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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future/Young Joseph/Strategy

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Young Joseph's footsies consist of fast sprinting, never letting your opponent know what you are going to do next, or letting them know and doing the opposite. If you are 100% sure they can't counter it in some way, always throw a clacker boomerang. This will make the pressure on them consistent since the clacker always returns if it hasn't made contact with the enemy, and even if it was blocked, it'll stay at one corner, which will make them block. While this is happening, you can throw a clacker and then a C crossbow shot to set up the wrap around combo and against some characters, the Hamon Beat setup. Punish dumb jump-ins with 236+AA super. Don't worry about your meter, you'll get plenty for using clacker attacks.


Your main ways to get to the opponent are dashing jumps and your slides. Be careful and don't get cocky using these, since they can be predicted if you don't mix them up. End the respective combos with overdrive, a little trick you can do is do an overdrive right after the combo ending overdrive. Some opponents like to rush at you right after you end the combo, so this will stop them and give you free damage over them!

Clacker Hopping

To expand upon the topic of BNBs and Footsies, hopping is one of most important forms of movement for Young Joseph. You'll be required to practice hyper hopping along with regular hopping, and even practice his cancels which are (j.A/B and j.C) xx j.S. While all three Aerials are overhead attacks, j.C is better at hitting standing opponents and can apply pressure against them when they're blocking. If they decide to duck under the j.C then you can get in with a slow j.A/B xx j.S up-close. If you wanna be trollish by the way, you can use j.B xx j.S because of its less active frames. Though you will end up whiffing j.B resulting in less damage, but it is a good way to get in, especially when the opponent is trying to mash or time PB. As stated within BnBs, you can end the combo with an Overdrive bnb or a Rekka bnb, though Overdrive is a good choice for an ender and does good damage against Stands, the Rekka can knockdown opponents and instantly Stand Crash s.on opponents.

Wham Strategy

- The 63214 + C Strat/The "Wham Strategy"


The Wham Strategy (also known as the 63214 + C strat) is a very simple strategy to use. In it, Young Joseph uses 63214 + C and decides what to do while the projectile is travelling around the stage. Most of the time, Young Joseph should:

- Fire another projectile

- Run and retreat

- Go for a slide

- Go for a jump-in

These options should ALWAYS be random, making it harder to know what Young Joseph will do next with his projectile. Option 1 allows him to setup more projectiles or just throw more projectiles in general; option 2 is mostly used to bait an attack and making the 63214 + C projectile hit alone; options 3 and 4 are used for advanced combos.

Young Joseph and Stand Crashes/Crushes

Stand Crashes

Young Joseph deals great damage against Stands thanks to his special moves, especially Overdrive(236 + X). Overdrive and Rekka(236 + S, preferably using the 5S rekka ender) most of the time will be the moves that cause most Stand Crashes. Depending on how close/far you are from the opponent, you have some options to take advantage of it, such as:

At upclose:

- d.2B, 236 + S, 5S, 5S or j.C xx j.S, d.2B, 236 + S, 5S, 5S. If possible, try to do j.C, 2A, 663B, 236 + AA.


- 66S

Opponent in the air:

- 236 + A/B Stand Crashing with 5S rekka ender does not give you any options, neither is it punishable.

Stand Crushes

Young Joseph is known for his good damage against Stands, Stand Crashes are not too hard to do with him. This goes for Stand Crushes as well. With setups depending on the character, you can delay a move a bit to make your opponent be able to block, before using 236 + A/B right after, possibly causing a Stand Crush. It is also possible to Aja against every character except Iggy with a Stand Crush. Note: If you're trying to do it without setups, remember that 236 + A/B WILL Stand Crush once the Stand gauge blinks red. But don't try to raw 236 + A/B in neutral, since that might lead to a punish. Always try to confirm into it. Two very simple confirms into it can be used when the opponent's Stand gauge is at half and low:


j.C xx j.S, d.2B(wait), 236 + A/B


j.C, 2A, 5C(wait), 236 + A/B d.2B(wait), 236 + A/B

This video covers up what is said in practice.

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