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Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl/Reptar

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He's loud, he's mean, and he turns milk green! Rampaging his way out of the Rugrats franchise, Reptar is the world famous kaiju known for his devastating destruction and his delicious cereal! Is he a hero? A villain? The answer depends on what kind of mood the big green guy is in at any given moment, but one thing for certain is that he'll certainly be terrorizing anyone unfortunate enough to face him in this brawl!


Reptar is a heavyweight mighty glacier that trades speed for raw power. Reptar's special moves Fireball and Flame Breath are unique in that they can be charged up into more powerful variants that cover a surprisingly wide range. With Flame Breath Reptar can cover all sorts of get-up options without having to get too close and can even cover ledge recoveries, and even if he can't go deep off stage to secure a stock, charging Fireball into Volcanic Beam will easily put a stop to anyone trying to recover horizontally.

If you don't mind trading maneuverability for sheer strength, Reptar will stomp over anyone in your way!

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Strength of a Kaiju: Reptar is one of if not THE heaviest hitter in the game and can take stocks incredibly early. Flame Breath alone even when it's not charged does a whopping 30%!
  • Makes Recoveries Extinct: Reptar's heavy weight does not lend himself well to going off stage for a chase, but Fireball and Volcanic Beam make it so he doesn't have to. A fully charged Volcanic Beam covers almost half a stage length in front of Reptar and will stuff out any attempt to recover horizontally, and Flame Breath can easily catch an opponent who tries to roll on to the stage. If you wish to go off stage regardless, Spike Crash can spike if it connects! Reptar has no shortage of ways to keep you off stage.
  • Putting the glacier in Mighty Glacier: Reptar is the (assumedly) the slowest of the entire cast and can easily be overwhelmed by faster members of the cast.
  • Big Boned: Reptar is also the biggest out of the entire cast, which makes him combo food for a rushdown character or basically anyone who can get through his defenses

Moves List

Light Attacks

5L / Neutral Light
NASB reptar light mid.png
That's using your head.
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
10% 10 10-11 24 -5

Reptar lashes out with a powerful headbutt. Generally considered his safest neutral poke and OOS option.

  • High damage and KO potential for a light attack.
  • Large, far-reaching hitbox which covers Reptar's entire body.
  • Confirms out of light dash-attack for jablock setups at low% and a quick kill confirm at high%

Head Swipe
8L / Up Light
NASB reptar light up.png
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
12% 9 9-10 26 -8

A (relatively) fast fiery chin uppercut that allows for followups:

  • Combos into light down air at low-mid%, converting into a tech chase scenario.
  • Combos into light up air at most %, allowing for a brief juggle or a kill at high%.
  • Leads into light neutral air at low-mid%.

Snout Slam
2L / Down Light
NASB reptar light down.png
Reptar takes advice from his fellow cereal mascot and follows his nose!
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
10% 9 9-11 24 -6

Reptar quickly slams his head into the ground in front of him.

  • A quick slightly disjointed poke.
  • Can lead to follow-ups on poor DI.
  • Generally outclassed by light mid in utility.

66L / Run Light
NASB reptar dash light.png
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
11% 9 9-16 40 -30

A committal but flexible burst option.

  • Can be cancelled into a grab or light mid, both of which can lead to devastating down special loops and tech chases (light mid with jab resets and grab with down throw in the corner).
  • A kill confirm at high% with light mid.
  • Not in range for a light dash attack? Don't worry! If you want a specific followup from light dash attack but are only in range for a strong dash attack, simply cancel the strong dash attack into a wavedash and it will combo into light dash attack, allowing you to transpose strong dash attacks into light dash attacks.
  • If the attack launches the opponent off-stage, the move combos into down strong which can kill middle-weight characters (SpongeBob) at 60% on most probably DI out and slightly earlier on DI in. This is more optimal than going for a gimp with down air which doesn't kill outright until 115% on the same characters.

Jumping/Air Light Attacks

Tail Swipe
j5L / Jump Light
NASB reptar aerial light mid.png
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
12% 10 10-11 24 -6

A long range tail attack with decent kill power and poking ability.

  • Combos from a 50/50 DI mixup off of aerial forward throw, which is an easy and consistent kill confirm at high% off of grab.
  • Can lead into itself at low%, giving it good corner carry ability.
  • Can intercept opponents trying to recover high.

Air Kick
j8L / Jump Up Light
NASB reptar aerial light up.png
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
11% 9 9-11 26 -6

A simple and functional up air attack.

  • Combo's into itself at low%, leading into a brief juggle, which is especially effective against fast fallers.
  • Reptar's best kill move off the top, killing at high%.

Leg Kick
j2L / Jump Down Light
NASB reptar aerial light down.png
Extinction via meteorite is no excuse to skip Leg Day
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
14% 10 10-12 33 -6

An big, fast, brutal spike with exceptional utility in Reptars kit.

  • Offstage this move is a gimping machine. If the first light down air doesn't kill outright from its high knockback, follow them down, jump and use light down air again to read a jump, airdash up or immediate up special for a free stock. If they don't use any of those options, instead of jumping you can keep falling after them and use down special for the kill. A lethal 50/50.
    • Can also intercept a lot of recoveries due to the huge amount of space it commands at the ledge, especially recoveries without a hitbox. Try it against April and Ren and Stimpy!
  • On stage, this move is a good neutral option due to its speed and size.
    • The hitbox is partially disjointed for some of the active frames, allowing Reptar to use this attack like a sword. Try wavedashing off of a platform to gain a burst of momentum and then using light down for a surprising burst attack that converts into tech chases.
  • As previously mentioned, this attack combos from light up. This combo can be looped if they bounce or miss their tech, but if they miss their tech it's normally better to go for a jab lock to continue the tech chases.

