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SSBM Linktrees
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|blippi}} Blippi.gg: A hub with every linked resource one needs to start playing SSBM Online from scratch, as well as many other resources.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|meleelibrary}} The Melee Library: Has links to unbelievably large plethora of Melee resources, including character-specific resources for every character.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|meleemajors}} Melee Majors: Links to pages and streams of the largest SSBM tournaments around the world.
SSBM Documentation, Archives, Tools
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|meleedatasheet}} SSBM Data Sheet (1.02): Documentation of numerous memory addresses, variables, ID values, and functions in SSBM NTSC 1.02.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|meleefiles}} Melee Files: Google Doc containing basic descriptions for the files within SSBM's root filesystem.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|unused}} The Cutting Room Floor's SSBM Page: An archive of the Unused Content found on the discs of SSBM.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|meleedecomp}} doldecomp/melee: WIP decompilation of Super Smash Bros Melee (US).
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|gcclibrary}} The GCC Controller Library: Contains documentation and guides for all of the different versions and revisions of the Nintendo GameCube Controller.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|gcclibraryinternals}} The GCC Library - GameCube Controller Internals Guide: Guide to the internals of the Nintendo GameCube Controller.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|kadanolatency}} Kadano's Article on SSBM Input Lag on Console and Dolphin/Faster Melee: Contains technical information about various sources of Input Latency in SSBM.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|geckocodetypes}} Gecko Codetype Documentation: Archived List of Gecko Codetypes for GameCube and Wii games.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|gccasm}} GCC PowerPC Assembly Quick Reference ("Cheat Sheet"): Handy Guide to PowerPC Assembly syntax specifically for the GameCube's programming environment.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|ikneedata}} I KneeData: Has a host of Web Apps and academic SSBM resources:
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|ikdcalculator}} I KneeData Calculator: Displays a visualization of theory-crafted physics situations and frame-data using various criteria.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|ikdheatmaps}} I KneeData Heatmaps: Collection of visualizations of the space that a given character can occupy with an offensive Collision Bubble up to 20 Frames from a grounded state.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|ikdmatchups}} I KneeData Matchup Calculator: Calculates matchup statistics based on Stage Winrate or Match Winrate.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|ikdstickmaps}} I KneeData Collection of Melee StickMaps, Graphs, and GFYs for various character or general use.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|ikdvideos}} I KneeData Collection of Videos for various characters or general use.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|jamsccc}} Jams' CC Calculator: Calculator to generate tables of Matchup-Specific Percent-Threshold tables for Crouch-Cancel% and/or ASDI-Down%, with Fresh and Full-Stale variables.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|pfirsichsdata}} pfirsich's Melee Files: Contains dumps of information from SSBM's file system
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|broccoloraabsdata}} BroccoliRaab's Melee Database: Contains documented information about SSBM Character Attributes and Frame Data.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|meleetextbook}} TextbookSSBM's Comprehensive Guide to Mechanics and Techniques of Super Smash Bros. Melee (Chapter 1: Grounded Movement (alpha release)).
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|seriessticks}} Smash Input Maps and Profiles: Spreadsheet of each Super Smash Bros. game's input criteria for various actions involving the ButtonIcon-GCN-Control Stick.pngLeft-Stick and ButtonIcon-GCN-C-Stick.pngC-Stick of their respective controllers.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|smashboardsdrgn}} DRGN's SSBM Resource Hub: SmashBoards post hosting many links to inform about how to tinker with SSBM's code and file system.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|drgnhitbox}} Durgan's Hitbox System: App used to extract frames in png form with frame data attributes.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|smashboardscompendium}} SSBM Compendium of Knowledge: Smashboards post with many links to various information hubs for game mechanics and strategies.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|slippilab}} Slippi Lab by frankborden: Browser-based Slippi Replay File (.slp) viewer.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|meleelexicon}} The Melee Lexicon by AlekSimulator: Contains a plethora of terms from competitive SSBM.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|infil}} Infil's Fighting Game Glossary, Super Smash Bros.-franchise Section: The FG Glossary's collection of Super Smash Bros.-specific terms and definitions. Also, comprihensive glossary for general "Fighting Game" terminology.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|meleeframedata}} Melee Frame Data: (OUTDATED) Contains GIFs of every attack in SSBM with some frame-data stats.
SSBM Input Visualizers
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|stickmaps}} StickMap Visualizer: A Website hosting Altimor's StickMap (Associated Discord, Associated GitHub), a tool to visualize the Coordinate/Angle/Magnitude Plane of SSBM's ButtonIcon-GCN-Control Stick.pngLeft-Stick and/or ButtonIcon-GCN-C-Stick.pngC-Stick.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|smashscope}} SmashScope: Best Controller Calibration App for measuring the inputs of the GameCube Controller with extremely high degree of accuracy and a massively overclocked polling rate. Works best on a Wii because of the Wii-exclusive increased-polling-rate exploit.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|moverlay}} M'Overlay: Windowed App used for live-streaming input visualizers (for multiple GameCube games), and playing music for Rollback.
