatever follow up you want.

Follow-ups for (Qcf0.pngSnkc.gif) (While you do have super armor in this, you still take damage and you can be thrown out of it.)

(Dp0.pngSnka.gif / Snkb.gif)

Snkd.gif / D0.pngSnkd.gif




(Qcf0.pngSnka.gif / Snkb.gif)


Of these, the only ones that are ever really useful are: (Dp0.pngSnkb.gif), (Hcb0.pngSnka.gif), {Qcf0.pngQcf0.pngSnka.gifSnkb.gif} and Snkd.gif / D0.pngSnkd.gif


Snka.gif + Snka.gif + (F0.pngB0.pngSnkc.gif) + (Qcf0.pngSnkc.gif) + (Qcf0.pngSnkc.gif) + (Qcf0.pngSnkc.gif)
(Unblockable but doesn't combo and can be deflected / jumped over)
Snka.gif + Df0.pngSnkc.gif + (Dp0.pngSnkb.gif)
(His only real mix-up combo, besides the universal Snka.gif + Snkb.gif + Snkc.gif style ones)
D0.pngSnkc.gif(x3) + (F0.pngB0.pngSnkc.gif) + (Qcf0.pngSnkc.gif) + (Qcf0.pngSnkc.gif)

His speed combo specials are all about the same in usefulness so use what you want. If you use {D0.pngD0.pngSnka.gif / Snkb.gif} + Snka.gif + Snkb.gif + Snkc.gif + D0.pngSnkc.gif + D0.pngSnkc.gif + F0.pngSnkb.gifSnkc.gif, you can do his (Hcb0.pngSnka.gif) grab and follow ups or if you're low on life, do his {Qcf0.pngQcf0.pngSnka.gifSnkb.gif} DM Really, don't use him in Speed Mode unless you want more of a challenge.

Stuff unique to him

Dash over fallen opponents to do minor damage.

Juzoh is actually relatively low tier, because he is heavily reliant on being able to land his grapples, but tiers in LB2 are pretty subjective anyway (besides Yuki who struggles).

You'll want to play him in power to take full advantage of the damage on his jumping Snkb.gif, and to make sure that when you do land a command throw, your opponent knows about it.

Unlike most other characters, Juzoh doesn't have much in the way of combos, nor does he have any really effective power links, instead, you must learn how to zone with his jumping Snkb.gif and standing Snkb.gif and you must have a good mix-up game in order to be able to land his Hcb.pngSnkb.gif and Hcb.pngSnka.gif So, he's basically the only 'true' grappler in the game. Shigen is more of a striker mix and he's not quite as hard to use.

Your focus should not be on landing a throw from a combo though, but to find ways to land it on its own. You need to have a good short dash/dash throw game, and you need to be able to read your opponent well, since all they have to do is jump straight up to avoid it (but that's where the Hcb.pngSnka.gif version comes in handy).

Up close, you need to mix things up with his F.pngSnkc.gif, low-jump air normals and his command throw. His F.pngSnkb.gif is fantastic for zoning as long as you're careful with it. You can easily catch someone who was trying to dash-in, and it's great for punishing whiffed attacks/combos from a distance.

Be aware that his Hcb.pngSnka.gif has very poor priority and a lot of air attacks (especially ones jumping forward) will easily snuff it even if it looks like you should've got them (Reminds me a lot of Hugo's mediocre anti-air throw). However if they're jumping straight up and you're right under them, you have a lot better chance of landing it.

Juzoh has some bad match-ups against people with fast ground/air pokes like Zantetsu and Lee. Moriya can also give him some trouble with his constant teleporting (assuming they know the glitch). An Okina who's good at turtle zoning can be very irritating as well, although if you know Juzoh's air game well enough it should be a pretty even match-up.

With speed Juzoh, you don't have to rely as much on his command throw since he can now chain combo like everyone else, but the problem is, the damage on his combos is pretty average, and he doesn't have a lot of variation to them, so all he really ends up being is a weaker version of the other characters on speed. You can still use his command throw and all that, but the damage is lessened by quite a bit. As such, I feel it's better to make up for his weaknesses by playing him like a grappler/zoner on power.

That being said, his Snkb.gif+Snkc.gif overhead on speed does give him some nice opportunities for landing his Hcb.pngSnka.gif so you shouldn't rule out speed Juzoh altogether, and he does gain quite a few more mix-up options on speed.

  • Qcf.pngSnkc.gif should be used very very sparingly. I only use it as a follow-up to one of the command throws to try and cross someone up as they're getting up, but I rarely use it on more experienced players since it's easy for them to block either way.
  • His Dp.pngSnka.gif/Snkb.gif will hit people on the ground but only if he's close, and only in certain situations since both are quite slow. So it's better just to use jump Snkb.gif most of the time instead.
  • Dp.pngSnkb.gif makes a good early anti-air since it has nice priority on it, but it's quite slow so you'd have to have to seen a jump/jump-in coming already.
  • His Hcb.pngSnkc.gif is mostly useless, stay away from it
  • His Qcf.pngSnkb.gifis also fairly poor outside of some occasional use for zoning.
  • I would only use his Qcf.pngSnka.gif as a follow-up if you happen to catch someone with a standing Snkb.gif somehow.
  • His F.pngB.pngSnkc.gif unblockable can be somewhat useful on more inexperienced players, but there's not much reason to use it instead of his overhead, and better players will likely just jump/throw/punish.
  • You can hit his Hcb.pngSnka.gif off a successful ground-air parry, but you gotta do it fast and they have to be relatively high in the air.
  • F.pngSnkb.gif may look like a good anti-air but it's not, don't use it much.
  • Snkb.gif can work as an anti-air, but it doesn't work against a lot of air normals, and it's highly dependant on what angle they're coming from.
  • Uf.pngSnka.gif is your best late air-air. You can jump-in with it if you think they're gonna jump straight up at the last second.
  • Uf.pngSnkc.gif is also alright as a jump-in/air-air.
  • Uf.pngSnkb.gif is your all purpose air normal. Great range, damage and priority. If you can low-jump reliably, this poke becomes quite godly.
  • His Snkb.gif+Snkc.gif unblockable has some nice horizontal range on it, but like all of them it's slow and predictable so be careful with it.
  • Like you would figure for a grappler in a game with a parry system, being able to deflect well adds a ton to your game with Juzoh, since it's basically a free command throw for you.

Advanced Strategy