Strong Attacks

Heavy Tail Swipe
5S / Neutral Strong
NASB reptar strong mid.png
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
20% 21 21-25 55 -14

Reptar swings his tail forward with exceptional force.

  • This is your best option to punish your opponent after an RPS win, as it is Reptar's earliest most convenient kill move. If your opponent is not at kill % however, you should use down special to rack up more damage.
    • Like most moves that are very similar between their grounded and aerial versions, the aerial version outclasses the grounded version due to being more mobile and being able to autocancel the move on landing to reduce endlag. In this case, however, the grounded version is better due to the fact it deals an additional 2% and jumping in order to land an aerial strong in the short window that your opponent is stunned after an RPS can sometimes be awkward.

Backflip Swipe
8S / Up Strong
NASB reptar strong up.png
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
19% 21 22-26 55 -11

Reptar somersaults and swings his tail into the opponent from below, sending them high.

  • This move can be used to catch your opponent's landings but is quite risky due to the high amount of lag.
  • The visual effects associated with this move are deceptive. The streak coming from Reptar's tail might lead you to believe that this attack hits all around Reptar in a circle when the hitbox actually only appears briefly in front of and above Reptar.

Tail Slam
2S / Down Strong
NASB reptar strong down.png
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
21% 20 20-24 55 -10

Reptar hammers his tail into the ground creating a shockwave and brutally spiking anyone hit.

  • As previously mentioned, if you can knock your opponent off stage with light dash attack, follow up with this move for an early kill.
  • Technically it is the fastest of Reptar's grounded strongs (by 1 frame). This is handy because Reptar's aerial down strong has... deficiencies that make it less than ideal for RPS. You will have to use this move in order to RPS your opponent's mid strongs practically.

Diving Bite
66S / Run Strong
NASB reptar dash strong.png
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
17% 22 22-26 45 -13

Reptar launches himself far forward and delivers a biting attack.

  • Due to its exceptional long range, you WILL hit people unsuspectingly halfway across the stage with this move if you use it in neutral from time to time. This is good because strong dash attack has many punishing followups.
    • Cancel strong dash attack with a jump and it confirms into grab for some of Reptar's most stylish looking combos.
    • Cancel strong dash attack with a short hop and strong neutral air for Reptar's best kill confirm. If on stage there is the possibility they will be able to tech, but if they are knocked offstage there is no way to avoid the strong neutral air follow-up provided that you fast fall the move by airdashing down for more coverage.
    • As mentioned previously, this move can combo into light dash attack provided that you wavedash in between.
    • If you expect your opponent will land, then you can cancel strong dash attack into a wavedash and use down special to cover multiple tech options at once, practically guaranteeing a continuation to your tech chase string if the opponent is cornered.
  • Make note that this move is much less active than light dash, with the active frames coming out awkwardly late. As such, this move is not ideal for hitting close-range opponents. Consider light dash attack instead, even if there are fewer possible follow-ups.

Jumping/Air Strong Attacks

Aerial Heavy Tail Swipe
j5S / Jump Neutral Strong
NASB reptar aerial strong mid.png
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
18% 21 21-25 55 -4

Reptar swings his tail forward with exceptional force... But in the air.

  • This is one of Reptar's best kill options, with plenty of ways to confirm into it.
  • Notably, the move is only -4 on shield, this makes it quite safe if spaced on block, meaning that you can throw this move out in neutral in certain situations.
    • Use it to call out your opponent's ledge/tech option and approaches! Strong neutral air is powerful and surprisingly hard to punish, so make your opponent fear it.
  • Confirm into this move from strong dash attack or from a 50/50 DI mixup from jump forward throw (only works at very high %, at lower % light neutral is more consistent)

Blazing Headbutt
j8S / Jump Up Strong
NASB reptar aerial strong up.png
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
18% 24 24-29 55 -2

Reptar unleashes a rising chin-move with a mouth full of fire.

  • Since the removal of T-dropping, this move is generally outclassed by strong neutral air except for its use in RPS.
  • If you need to hit someone above you in the air, light up air is faster and less likely to get you punished, while still retaining a bit of kill power. In general, attacking people above is one of Reptar's weaknesses.
  • Despite having technically better shield safety than strong neutral air, the hitbox makes it much worse for hitting shields.

Spike Crash
j2S / Jump Down Strong
NASB reptar aerial strong down.png
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
20% 23 23-End -- +4

Using the spines along his back Reptar crashes into his opponent from above. A stall and fall aerial. If Reptar hits anything apart from the ground with this move, he will bounce back up in the direction held and be actionable much quicker.

  • This move has a particularly niche utility against characters with a straight verticle recovery, most notably Korra but also Helga. If used against them, the move will always atleast trade and result in them dying to the spike, while Reptar can recover easily due to the unique on-hit property of his strong down air that causes him to bounce up in the direction held on hit.
  • This move is notably bad for RPS due to it being a stall and fall. This means that Reptar has a hard time punishing strong neutral air spam from his opponents, which is noticeable in a few matchups (Catdog, Zim).
  • The move is very safe on block not just because of its frame data but because of the on-hit property. This doesn't mean that it's advisable to throw it out in neutral, however. You will be inviting your opponent's most devastating punish if you land on the ground due to the high amount of landing lag.

Special Attacks

Fireball/Volcanic Beam
5P / Neutral Special
NASB reptar special mid.png

Jurassic Slam
8P / Up Special
NASB reptar special up.png

Flame Breath
2P / Down Special
NASB reptar special down.png
Hope you can tech!


Taunt Button
NASB reptar taunt.jpg
Part of a complete balanced breakfast!


NASB reptar character.png NASB Reptar alt costume 1 .png

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