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Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl/Nigel Thornberry

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I'll do this with my hands!

Nigel Archibald Thornberry is a husband, father, and incredibly devoted Zoologist who Spends his life creating Wildlife documentaries with his nomadic family. His itch for adventure doesn't limit him just to the wild, as now it has gotten him into the Brawl! Absolutely Smashing!


Nigel Thornberry is a heavyweight fighter that emphasizes footsies. A lot of his attacks are on the slower side but make up for it with high knockback; a cancelled dash attack can quickly rack up any damage deficit Nigel might be at. His Up Light and Aerial Neutral Light are combo tools any explorer would want to have in their backpack that allow him to pressure opponents before ending with one of his powerful Strong attacks.

His Down Special Flick can decisively end a match with it's insane power, but you'll have to be very precise as the hitbox is extremely small, and despite being a heavyweight The Worm gives him one of the only intangible movement options in the game that can let him easily reposition or dodge an attack.

If you want to hit hard and have a smashing good time doing it, Nigel's who you want on your safari!

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Mobility: Nigel possesses interesting mobility options with his natural aerial drift, Falcon Dive, Frog Hop, and The Worm. He has tools that most other characters lack and can use it well to mix-up the opponent.
  • Combo Game: What's Over There? is one of the best combo tools in the game, allowing Nigel to air juggle his opponent to kill %.
  • Walling Capabilities: Moves like Woodpecker and Falcon Five are great for keeping the opponent at bay, especially in tandem with strafe.
  • Vertical KO Power: His j.8L is a great normal which combos into Flick at certain percents, this along with his above average j.8S make Nigel's Vertical power nothing to scoff at. His j.6 throw and 4 throw provide an unreactable DI mix up that combos into a flick kill at very low percents.
  • Survivability: Being a heavyweight with good mobility and above average horizontal recovery, Nigel will be living to very high percents and opponents will have a hard time K.O-ing him.
  • Struggles Against Disjoints: Nigel likes to get in peoples face during offense and with no long ranged moves or disjoints of his own, He struggles against characters like Lincoln and Leo.
  • Poor Vertical Recovery: While Horizontally Nigel has no problem getting on stage, Vertically is where he falters. Whale Crash is a lackluster recovery which doesn't go very high and requires previous momentum to go very far horizontally. It also completely lacks a rising hitbox and only has a falling hitbox by frame 31 onwards. Losing your jump or getting called out offstage is often a death sentence.
  • Struggles To Approach: Nigel lacks safe ways to approach the opponent, as he is slow and all his burst options are incredibly unsafe on shield, especially on the ground. His tall hurtbox also means that projectiles can go over his grab and 66S while still hitting his head.

Moves List

Light Attacks

Presenting: Nature!
5L / Neutral Light
NASB Nigel 5L.png
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
5% 6 6-7 30 -15

Nigel holds his hand out, presenting something. Your basic jab. Useful for jablocking into flick but certain prone animations low profile. Has niche combo applicabiltity but your other tilts are generally better at that.

Mosquito Clap
8L / Up Light
NASB Nigel 8L.png
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
8% 6 6-8 30 -15

Nigel claps his hands above his head. An enormous hitbox, fantastic anti-air, and important combo starter into to What's Over There? (light up air). However it can only reliably combo directly beside him.

Frog Hop
2L / Down Light
NASB Nigel 2L.png
"I'm a froggy, and i'm fogging!"
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
8% 6 6-9 30 -15

Nigel leaps forward quickly while low to the ground. Can start combos into moves such as Light Up Air attacks for a combo or flick for a kill confirm.

Gorilla Charge
66L / Run Light
NASB Nigel dL.png
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
8% 6 6-13 33 -23

Nigel charges forward and slams the opponent with his shoulder. Excellent whiff punish tool or surprise burst option. Like (Almost) all dash attacks it can be cancelled into anything but itself.

Jumping/Air Light Attacks

j5L / Jump Light
NASB Nigel j5L.png
Nair Nose Best
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
1-8% 5 5-14 25 0

Nigel pecks at his opponent like a woodpecker, hitting multiple times. Great poke and air-to-air option. Can combo into jump flick or jump strong Up Air if the opponent DIs in or no DIs.

What's Over There?
j8L / Jump Up Light
NASB Nigel j8L.png
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
8% 6 6-8 25 -6

Nigel sticks his big head up looking for something with his binoculars. One of the best juggle tools in the game: Good hitbox and can combo into itself. Can confirm into Aerial Up Strong (fake combo) or Flick (real combo) for early kills depending on the opponents previous DI.

