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Liu Kang (MK2)

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After winning the Shaolin Tournament from Shang Tsung's clutches Kang returns to his temples. He discovers his sacred home in ruins, his Shaolin brothers killed in a vicious battle with a horde of Outworld warriors. Now he travels into the Dark Realm to seek revenge.

Move List

Close HP : Double Forearm Strike [Hits crouch block]

High Fireball : F, F, HP [Can be done in the air] 13%

Low Fireball : F, F, LP 13%

Flying Kick : F, F, HK 16%

Bicycle Kick : Hold LK for 3 seconds, Release LK 29%

The high fireball can be done in the air. The bicycle kick is great if you keep charging LK most of the round, and release it right after getting hit. You'll usually catch the opponent off guard if he's near you. Kang's low fireball makes him an excellent distance fighter - it goes under all other projectiles, making him the only person who can trade missiles with Sub-Zero.


Fatality 1 : (Close) D, F, B, B, HK

Liu Kang morphs into a green dragon and bites the opponent in half, leaving the legs.

Fatality 2 : (Jump to Close) D, F, U, B, D

Liu Kang does a spinning kick with an uppercut.

Babality : D, D, F, B, LK

Friendship : F, B, B, B, LK

Liu Kang dances under a disco ball

Pit II/Tomb : B, F, F, LK

The Basics

Pros: -The super kick is a fast, powerful attack that will send your enemy flying if it connects, flies over Sub-Zero's special attacks.

-The bicycle kick will carry him over Jax' ground punch attack, which will grant you a guaranteed connection.

-His low and high fireballs can be used for some great mind games against your opponent.

-Pressing either combination for the fireball attacks in mid-air will, like Mileena and Kitana, will launch a fireball in the air, which is great to throw off your enemies.

Cons: -Can be caught in Scoprion's hand-spear while performing the bicycle kick, setting you up for a free hit, so be careful when using it. Attacks that can also hit him mid-bicycle include Mileena's sais, Kitana's fans, Baraka's blade sparks, and Kung Lao's hat throw.

-While his fireball attacks are fast, his cool down time for them feel pretty drawn out, more-so than they really are because it's a very easy attack to see coming.

-His flying super kick can be countered by a well-placed jump kick or an uppercut. Kung Lao, Rayden, and Scorpion can also teleport right out of the way.

Advanced Strategies

Uppercut: Awesome

Jump Kick: Weak

Roundhouse: Good

Liu Kang has some great weapons in his arsenal. He is a good offensive fighter, and if played right, can be a good defensive fighter too. The Low Fireballs are good for keeping people on their toes, and is great at close range, because it is hard to retaliate against. The High Fireball can be done in the air, which is good for combos and shooting down jumping opponents. His Flying Kick and Bicycle Kick are easily blockable, but good for combos and retaliation. The Bicycle Kick takes off heavy damage. Liu Kang has a good roundhouse, which is great for knocking people out of the air. He is also inheritently good.


Basic Combos

Jump Kick - Flying Kick

Jump kick you opponent below the waist. As soon as you touch ground, perform the flying kick. Start the two forward motion as you kick the opponent.

Jump Punch - Standard Fireball

Jump punch you opponent when they are in midair. As soon as you touch ground, throw the fireball. Start the two froward motion as you kick the opponent.

Jump Kick - Bicycle Kick

Start charging the bicycle kick first. Then, jump kick your opponent below the waist and perform the bicycle kick.

Jump Kick - Standard Fireball - Crouching Fireball

Same as 1 except:

For computer: Do the crouching fireball; computer will not block it.

For human: Do the bicycle kick.

Advanced Combos

1. (mid-screen) JK, Air Fireball, Flying Kick (3 Hits, 46%)
2. (mid-screen) aaHPx2, JP, Air Fireball, Flying Kick (5 Hits, 54%)
3. (mid-screen) aaHPx2, JP, Air Fireball, Bicycle Kick (5 Hits, 67%)
4. (corner) JK, Air Fireball, Crouch Punch, HP, Bicycle Kick (5 Hits, 70%)
5. (corner) JK, Air Fireball, HP, Fireball, HP, Low Fireball (6 Hits, 71%)
6. (corner) aaJP, Air Fireball, Roundhouse, LP, Bicycle Kick (5 Hits, 78%)
7. (corner) aaHPx2, Jump Kick, Air Fireball, HP, Bicycle Kick, HP, Flying Kick (8 Hits, 100%)
8. (corner) JK, Air Fireball, SUJK, Air Fireball, HP, Bicycle Kick (6 Hits, 100%)
9. (corner) aaJP, Air Fireball, JP, Air Fireball, JP, Air Fireball, HP, Bicycle Kick (8 Hits, 100%)
10. (corner) aaSUJK, Air Fireball, JK, Air Fireball, HP, Bicycle Kick (6 Hits, 100%)
11. (corner) SUJP, Air Fireball, JP, Air Fireball, HP, Fireball, SUJK, Air Fireball (8 Hits, 100%)
12. (corner) SUJK, Air Fireball, JP, Air Fireball, HK, Bicycle Kick (6 Hits, 100%)
13. (corner) JP, Air Fireball, JP, Air Fireball, SUJK, Air Fireball, HP, Fireball (8 Hits, 100%)
14. (mid-screen) aaHPx2, Bike Kick, aaHPx2, Bike Kick, aaLK (7 Hits, 100%)
15. (against the corner) Air Fireball (AFB), AFB, AFB, AFB, AFB, AFB, Bike Kick (7 Hits, 100%)
16. (corner) aaSUJK, Air Fireball, SUJK, Air Fireball, SUJK, Air Fireball (6 Hits, 100%) *more cycles are possible, i've heard 7 is max

1. Bike Kick release and hold the button immediately, Bike Kick, Bike Kick... (should interrupt a special move or fireball to be unblockable)