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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future/Hol Horse/Strategy

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Hol Horse is very different comparatively to the rest of the cast. For one, he IS NOT a combo heavy character. While he does have some short combos, you should moreso rely on frame traps, setplay, conditioning, and punishing your opponent's mistakes. Hol's tools are generally outmatched by higher tier characters at first glance, but if you learn to read your opponent's habits and know your options, you can still pull off some very devastating plays with your limited arsenal. With that said, it's difficult to define a concrete strategy for Hol, so just learn your fundamentals well and don't be afraid to experiment with new things.

Hol Horse will generally have to try and strike a balance between sticking to low risk, low reward damage options (such as his 5a 5a 5b string), and taking bigger risks when opponents are expecting said safer plays. Adaptability will be very important and you'll have to keep a close watch on both you and your opponent's health and meter so you can know what options are going to be available to you when needed. Always try to plan ahead while keeping some tricks up your sleeve, and never be afraid to play as obnoxious and underhanded as possible - it's Hol Horse, after all.


If you are trying to open up your opponent while close to him, you will be utilizing various blockstrings with frametraps that allow you to begin your setplay or do damage. Here are some classics to get you started:

5a 5a 5b 214+b: Average frametrap. Most beginner Hols use this one. Its main weakness are jumps. The opponent is free to jump before the puddle connects, leading to you possibly getting punished. Be careful, and stop using this if the opponent jumps a lot.

5a 5c 214+a/b/c (distance dependent but usually 214c is what you will use): Great frametrap, because it solves the problem with the last one. It catches anyone jumping with the 5C and it leads to some really solid damaging combos. Highly recommended.

2a 4c 214+b: A different spin on the classic. It's recommended to use this one as it does a bit more chip whilst weakening the opponent's Stand meter if it's active.

If the opponent blocks 214+a/b/c after any of your frametraps you are free to be a dimble bimble to the opponent.

Here are some ideas of what you can do if the opponent is in blockstun:

  • Walk forward to the opponent and either grab them as soon as they pushblock or hit them with 5C if you expect them not to pushblock and to mash buttons. If you aren't confident in 5c connecting then follow up with 236+c instead to make it safe. You can also use 623+B after the 5C but be careful as it isn't safe.
  • Try and set up a Glass Shower and a low hitting move.
  • Set up an S bullet pattern
  • Set up another frame trap
  • Run away. Hol's pretty good at that too.

It is important to note that when in blockstun from Hanged Man, the opponent can pushblock to get out of it nearly instantly and is free to press any attack button. They can also guard cancel against it as well. Keep that in mind when you try and approach.


Hol Horse is a threat when he can score a knockdown and is against a character who has to respect his okizeme shenanigans. Here are some classic knockdowns:

Glass Shower Setups

Glass hits overhead, so if you smack your opponent around with a low at the same time the overhead hits and you get unblockable.

  • 623+b/c 4c 214+a/b -In some matchups, it's possible to combo his unblockable into the Hanged Man puddle. causing a knockdown at the end will make this a loop!
  • 623+b/c 4c 236+a/b/c or 236+aa - Not really good unless you are going for the kill. If you land a knockdown you should use trace of bullets over this if you have meter.
  • 623+b/c 4c 214+a/b 5s (Wait, 9,1) 2C - The meter build version of the oki loop. this builds great bar. around 1 per rep. use it to your advantage when possible.

Trace of Bullets (Slow Bullets) Setups

  • After a 5c that leads to a wallbounce knockdown: In general, the first hit of the slow bullet has a TON of hitstun. Because of this and the additional time you have to set up slow bullet, you can set up the first slow bullet in a way that allows Hol to do one of two VERY powerful things:
    • cause three slow bullets to combo against most matchups, very powerful and does around 75+% of damage, or;
    • in some matchups, time the first slow bullet to connect while Hol recovers from the slow bullet animation. This and the great hitstun from the bullet allow you to combo the bullet into 5c. This allows another wallbounce knockdown setup. For Example: Old Joseph, Young Joseph, Shadow DIO, and DIO. Example right here: ☀

The Emperor

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