Falcon Dive
j2L / Jump Down Light
NASB Nigel j2L.png
Nigel did better than that captain.
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
10% 6 6-13 28 -6

Not to be confused with Captain Falcon's up special. Nigel does a bird-like dive onto his opponent. Good for crossing up on block, mobility tool, potential combo extender, and weak spike. Use the momentum boost it gives you to survive longer after a powerful hit or to turbocharge the horizontal distance your up special goes.

Strong Attacks

Orangutan Punch
5S / Neutral Strong
NASB Nigel 5S.png
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
14% 17 17-21 40 -6

Nigel hits the opponent with a big punch.

Bull Horns
8S / Up Strong
NASB Nigel 8S.png
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
13% 16 16-20 40 -7

Nigel swings his head and arms upward, hitting above and in front of him.

Scorpion Sting
2S / Down Strong
NASB Nigel 2S.png
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
13% 18 18-22 40 -5

Nigel "stings" with his foot low to the ground. There is no reason to use this move outside of a grounded RPS option against strong dashes.

Crocodile Wrangling
66S / Run Strong
NASB Nigel dS.png
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
13% 10 10-21 45 -26

Nigel wrestles a crocodile while hurtling forward. Cancel into anything on hit. Be aware his head is completely vulnerable the whole time this move is out.

Jumping/Air Strong Attacks

Aerial Orangutan Punch
j5S / Jump Neutral Strong
NASB Nigel j5S.png
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
14% 17 17-21 40 -7

Aerial version of Nigels's Mid Strong.

Tea Time!
j8S / Jump Up Strong
NASB Nigel j8S.png
"Mm yes, that 3-stock was quite droll..."
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
13% 16 16-20 40 -8

Nigel drinks some tea. Usually a combo ender when stringing together Light Up attacks or a kill confirm out of grounded and aerial forward throw.

Aerial Scorpion Sting
j2S / Jump Down Strong
NASB Nigel j2S.png
The scorpion may not change its nature but it WILL send you to the blast zone
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
15% 14 14-18 42 -6

Aerial version of Nigels' Down Strong and better than it in every way. This is one of the fastest RPS options against mid strongs and snairs and the spike hitbox on this move is incredibly powerful.

Special Attacks

The Worm
5P / Neutral Special
NASB Nigel 5P.png
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
- 4 frames until invincible 4-23 30 -

Nigel slithers forward like a worm. Becomes invincible after a few frames, allowing Nigel to escape combos, recover horizontally, partially cancel his momentum to survive strong hits longer, or simple move around while avoiding attacks. This move has endlag scaling similar to projectiles so don't use it too often in quick succesion.

Whale Crash
8P / Up Special
NASB Nigel 8P.png
If nautical nonsense be something you wish! then drop on the deck and flop like a fish!
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
18% (air hit) 14% (landing) 31 31 until landing - -26

Nigel hops upward, then falls down and beaches like a whale. Has no hitbox on the way up but becomes a powerful attack once Nigel starts falling, with a second landing hitbox as well. It travels a decent height, but it has poor air speed and drift. Its poor vertical distance combined with a lack of an upward hitbox makes it a pretty risky and exploitable recovery tool, but it does big damage and knockback if it hits. If Nigel lands on top of an opponent, you can cancel this move with a jump even if your double jump was already used, preventing you from simply plummeting to the bottom blast zone. This can allow for complete reversal where you spike you opponent into the bottom blast zone while recovering yourself, potentially even higher if they had never tried to intercept you. If the attack misses or is blocked, it's very unsafe, but ledge canceling and sliding off of platforms can make it safer.

2P / Down Special
NASB Nigel 2P.png
"I'll do this with my hands~!"
Damage Startup Frames Active Frames Total Frames Safety
28% 3 3 80 -67

Tiny hitbox. Huge power. Flick is a high risk attack that can net kills even at lower percents. Your number 1 kill option, hit it as often as you can and watch your opponents stocks evaporate. An incomplete list of moves that can true combo into it depending on DI and percent include : up tilt, down tilt, light dash attack, strong dash attack, nair, up air, dair, grounded forward throw, grounded up throw, and air forward throw. Also use it as an RPS win punish and an OOS punish for poorly spaced moves, or if the move is laggy enough (such as a dash attack) a forward wavedash into flick.


Taunt Button
NASB nigel taunt.png
Nigel looks at his enemy, wiggling his head.

Strafe Taunt
Taunt Button + Strafe
NASB nigel strafe taunt.png
"Smashing day for a brawl!"
Nigel wobbles about, then shakes his butt at the enemy


NASB nigel character.png NASB Nigel alt costume 1 .png

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