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Advanced Movement Techniques


Wavelanding is a common movement technique where the character directionally air dodges towards solid ground to land faster, and to slide across the ground with the momentum.


Repeatedly jumping and wavelanding into the ground to use the sliding momentum as a common form of ground mobility is referred to as wavedashing.

This distance that's travelled varies between characters based on these factors:

  • The character's traction and max walk speed
  • The angle of the airdodge
  • Distance from the ground when airdodging

For these reasons, wavedash distances and utilities vary a lot based on character. Characters with low traction, such as SSBM Luigi Icon.png Luigi and the SSBM Ice Climbers Icon.png Ice Climbers (despite specifically wearing climbing shoes?) have very long wavedashes, meanwhile other characters like SSBM Jigglypuff Icon.png Jigglypuff get so little distance from their wavedashes that the technique is considered highly unviable for movement alone for them.

Max walk speed is also factored in due to the way ground speed is handled in the game; when characters are somehow moving along the ground faster than their max walk speed, their velocity drops very quickly, so characters that have a higher walk speed for a lesser velocity reduction in such an instance can have a better wavedash. SSBM Fox Icon.png Fox and SSBM Captain Falcon Icon.png Captain Falcon have roughly the same traction, but because Fox's max walk speed is better, his wavedash is more effective than Falcon's as he loses much less velocity.

Wavedashing renders the player character inactionable for the character's jumpsquat frames + 10 frames of landfallspecial lag, so this is also a factor in wavedash effectiveness. SSBM Bowser Icon.png Bowser's wavedash in particular takes 18 frames to execute due to this, while most others only take ~13F due to less jumpsquat frames.

Wavedashing is an integral skill to master in Melee, allowing you speed up or mix up your movement, adjust spacing in combos and techchases, and it is a fundamental part of lots of techniques in general, especially for SpaciesA nickname for the Star Fox characters of SSB (Fox, Falco, Wolf)..



Boost Run

Koopabackdashwaveslide Hoverwalkmoonland (KBDWSHWML)

Advanced Mechanics


Interruptible Recovery Frames

Advanced Tech

Power Shield Cancelling

Shield Drop

Crouch Cancelling

Crouch Cancelling (often shorthanded as CC'ing) is an advanced defensive technique in SSBM that makes use of Automatic Smash DI (ASDI).

A property of ASDI is that with it, a player that has just been hit can transition from an airborne to grounded state while in hitstun via the movement. When this is done and the defender is to be hitting the ground fast enough to have a landing animation, the universal normal landing recovery of 4 frames takes priority over the current hitstun that they normally would have taken from the attack. This massively reduces the amount of advantage a move has on hit, turning attacks that may have been combo starters for the attacker into being disadvantageous on hit and highly punishable. It's referred to as "Crouch Cancelling" in particular, because the easiest way for a defender to perform it is to simply crouch, and upon being struck, the down input being held for the crouch will be buffering the ASDI and execute it immediately if it is still held when hitlag ends.

This technique only works at lower percents, as at higher percents the player that has been struck will likely be put into a tumble state where ASDI'ing downward will result in a knockdown instead of a normal landing, which may actually be even more disadvantageous than taking the attack normally. There are also some moves that simply cannot be crouch cancelled at all, because they do not incur the conditions needed to force a landing animation after touching the ground, and so the defender remains in hitstun while grounded.

Empty And Perfect Pivoting

Pivoting, not to be confused with turning around, is a technique that allows for stopping instantly during initial dash making tightly spacing moves in neutral or punish much easier.

Empty pivots are performed by first dashing in a direction, flicking to smash turn in the opposite direction for 1 frame and then allowing the stick to return to neutral on the next frame.

Perfect pivots require you perform a move within a 1 frame window between switching dash directions while already in initial dash.

Empty pivots are generally considered easier due to being able to let the control stick's springs perform the latter half of the input, though very controller dependent. They also still allow you to perform frame perfect actions, while allowing for considerably more leniency when exact frame timings aren't required.

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