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Last Blade 2/Kojiroh

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Moves List

Special Moves

Flashing Flight

Kojiroh does a dashing slash that starts Low.png and finishes mid/high.

Qcb.png + Snka.gif
Away from opponent, strikes mid or high.

Close to opponent or countering, strikes low, sweeping opponent into a knockdown.

Black Hole Blade

Kojiroh does multiple forward mid strikes. Strikes 3 times, strikes further forward with each strike.

Qcb.png + Snkb.gif
Super Cancel.png on first hit only.

Kojiroh dashes forward.

Qcb.png + Snkc.gif
Can be canceled into any of her special moves or her DM.

Follow up with Tenchi (Snkc.gif) after Kojiroh is near opponent to throw.

Empty Death

Kojiroh does a 45 degree Upward.png thrust.

Dp.png + Snka.gif/Snkb.gif
Blast-of-Plague Demise

Kojiroh does a slashing projectile.

Qcf.png + Snka.gif/Snkb.gif
Snka.gif version creates one hit

Snkb.gif version starts slower, makes two hits

Desperation Moves

Black Hole Blade - Eagle

Kojiroh charges forward to deliver several strikes, ends with an Empty Death anti-air if it connects.

Qcb.png, Db.png, F.png + Snka.gifSnkb.gif

Super Desperation Moves

Wolf Fang of Emptiness

Kojiroh poses and and dashes through opponent.

Qcb.png, Db.png, F.png + Snkb.gif

Unblockable at full charging.

The Basics

Power Mode

B0.pngSnka.gif(x2) + (Qcb0.pngSnkb.gif)(1hit) + {Qcb0.pngDb0.pngF0.pngSnka.gifSnkb.gif}

(You need to get this down if you want to play her on power)

B0.pngSnka.gif(x2) + (Qcb0.pngSnka.gif)
B0.pngSnka.gif(x2) + (Dp0.pngSnkb.gif)
B0.pngSnka.gif(x2) + (Qcf0.pngSnka.gif)
B0.pngSnka.gif(x2) + D0.pngSnkc.gif
B0.pngSnka.gif(x2) + (Dp0.pngSnka.gif)
Snka.gif + (Qcb0.pngSnkb.gif) + {Qcb0.pngDb0.pngF0.pngSnka.gifSnkb.gif} (More practical than the B0.pngSnka.gif one)
F0.pngSnkc.gif + (Qcb0.pngSnkc.gif) + (Dp0.pngSnka.gif)
F0.pngSnkc.gif + {Qcb0.pngDb0.pngF0.pngSnka.gifSnkb.gif}
Snkb.gifSnkc.gif(Hold until red or just before she turns red + about 1.5 seconds) + {Qcb0.pngDb0.pngF0.pngSnka.gifSnkb.gif}
D0.pngSnkc.gif + B0.pngSnka.gifSnkc.gif + Any follow-up
D0.pngSnkc.gif + B0.pngSnka.gifSnkc.gif + (Qcb0.pngSnkb.gif) + {Qcb0.pngDb0.pngF0.pngSnka.gifSnkb.gif}
Snka.gif + (Qcb0.pngSnka.gif/Snkb.gif)

Speed Mode

B0.pngSnka.gif, Snka.gif, B0.pngSnka.gif, Snka.gif, D0.pngSnka.gif, Snkb.gif, Qcb0.pngSnkc.gif, Qcb0.pngSnka.gif
A good bnb in speed mode. You Cancel.png the run into her special and get a knockdown. Follow with either of her Otg.png attacks. You can also Cancel.png the run into her DM if you wish or just do the DM at the end of the chain.
Snka.gif + D0.pngSnka.gif + D0.pngSnkb.gif + (Qcf0.pngSnka.gif)
Snka.gif + D0.pngSnka.gif + D0.pngSnkb.gif + (Dp0.pngSnkb.gif)
Snka.gif + D0.pngSnka.gif + D0.pngSnkb.gif + {Qcb0.pngDb0.pngF0.pngSnka.gifSnkb.gif}
Snka.gif + D0.pngSnka.gif + D0.pngSnkb.gif + (Qcb0.pngSnkc.gif) + (Dp0.pngSnka.gif)
Snka.gif + D0.pngSnka.gif + D0.pngSnkb.gif + (Qcb0.pngSnkc.gif) + (Qcb0.pngSnka.gif)
D0.pngSnkc.gif + B0.pngSnka.gifSnkc.gif + B0.pngSnka.gif + Snka.gif + D0.pngSnka.gif + D0.pngSnkb.gif + Any follow-up
B0.pngSnka.gif + B0.pngSnka.gif + D0.pngSnkc.gif + (Dp0.pngSnkb.gif) or (Qcf0.pngSnka.gif) or (Qcb0.pngSnkb.gif) or (Qcb0.pngSnka.gif)
D0.pngSnka.gif + (Dp0.pngSnkb.gif) or (Qcf0.pngSnka.gif) or (Qcb0.pngSnkb.gif) or (Qcb0.pngSnka.gif)
D0.pngSnkc.gif + (Dp0.pngSnkb.gif) or (Qcf0.pngSnka.gif) or (Qcb0.pngSnkb.gif) or (Qcb0.pngSnka.gif)
F0.pngSnkb.gifSnkc.gif + {Qcb0.pngDb0.pngF0.pngSnka.gifSnkb.gif}
{D0.pngD0.pngSnka.gif/Snkb.gif} + Snka.gif + Snkb.gif + Snkc.gif + D0.pngSnkc.gif + D0.pngSnka.gif + D0.pngSnkc.gif + F0.pngSnkb.gifSnkc.gif +
(Corner){D0.pngD0.pngSnka.gif/Snkb.gif} + Snka.gif + Snkb.gif + Snkc.gif + D0.pngSnkc.gif + D0.pngSnka.gif + D0.pngSnkc.gif + F0.pngSnkb.gifSnkc.gif + F0.pngSnkb.gifSnkc.gif + {Qcb0.pngDb0.pngF0.pngSnka.gifSnkb.gif}
{D0.pngD0.pngSnka.gif/Snkb.gif} + Snka.gifSnkb.gif + Snkc.gif + D0.pngSnkc.gif + D0.pngSnka.gif + D0.pngSnkc.gif + F0.pngSnkb.gifSnkc.gif + Qcb0.pngSnkc.gif
(In reverse){Qcb0.pngDb0.pngF0.pngSnka.gifSnkb.gif} (Stun glitch) + DashUf0.pngSnkb.gif + Snka.gif + D0.pngSnka.gif + D0.pngSnkb.gif +
{Qcb0.pngDb0.pngF0.pngSnka.gifSnkb.gif} (MAX 180 damage combo)

