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Baraka (MK2)

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He led the attack against Liu Kang's Shaolin temples. Baraka belongs to a nomadic race of mutants living in the wastelands of the Outworld. His fighting skills gained the attention of Shao Kahn who recruited him into his army.

Move List

Close HP : Backhand [Hits high]

Blade Swipe : B+HP 20%

Blade Spark : D, B, HP 14%

Blade Fury : B, B, B, LP 25%

Double Knee : HK, HK while close 16%

  • You can mash HK to get it to come out or you can time the second HK button press right after the knee hits.

You can sometimes follow up a jump kick (especially a turnaround kick) with a Blade Fury, doing immense damage. Also, when Kintaro jumps off the top of the screen to stomp on you, do the Blade Fury and he'll land right in it. When playing against Baraka, note that Raiden's torpedo and Kitana's fan lift will hit him while he's doing the Blade Fury.


Fatality 1 : (Close) B, B, B, HP

Baraka decapitates his opponent with his blade.

Fatality 2 : (Close) B, F, D, F, LP

Baraka stabs his opponent in the chest and raises them off the ground. The opponent gasps and slowly slides down the blades.

Babality : F, F, F, HK

Friendship : U, F, F, HK

Baraka gives you a present.

Pit II/Tomb : F, F, D, HK

The Basics

Pros: -At close range, his slice and dice attack can be extremely deadly to his foes. May God have mercy on the soul that gets cornered and gets this attack spammed at them.

-One of the slightly faster characters in the game, and can easily toy with his enemies by catching them off-guard with a quick blade swipe or blade spark.

-If you're not great with special moves, you may wanna play as this guy, as he's mostly a bare-bones fighter with cheap tricks up his sleeve if you decide to use them.

Cons: -An extremely low repitoire of special attacks makes him too much of a bare-bones fighter for those who like to use cheap special attacks.

-The slice and dice leaves him wide oopen for any projectile attack, much like Kitana's fan lift ability.

-He's almost as bad as Rayden when it comes to jumping and punching because he has really short arms, this just adds to his many limitations.

-Blade spark flies too high to hit Sub-Zero if he ducks to use his ice ball attack.

Advanced Strategies

Uppercut: Good

Jump Kick: Awesome

Roundhouse: Good

One of the best close in fighters. The Blue Bolt is an average missile weapon that does average damage. Baraka is very vulnerable after he shoots it. He can easily be swept from long range, and his arms stick way out, just waiting to be hit. The Blade Fury, the bloodiest move in the game, is good to use for inbound jumping opponents, or as part of a jump kick combo. It is hard to use at close range, because the motion requires three back taps, which move you away from your opponent. The Blade Swipe has long range, about the same as the sweep. The Double Kick may look funny, but it is devastating if used properly. At close range it is unblockable if used twice in a row. That, combined with the swipe, roundhouse, awesome jabs, and good roundhouse, make Baraka one tough fighter. Another assett is his jump kick, which has a huge hitting area. This makes it almost impossible to defend against his jump kicks.


Basic Combos

Jump Kick - Blue Bolt

Jump kick your opponent below the waist and throw the blue bolt at soon as you touch ground.

Jump Kick - Blade Fury

Jump kick your opponent below the waist and quickly perform the blade fury. Start the three back motion as you are kicking. Timing is crucial, otherwise Baraka will miss and be left open for attack.

Advanced Combos

1. (corner) JK, d+LP, b+HP, HP, Blade Fury (5 Hits, 71%)
2. (corner) aaSUJP, Blade Slice (B+HP), RH, HP, Blade Spark (5 Hits, 73%)
3. (near corner) Blade Fury, Blade Swipe, JK, Blade Fury (4 Hits, 84%)
4. (corner) Blade Swipe x 3, Uppercut (4 Hits, 84%)
5. (corner) JK, b+HP, b+HP, HP, Blade Fury (5 Hits, 88%)
6. (corner) Uppercut Interrupt, Blade Swipe, Blade Swipe, aaHP, Blade Fury (5 Hits, 96%)
7. (corner) SUJK, Blade Swipe, Blade Swipe, RH, JK (5 Hits, 97%)
8. (corner) SUJP, Blade Swipe, Blade Swipe, HK, HP, Blade Fury (6 Hits, 100%)
9. (near corner) Blade Fury, Blade Swipe, Blade Swipe, Bleeding JK, Blade Fury (5 Hits, 100%)

1. There are no known infinites for Baraka yet....