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Mileena (MK2)

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Serving as an assassin along with her twin sister Kitana, Mileena's dazzling appearances conceal her hideous intentions. At Shao Kahn's request she is asked to watch for her twin's suspected dissension. She must put a stop to it at any cost.

Move List

Close HP : Elbow [Hits high]

Sai Throw : Hold HP for 1 second, Release HP [Can be done in the air] 14%

Roll : B, B, D, HK 13%

Telekick : F, F, LK 20%

If you charge HP for a while first, you can jump kick someone and then release HP immediately, hitting them with the sais as they fall from the kick. The teleport kick is among the best moves in the entire game, since it flawlessly knocks opponents out of the air. Do one whenever they jump or throw a missile weapon. The ninjas can roundhouse you out of a teleport. When playing against Mileena, standing-block teleport kicks. Then, either hop-kick or do a special move, like Raiden's torpedo or a projectile throw.


Fatality 1 : (Close) F, B, F, LP

Mileena rapidly stabs her opponent with her sais, raising them off the ground.

Fatality 2 : (Close) Press and Release for 3 seconds HK

Mileena inhales her opponent and spits out their bones.

Babality : D, D, D, HK

Friendship : D, D, D, U, HK

Mileena plants a seed, which blooms into a flower.

Pit II/Tomb : F, D, F, LK

The Basics

Pros: -Like Jax, she has a great gound-level game. Her roll ability flings her across the ground, tripping up the enemy. Works great on opponents with high projectiles like Scorpion and Baraka.

-Her air game is just as deadly. Her sais can be thrown in mid-air, and her teleport kick is sure to bring down an opponent who's tossng a projectile

-Mileena's sais are throwable in the are, and thus can pull off a very similar combo to Kitana's.

Cons: -Her teleport kick can be pre-empted, and if blocked, she will be wide open until she hits the ground again.

-Kung Lao, Scoprion, and Rayden can teleport, giving them a large upper hand if she uses her ground roll to do so, being wide open for a projectile attack.

-Her sai sparks are fairly high, almost as high as Baraka's blade sparks. This allows Rayden to fly under it with Flying Thunder God and Sub-Zero to freeze her while in the animation.

Advanced Strategies

Uppercut: Awesome

Jump Kick: Good

Roundhouse: Weak

Mileena is very effective when playing a controled offense. The Teleport Kick can be used to knock all jumping opponents to the ground, and to hit opponents right after they fire their missile weapon. It is easy to spot and block, though. Her Sai Throw is a charge weapon which makes it more awkward to use. But once it is mastered, you can throw it into most combos. It can be used in the air to hit jumping opponents. The Ground Roll is the key element to most of her combos. Best used after a jump kick, because if blocked, you are vulnerable to nasty things.


Basic Combos

Jump Kick - Throw Sai

Charge up the throw sai first. Then, jump kick your opponent below the waist, and quickly perform the throw sai after.

Jump Kick - Throw Sai - Teleport

Charge up the throw sai first. Then, jump kick your opponent as they are in mid air and quickly perform the throw sai. When you touch ground, execute the teleport.

Jump Kick - Roll

Jump kick your opponent below the waist and immediately perform the roll. Start the two back motion as you are kicking in order to complete the move as soon as you touch ground.

Advanced Combos

1. (mid-screen) aaHP, HP, JK, Air Sai (4 Hits, 44%)
2. (mid-screen) JK, Roll, Teleport Kick (3 Hits, 49%)
3. (against the corner) JK, Roll, HP, JP, Air Sai (5 Hits, 60%)
4. (corner) JK, Air Sai, Roll, LP, Sai (5 Hits, 63%)
5. (corner) RH, Roll, LP, Roll, Teleport Kick (5 Hits, 71%)
6. (corner) aaHP, Roll, JK, Roll, JK, Air Sai (6 Hits 79%)
7. (corner) aaHP, Roll, JP, LP, Roll, LP, Roll, HK (8 Hits, 86%)
8. (corner) JK, Air Sai, Roll, LP, Roll, JP, Air Sai (7 Hits, 86%)
9. (corner) JK, Roll, JK, Roll, JK, Air Sai (6 Hits 89%)
10. (foe against the corner) Roll, JP, Air Sai, Roll, LP, Roll, JP, Air Sai (8 Hits, 93%)
11. (corner) aaJP, JP, Air Sai, LP, Roll, LP, Roll, JP, Air Sai (9 Hits, 95%)
12. (corner) SUJK, SUJK, Air Sai, LP, Roll, JK, Air Sai (7 Hits, 100%)
13. (corner) aaJP, JP, Air Sai, LK, Roll, LP, Roll, JP, Air Sai (9 Hits, 100%)
14. (corner) Uppercut Interrupt, JK, Air Sai, LP, Roll, JK, Air Sai (7 Hits, 100%)

1. (mid-screen) aaHP, Roll, F+HP, Roll, F+HP, Roll, F+HP, Roll...
2. (corner) aaHP, Roll, JP, aaHP, Roll, aaHP, Roll, aaHP, Roll, aaHP, Roll...