SSBM/Getting Started

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Melee isn't known for being the easiest game to pick up, but with the right tools and a bit of elbow grease, anyone can learn!

What version of the game do we even play?

The version of melee currently played competitively is NTSC 1.02 with UCF 0.8. Online, Slippi is used for rollback netcode. For info on how to install it check Netplay

What to learn first?

The most important techniques for a new player are:


L-cancelling reduces the landing recovery of aerial normals by half, and is performed by pressing a shield button, or Z up to 7 frames before landing with an aerial normal.


Wavedashing is an integral grounded movement tool, lets you space out of initial dash or overall control your momentum with a lot of precision. Wavelanding enables expansive movement on platforms.


Getting a feel for your characters dashdance is important for moving about the stage.


Allows for otherwise impossible out of shield punishes on platforms, and further expands movement.

Overall being comfortable with your characters movement options is what makes every other technique, basic or advanced, useful.

What character should I pick?

Of course before you can play you need to choose a character. You don't need to stick to the one you picked at the start, if another becomes more appealing. Though focusing on 1 especially when getting started usually leads to better results.

SSBM-DrMario FaceSmall.pngSSBM-Mario FaceSmall.pngSSBM-Luigi FaceSmall.pngSSBM-Bowser FaceSmall.pngSSBM-Peach FaceSmall.pngSSBM-Yoshi FaceSmall.pngSSBM-DK FaceSmall.pngSSBM-Falcon FaceSmall.pngSSBM-Ganondorf FaceSmall.png
SSBM-Falco FaceSmall.pngSSBM-Fox FaceSmall.pngSSBM-Ness FaceSmall.pngSSBM-IceClimbers FaceSmall.pngSSBM-Kirby FaceSmall.pngSSBM-Samus FaceSmall.pngSSBM-Zelda FaceSmall.pngSSBM-Sheik FaceSmall.pngSSBM-Link FaceSmall.pngSSBM-YoungLink FaceSmall.png
SSBM-Pichu FaceSmall.pngSSBM-Pikachu FaceSmall.pngSSBM-Jigglypuff FaceSmall.pngSSBM-Mewtwo FaceSmall.pngSSBM-MrGameAndWatch FaceSmall.pngSSBM-Marth FaceSmall.pngSSBM-Roy FaceSmall.png