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X-Men: Children of the Atom/FAQ

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Approximate Tier List

Based off of a tier list by Spider-Dan, with some alterations, pertains to Version 3.00
Wolverine, Omega Red, Sentinel, Colossus
Cyclops, Psylocke, Iceman
Spiral, Storm, Silver Samurai
Akuma, due to blockstun infinites (without that, he'd be mid at best)

Game Versions


Revision 1 :

Software version : 1.00. Japanese release only (94/12/08) (Japan Rent) Revision 2 :

Software version : 2.00. Japanese and Asia releases (94/12/17). Revision 3 :

Software version : 2.10. Japanese releases only (94/12/19). Revision 4 :

Software version : 3.00. European and American releases (95/01/05). European and Hispanic releases (95/03/31). note : US versions are slightly different, they have the "Recycle It, Don't Trash It!" screen.

(from Mame history.dat/

Gameplay/Character/Balance tweaks were different in each revision. Japan Rent/V1.00 has the most differences, as well as a notable bug/design flaw: -When you press start between a round and hit a fallen opponent, you will gain meter and the opponent will accumulate dizzy stun that carries over to the start of the round. If you hit the opponent soon after the round starts, even if it's just a light attack, they'll be dizzied.

Version 2.X vs 3.0 changes by character:

Akuma Most of Akuma's throws have a better "bounce" to them, giving him more time to follow up.

Storm All LKs have faster recovery. (You can fly, hold forward and keep tapping LK to keep someone like Sentinel in blockstun) j.LK doesn't juggle quite as high or timing change makes loops with it different Can't air dash at the lowest point in flight. Air typhoons have less recovery. j.HK juggles in the air instead of knocking downward. Storm retains flight after Hail Storm

Silver Samurai Slower hitting shuriken which meant he could pin people longer and get better combo opportunities

Sentinel c.HP marginally faster

Colossus c.HP is faster

Wolverine c.HK micro-launches (2.00 941217 only)


Developer: Probe Entertainment

Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment

Release Year: 1997

Platform: DOS

Notes: This version suffered from a bug: the ability to string together multiple punches and kicks into massive custom chain combos is conspicuously missing. And, to add insult to injury, the computer opponent will use those chain combos on you without hesitation even though you cannot use them to retaliate (source: The Underdogs)

A patch was supposedly released but not many knew about it.


Publisher: Acclaim

Release Year: Early 1998

Released about 3 years too late and inferior to the other ports. Missing even more animation, having more slow down and having greater load times compared to the Saturn version.

Sega Saturn

Japan Release: Published By:Capcom Co., Ltd. Developed By:Capcom Co., Ltd. Japan Nov 22, 1995

US Release: Published By:Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. Developed By:Capcom Co., Ltd . United States Early 1996 (from

Rumor has it that Acclaim, seeing how the very cut up SNES ports of SF2 were widely accepted, jipped on alot of animation in the American release. So the Japanese Saturn version is actually better than the American. Confirmed, thanks to Sanjuro!

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