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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future/Alessi/Combos

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j.A/5A 5C 214S (s.5A s.5A s.5A s.5B s.5C xx 63214A/B/C)

Alessi Mode BnB 665C, 665C, 665C, 665C S+5C / xx 41236+C - Theoretical best combo on some child modes but for others you get three 665C. The opponent could jump away on the first hit, but if they fail, you can hit them 3 more times then mash out a full gun on them. This can be inconsistent (discussed in the general strategy section), so as a rule of thumb, if you get a grounded hit, you can go for another one or react and cancel into gun. Normally after you hit the opponent out of the air, a properly timed dashing attack will then hit them grounded, so it is more common to end up getting 2 or 3 hits into a gun finisher. More consistent on bigger transformations, like Rubber Soul and Khan.


What Custom Combo (CC) chains you use makes no difference, the real purpose of the ones listed is to maximaze the use of CC time in order to end up with consistent timing for links out of the chain, and also to do as much stand gauge damage as possible, in order to end it as soon as you get a stand crash. The optimal chain changes depending on the opponent's remaining stand gauge at the start of the CC. The strings involve close s.on normals unless specified. (Far s.5A is fine, but far s.5B can whiff easily.)

All combos that go into 5C and close s.5C can then go into CC.

s.665C combos are significantly easier in the corner, as the opponent won't get pushed out of close C range by s.665C. Still possible mid screen. Alessi's highest damage combos, with a standcrash, right starter, chain and ender they can do up to 90 damage.

Combos involving the hold and release special move will work only if you hold the buttons enough to charge to first or second stage, at higher charges it will not work and cause the move to whiff because of the deadzone right in front of Alessi;

Canceling into gun or shrink is easier if you use negative edge, as most of the time the button you will be canceling out of matches the version of the special to combo into;

Custom Combo conversions are versatile but need 63124+A/B/C depending on the range, effectively if the last normal in the chain was far or a close C, C version works, if it was a close B, B version works, if it was a close A, A version works. Other combinations are inconsistent;

Alessi can combo into either of his supers (preferably 214AA) instead of s.63214 to end a CC, but it adds very little damage. Saving your meter is much wiser option 90% of the time.

For help on loops and basic standcrash, refer to Kain's tutorial.

Punish combos


5A, 5C xx (n.edge)41236+C

663A, 5A, 2C

663A, 5A, 5C xx (n.edge)41236+C

663A, 5A, 663A, 5A, 663A... (loop)

2B, 2B, 2C - Point blank only. At all ranges where a single 2B hits, 2C always combos.

2B, 663A, 5A, 5C xx (n.edge)41236+C

663C, 5C xx (n.edge)41236+C

663C, 663A, 5A, 5C xx (n.edge)41236+C

663C, 2C - Good at max range if you're not MAN enough to loop, or against skinnier characters where loop would not work.


All combos that go into a point blank 5A can go into close s.5C;

Ex: 663A, 5A, s.5C xx 63214+C OR 41236+C

s.5A (close), s.5C (close) xx 63214+C OR 41236+C

You can also punish with raw 214+S on reaction to certain specials or after pushblocking long range unsafe normals: 214+S (CC) 5C(far) 5C(far) 5C(far) 5C(close) 63124+C (May need to remove a far 5C for an A if you are too close to get one)

s.5A [AB], s.5C xx ]AB[ xx 214+S(chain + ender) - Midscreen, only works on a few, wider characters, like Stand ON DIO, Stand ON Midler, Iggy, Alessi, Devo, Hol Horse/Hol Horse and Boingo. Works against everyone in the corner.

Confirm combos

All previous combos function as confirms. Here are some others:


5C xx 214+S(chain + ender) - Combos at all ranges, chain may need to be changed when too far away.

663C xx 214+S(chain + ender)

j.A, 5A, 663A, 5A, 663A... (loop)

j.A, 5A, 5C xx (n.edge)41236+C

j.C, 2C

j.C, 663A, 5A, 5C xx (n.edge)41236+C


j.s.A/B [AB], s.5C (close) xx ]AB[ xx 214+S(chain + ender)

s.66C (closest possible connect), s.5C (close) xx (n.edge)41236+C OR 63214+A/B/C

s.66C (closest possible connect) [AB], s.5C (close) xx ]AB[ xx 214+S(chain + ender)

Custom Combo chains and enders

(Starter) 214+S (CC), 5A, 5A, 5A, 5B, 5C xx 63214+C

(Starter) 214+S (CC), 5A, 5A, 5A, 5B, 5B (End CC), 5A, s.5C xx 63214+A/B/C OR 41236+C

(Starter) 214+S (CC), 5A, 5A, 5A, 5B, 5B (End CC), 5A, 663A, 5A, 2B, 663A, 5A, 5C, 214+S... - CC loop, does not add much damage for the meter it takes, but can help squeeze out a kill.

Standcrash confirms

663A, 5A, 663A, 5A, 5C xx 214+S(CC), 5A, 5A, 5A, 5B, 5B(End CC) 5A, s.5C (STAND CRASH)j.s.A/B [AB], s.5C(close) xx ]AB[ xx 214+S (CC), 5A, 5A, 5A, 5B, 5C xx 63214+A/B/C - All variations of this combo follow the same pattern as this one, and can go into any other ender. The most important part is ending up after the chain with the opponent having 26 or less stand gauge, as close s.5C does exactly that amount. This means the combos can vary in effectiveness between characters.

...(STAND CRASH) s.665C (closest possible connect), s.5C (close) xx (n.edge)41236+C OR (n.edge)63214+C

...(STAND CRASH) s.665C (closest possible connect) [AB], s.5C (close) xx ]AB[ xx 214+S(chain + ender)

s.j.A [AB], s.5C (close) xx ]AB[ (STAND CRASH), s.665C(closest possible connect) [AB], s.5C (close) xx ]AB[ xx 214+S(chain + ender)

Every time you get a 2C knockdown, you can cancel on reaction to gun and get free chip damage. This is also a practical way of setting up the spacing for the unblockable: you can start moving the gun reticle from behind them towards you as they wake up and you start shooting, so that the first hits have a chance of being unblockable. The damage doesn't really change, as you always will get about 10 to 12 damage in hits/chip, but if the opponent is right about to die you can get a free win off of a 2C.

You can hit your opponent with your taunt in Alessi Mode: it has a hitbox right on Alessi's finger. Highest mental damage BnB.

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