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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future/Alessi/Misc

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Wacky Shit 236S/Guard Cancel Cancel: Alessi can cancel his GC or 236S into a Custom Combo. This exists, but its viability is arguable: to perform, you need to first whiff a s.[AA]. Then, and only then, can you cancel into Custom Combo during the startup of 236S, or at any point of a Stand ON Guard Cancel. Another problem is that you can't hit or get hit while Stand ON, or the install will be lost. Here it is in action: Double Stand Attack Glitch: When Alessi is Stand ON and dashes, if you press a button on the last frame of the dash, and then press another on the frame after, Alessi will do both attacks just as the dash ends. The first button you press will come out as the dashing variant, and the second will be the standing version. This is important if you use s.5B with this glitch and/or if your stand is extended. This also means your second normal can be any grounded move you want, including command normals and crouching moves. Recovery on moves when using this glitch is much faster than normal. Demonstration: On stages with foreground elements, Alessi can conceal himself partially or even entirely while crouching. Here's an example of this in a really good set that you should watch anyway: Some Japanese Matches - Great match vs Yoshida (Polnareff) with some screaming casters. Demonstrates a lot of what Alessi can do (good usage of normals, a variety of confirms, Alessi mode bnb, even a Custom Combo loop!) in one short match. I implore anyone who wants to pick up Alessi to watch this. (Can also be found at - Matches against an Abdul, Alessi, and strangely Khan that showcases some incredible usage of s.63214C. A very good example of defensive Alessi play. - Earrape ass, flaky VCR ass recording of an actually great match! Featuring Tonkotsu vs SQ, a more offensive Alessi who displays multiple stand crash combos. / - A demonstration of all the child forms using the special mode in the Dreamcast port. Frame Data Collected by The Final Lemon

Alessi frame1.png Alessi frame2.png Hitboxes Collected by guruslum

Baby Forms Baby Frame Data Babyframes1.png Collected by guruslum

Babyframes2.png Babyframes3.png Babyframes4.png Baby Hitboxes Collected by guruslum

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