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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future/Hol Horse/Combos

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Hol's meterless combos are by no means fancy, but you absolutely will need them as they're your only real source of reliably consistent damage. They aren't difficult, but make sure to get comfortable with timing and spacing. Also note that every possible link for Hol isn't shown here, but these are considered to generally be the most reliable and optimal.

5A 5B 236B:

  • Hol's "bnb", also works with 2A as the starter. Fairly decent damage for what it is. Also can be confirmed into off of j.C provided you land close enough. If the opponent is crouching and will low profile the 236A/B, go for 5A 5A 5B instead. This one also confirms into 236A/B up very close, so pay attention to your opponent's position if you want to either not get punished or get a little extra damage.

5A/2A 4C 236B/C (usually best to cancel 4C after 2 hits unless at point blank):

  • Slightly less damage and a fairly tight link, but also works nicely as a frametrap in the event that the 5A is blocked. Can be useful when you're working with the very tip of 5A's range, but be careful when doing so as dropping the combo can leave you in a vulnerable position so pay attention to your spacing and the timing when confirming into either 236B/C. Also keep in mind that if one of the bullets whiff, sharper opponents can jump over a 236C ender and punish you pretty severely if you get careless.

2B 236B/C:

  • Arguably not worth being being mentioned, but has decent range and is pretty much the only real use 2B has. 2B isn't a low or overhead, but it has decent range so in the event that you land it, take the extra damage with the 236B/C.

4A 623B (anti-air):

  • Anti-air combo. The glass can be looped if the opponent as my times as the opponent tries to tech down or forward on most characters, so it's an excellent deterrent to people who like to jump in. 4A is only active for one frame and can get snuffed by more disjointed hitboxes, so take care not to get into the habit of responding to every jump you see with it.

2C/663C 623B 4C 214A (okizeme loop):

  • Probably one of your most important tools for maximizing your damage as Hol. You won't always have access to it as it requires knockdown, but absolutely have this combo consistent for when you need it. While still essential tandem and some supers can punish it if you get overzealous, but it's still one of Hol's saving graces. Additionally, after one loop you can begin the ToD mentioned below with either 5C or 663C which is just about best case scenario for Hol.

Super Combos

5C 214A/B/C 5C 421AA (loop until opponent is banished to the shadow realm):

  • Hol's infamous touch of death, 214C will generally cover most circumstances since you need to be in the corner for it to work, but the other variants are sometimes a bit more consistent if you're already in the corner. Vital to have under your belt for when you get the chance to use it since it can be a great comeback tool, but it has it's limits that will be further discussed in the strategy section. For now, just know that relying on it to win will cripple you in the long run. Also doesn't work quite right on some characters.
  • The ToD can also begin with 663C, which is useful for when you have an opponent trapped at midscreen or have knocked them down with it. Simply cancel into slow bullet shortly after the knockdown, then just do the normal combo starting with 5C from there.

4A/5A 214AA (Must be in a corner on an airborne opponent):

  • Being one of the strongest anti-air combos in the game as well as a great punish tool, 4A/5A 214AA is a very situational yet extremely rewarding anti-air combo. You will not land this combo very often, as it requires you to be in a corner of the screen, but if you do end up landing the combo it will lead into the ToD. Very important combo to learn.

214AA 214AA 214C:

  • Extremely situational and definitely not something to throw out. If you're going to use this, make sure it's a deliberate choice for something like punishing Ice's ball or Mariah when she's throwing out things in the air. That being said, it's huge damage and can get you set up for a possible ToD provided you land the trap at the end. Once again, extremely heavy emphasis on using this with deliberation instead of just guessing and hoping for a miracle.

4C 236AA/AC:

  • Extremely high-risk high-reward damage option. Raw 4C isn't great especially since you risk grabbing the opponent when trying to be in effective range, but the damage doesn't scale and can easily chunk about 1/3rd of an opponent's health bar. It at least hits low and has a relatively quick startup, and might not get you completely murdered on block in most cases, but definitely use sparingly if at all.

2/5A 5B 236AA/AC:

  • Deals decent damage which scaling reduces greatly. Not useful for much unless you're finishing someone off or just have a bunch of meter that you aren't getting to use (not often) and are desperate for damage.

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