EX Mode

B0.pngSnka.gif + Snka.gif + B0.pngSnka.gif + Snka.gif + D0.pngSnka.gif + Snkb.gif + (Qcb0.pngSnkc.gif) + (Qcb0.pngSnkb.gif)(1hit) +
Snka.gif + D0.pngSnka.gif + D0.pngSnkb.gif + (Qcb0.pngSnkb.gif) + {Qcb0.pngDb0.pngF0.pngSnka.gifSnkb.gif}
Snka.gif + B0.pngSnka.gif + D0.pngSnkc.gif + (Qcb0.pngSnkb.gif) + {Qcb0.pngDb0.pngF0.pngSnka.gifSnkb.gif}
(*Akari only) Have her do her air Throw.png and dash under it as she falls, then from behind do:

F0.pngSnkb.gifSnkc.gif + {Qcb0.pngDb0.pngF0.pngSnka.gifSnkb.gif} + Qcb0.pngDb0.pngF0.pngSnkb.gif Unlikely to ever happen in a match but it's away to combo her SDM.

Advanced Strategy

Basic Gameplan

Kojiroh's range is her greatest asset. Her standing and crouching Snka.gif's are godly pokes, and on power they do great damage as well. The combination of those 2 pokes with her crouching Snkb.gif and her command dash allows her to do speed combos from a much greater distance than most other characters.

Her command dash is great for getting quick throws in, and if you mix it up with dash throws/fireballs/Dp.png's, you can really psyche the opponent out.

Remember, you can't air block while jumping forward, so :Dp.png:Snka.gif/Snkb.gif, is a great mix-up with the dash if you think they're going to try to do that to avoid the throw. Use the dash fireball when you think someone's going to try and run in.

Try to avoid using the Snkb.gif version of her fireball, unless you're at max distance or playing fireball wars with someone, it's slow and leaves you open as hell.

You can use her command dash throw to grab people who're landing from a jump, or people who're afraid to move after being pressured.

It's much faster than a simple dash throw, so it's quite useful. Especially if you're playing her on power.

It's not as godly as some people seem to think it is though. She doesn't have the power to pressure people the way someone like Lee or Kagami can, so she really can't make as much use of this as you might think.


-You're probably better off playing Kojiroh in speed. She has more high/low options. If you play her in power, you're much more reliant on her Snka.gif pokes and dash mix-ups.
-Her jumping Snka.gif is your best air-air and her jumping Snkc.gif is your best jump-in close up.
-Low jump Snka.gif and Snkc.gif are your friends.
-Jumping Snkc.gif can cross up.
-Off a sucessful ground-air parry, do :Dp.png:Snkb.gif
-Do her speed combos without the first B.png+Snka.gif and you can get more range.
-Standing Snka.gif can link to itself so you can use it as a hit confirm from a bit of distance away
-Using Snka.gif instead of B.png+Snka.gif in power lets you get your DM off from a huge distance away provided that you can cancel it consistently enough.
-Try command dashing behind people and then doing a fireball. (Alternatively you can try doing her super, but it's not safe if blocked)
-You must manually block every hit of her DM (Except for like the last few), otherwise you'll get hit by the whole thing. She's the only character this is true for.
-If you can't seem to do her super cancel consistently. Try hitting her DM off Uf.png:+Snkc.gif/Snkb.gif > F.png+Snkc.gif instead.
-If you hold Snkb.gif on her SDM long enough, it becomes unblockable.
-Holding Snkb.gifSnkc.gif until she glows red for her unblockable makes it travel further.
-Her :Df.png+Snkb.gif ground attack has poor range. Use standing Snkc.gif instead.
-More of a general tip: speed combo activations are only ever guaranteed off a parry