SSBM Hacking
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|costumevalidator}} Costume Validator by Ploaj: Simple tool used to correct the skeletons of characters who have been given custom costumes, used to prevent Desyncs on Slippi Netplay.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|uptm}} UnclePunch's Training Mode: Training Lab Mod that lets the user create and share Detailed Save-State Files that cover specific scenerios. It provides many streamlined-practicing tools including those for theory-crafting, CPU Manipulation, frame-data monitoring with mid-game text, and input visualization.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|uptmsavestates}} SaveStateGG is a website where one can browse and upload UnclePunch's Training Mode Save-State Scenerios.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|20xxhp}} 20XX Hack Pack: Training Lab/Friendlies QoL Modpack that offers incredibly nuanced manipulation of the game engine and visuals, including many upgraded Debug features and custom game-modes.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|m-ex}} m-ex GitHub Repositories: "m-ex" is a framework for SSBM NTSC 1.02 that allows for the expansion of content.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|meleecsproject}} AeonSSB's Melee CSProject: An ongoing effort to create resources for easier and faster development of custom character models.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|fizzisgecko}} Gecko by Fizzi: Program to assist in the creation of Gecko Codes.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|mcm}} Melee Code Manager by DRGN: Program for converting codes, and installing them into a SSBM ISO.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|mmw}} Melee Modding Wizard by DRGN is a more updated program that combines the features of DAT Texture Wizard and Melee Code Manager.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|cpp2gecko}} CPP2Gecko by Altimor is a C/C++ to gecko code build system created for Super Smash Bros. Melee
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|lippi}} Lippi.gg by : WIP Website hosting a list of Melee Mods and Modding Tools.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|fizzislatencycode}} Fizzi's Game-Side Latency Debugger Display: A Gecko Code developed for displaying statistics related to game-side sources of latency in SSBM.
Alternative Controllers and Control Schemes for SSBM
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|craneslab}} Crane's Lab: Website with information and resources for creating a stickless controller for SSBM and other games.
GameCube Controller Alternatives
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|controllergoomwavedx}} "GoomWave DX"
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|controllerphobgcc}} "PhobGCC"
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|controllerthingamaphobpro}} Thingama(phob) Pro
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|controllerphobri}} Phobri
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|controllerwavbrdgcc}} wavebrdGCC
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|controllerjohbgcc}} JohbGCC
Stickless/"Rectangle" Controllers
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|controllerb0xx}} 20XX "B0XX"
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|controllerframe1}} Frame1 "Heavy/Light"/(Open Source Version)
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|controllerlbx}} Junkfood Custom Arcades "LBX"
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|controllerkeyboard}} SSBM on a Keyboard and DIY Keyboard-To-GameCube Adapter
Fightstick/Rectangle-With-Analog-Stick(s) Hybrids
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|controllersmashstick}} Alt Lab "Smash Stick"
Notable SSBM Video Content
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|contentsmashdoc}} "The Smash Brothers" Documentary (Remastered) Youtube Playlist and "METAGAME" Documentary Vimeo Purchase by Samox.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|contentelevated}} "Elevated: The Development Story of Super Smash Bros. Melee" Documentary YouTube Video by David V. Kimball.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|contentmeleestats}} Melee Stats SSBM-Mini-Documentary YouTube Channel by Melee Stats.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|content60frames}} "60 Frames" Mini-Documentary YouTube Video by MrBsharpprodictions.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|contenthbtbslippi}} "How Slippi Changed Melee FOREVER! - Revolutionizing Melee" Mini-Documentary YouTube Video by HoldBackToBlock.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|contentmeleemyths}} "Melee Myths" YouTube Playlist by B&D Games.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|contentasumsaus}} "Melee Explained" YouTube Playlist by AsumSaus.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|contenttdfw}} Various SSBM YouTube Playlists by turndownforwalt.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|contentssbmtutorials}} SSBM Tutorials YouTube Channel.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|contentmcme}} "Melee Compatitive Mechanics EXPLAINED" YouTube Video by FalseSwipeGaming.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|contenttechguides}} "Character-Specific and General Melee Techs Guides" (2020) Youtube Playlist by Third Chair.
{{SSBM_NavboxLinks|contenthaxlatency}} "how to host SSBM tournaments without CRTs" by Hax$: Explains Game-side Latency in SSBM using various visualizations.

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