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Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl/Jenny Wakeman

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5 o' clock, get a call to go blading at the skate park down by the mall! But my mom says I got to prevent hostile aliens from annihilating us all!

Ninth in line of the "XJ" series created by Nora Wakeman, XJ-9 (AKA "Jenny") is an android designed for defending the Earth from all manner of threats, terrestrial or otherwise. Not only is she built to resemble a teenage girl, she thinks, feels, and lives like one and contends with trying to live the life of a normal teen while also keeping Earth safe. Still, with the strength of a million and seventy men, she's more than up to the task! If only she could go for a walk without rusting in the rain...


Jenny is a highly versatile all-rounder who can both zone effectively while also playing as a vicious rushdown character. She has arguably the best recovery in the game that can allow her to go deep off stage and still make it back, and it's impressive maneuverability allows her to recover both low and high and mix up her landing. Her jab combo can loop back into itself and rack up damage quick on anyone who lets Jenny get too close to them, especially on bigger fighters like Reptar. Her missile can be guided in any direction to poke from a distance and fumble recovery attempts, and anyone who dares to try and recover low against her will have to contend with two meaty mallets that can be mashed at ledge and be devastating for characters who's recovery pops them over the ledge like CatDog or Ren and Stimpy.

If you want to smother your opponent and not give them the chance to fight back, then upgrade your game with XJ-9!

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Super Flying Robot: Jenny rules the skies with her recovery, arguably the best in the game. While it does no damage, it halts her in place and allows her to fly freely in any direction with tight turns. She can recover both low and high and from far off stage, letting her go DEEP off stage to secure a stock and still make it back. If recovering low as Jenny, you can easily feint flying to the ledge before making a hard turn and flying up and around to throw off any edge-guard attempts and make it back safely.
  • Ban Hammer: Her Down Heavy is a tantrum of slamming hammers that can be mashed repeatedly to keep it going and can shut down any attempt at a low recovery that would put the opponent over the ledge instead of grabbing. Not to mention comboing it from a dash attack at ledge can lead to a spike.
  • Loop Structures: Her neutral jab is a 3 hit combo that can loop back into itself to quickly take damage if your opponent lets Jenny into their range. This can easily take the poor trapped soul from 0 to 50% if it's allowed to continue. Jenny however drifts slightly forward every time she performs the combo which will eventually push her through her victim and allow them to recover. To take full advantage of her devastating combo, don't be greedy and know when to end it on a Heavy Attack.
  • GET OVER HERE!: Jenny's grab has a deceptive reach, as holding down the input will stretch her arm out far to grab opponents that might be trying to keep out of her range

Moves List

Light Attacks

1, 2, Laser
5L / Neutral Light
NASB Jenny light mid.png
If you're struck by this, it's already too late for you
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
3% first hit, 3% second hit, 6% third hit 6 7-9 20 -6
  • Can loop into itself more than once

Blazing Blades
8L / Up Light
NASB jenny light up.png
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
5% 9 8-20 21 -6


Angry Stomp
2L / Down Light
NASB jenny light down.png
When you go to a tournament just to get 0-2'd
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
5% 6 7-9 20 -6
  • Can be continued by tapping the input which will march Jenny forwards

Jet Blades
66L / Run Light
NASB jenny dash light.png
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
5% 6 7-9 20 -6


Jumping/Air Light Attacks

Drill Kick
j5L / Jump Light
NASB jenny aerial light mid.png
There's a name for this type of kick, but we can't say it in an E-rated game

Open Shield
j8L / Jump Up Light
NASB jenny aerial light up.png
  • Can be used to float Jenny down at a slow pace to mix up landing options

Jackhammer Strike
j2L / Jump Down Light
NASB jenny aerial light down.png
  • Holding down will continue the jackhammering motion until she touches the stage

Strong Attacks

Fists of Fury
5S / Neutral Strong
NASB jenny strong mid.png
  • A two-hit combo that sends opponents flying at an upwards arc

Buzzsaw Pom Poms
8S / Up Strong
NASB jenny strong up.png
2, 4, 6, 8! Who did she humiliate? YOU!

Mighty Mallet
2S / Down Strong
NASB jenny strong down.png
POV: You tried to grab the ledge
  • Can be mashed by tapping the button repeatedly
  • Has a long cooldown animation. If an opponent catches you mashing and gets behind you, you might not be able to recover quick enough to avoid getting punished

Gliding Buzzsaw
66S / Run Strong
NASB jenny dash strong.png

Jumping/Air Strong Attacks

Chest Laser
j5S / Jump Neutral Strong
NASB jenny aerial strong mid.png
UNI-BEAM! Wait, wrong game
  • Has a long windup but hits hard and the blast propels Jenny backwards

Lobster Claws
j8S / Jump Up Strong
NASB jenny aerial strong up.png

Explosive Feet
j2S / Jump Down Strong
NASB jenny aerial strong down.png
An all expenses paid trip to the blast zone

Special Attacks

Rocket Power
5P / Neutral Special
NASB jenny special mid.png
Wait, that's the wrong show!
  • Once fired, the missile can be guided by inputting a direction. But unlike Snake in Smash, Jenny isn't glued to one spot while it's out.

Robot Wings
8P / Up Special
NASB jenny special up.png
I can recover for free!

Explosive Lasers
2P / Down Special
NASB jenny special down.png
Learned this from a guy from Krypton!
  • Has two variants depending on whether Jenny is grounded or in the air.


Stretchy Arms and Extendo-Fingers
Nasb jenny grab.png
You think you're out of her range? cute
  • Jenny has a tether grab; the length of which depends on how long you hold the button down for


Weapon Activation
214 + P
Nasb jenny taunt.png
The most adorable killing machine ever created!
  • The dance she makes comes from the episode "Mist Opportunities".


JEN alt costume 1.png

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