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Shang Tsung (MK2)

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After losing control of the Shaolin Tournament, Shang Tsung promises his ruler Shao Kahn to shape events that will lure the earth warriors to compete in his own contest. Convinced of this plan, Shao Kahn restores Tsung's youth and allows him to live.

Move List

Close HP : Elbow [Hits high]

Flaming Skull : B, B, HP 12%

Double Flaming Skull : B, B, F, HP 12% each flame

Triple Flaming Skull : B, B, F, F, HP 12% each flame

When the opponent is jumping away, let loose with three skulls. If one hits in the air, they all will. Tsung has very few good moves, since he normally changes into someone else and uses their moves. However, someone who has very good timing can play as Shang Tsung without morphing and still do well. Note that to do the Kintaro Morph you must begin holding LP long before it says "Finish Him!" Most people begin charging before it says "Fight!" and continue the entire round.


Morph : Lasts for about 10 seconds then you morph back into Shang Tsung. You can delay this by crouching.

Baraka : D, D, LK

Cage : B, B, D, LP

Jax : D, F, B, HK

Kitana : Block, Block, Block

Kung Lao : B, D, B, HK

Liu Kang : B, F, F, Block

Mileena : Hold HP for 2 seconds, Release HP

Raiden : D, B, F, LK

Reptile : U, D, HP

Scorpion : U, U

Sub-Zero : F, D, F, HP


Fatality 1 : (Close) Hold Block, U, D, U, LK

Shang Tsung picks up his opponent with one hand and raises the other. The opponent's soul leaves its body, leaving a decayed and withered form.

Fatality 2 : (Sweep) Hold HK for 2 seconds, Release HK

Shang Tsung flies in his opponent's mouth. The opponent soon explodes, with Tsung standing exactly where his opponent stood.

Fatality 3 : Hold LP for 20~30 seconds, release one step away from your opponent.

  • You can hold LP before the round begins so you don't have to wait 30 seconds.

Shang Tsung morphs into Kintaro. He then punches off his opponents upper body.

Babality : B, F, D, HK

Friendship : B, B, D, F, HK

Shang Tsung creates a rainbow.

Pit II : D, D, U, D

Kombat Tomb : You have to morph into another character to do it.

The Basics

Pros: -Can turn into any one of the playable characters. Depending on who he turns into, refer to the other pros and cons in this list.

-Shang Tsung does have is own playstyle though, and it can take some mind games to use it to destroy your opponent depending on the difficulty level or skill of your friend.

-His flaming attack is extremely spammable and can deal great damage if you keep it up, so long as the enemy keeps falling for it without blocking it. Still, the triple flaming heads are difficult to work around.

-Depending on the character he's turned into at the end of the match, he can do their fatality.

Cons: -While his flaming skulls attack can do some major damage, it *can* be worked around (difficult as it may be), and this method becomes lost.

-For other cons, refer to the other characters as the flaming skulls are his only unique attack.

Advanced Strategies

Uppercut: Good

Jump Kick: Awesome

Roundhouse: Weak

The only special move Shang Tsung has is the Fireballs. These take off good damage if they hit, and can be sent out three at a time. When you morph into another fighter, you stay morphed for about 15 seconds, at which point you moprh back into Shang Tsung. During the morphing stage you are vulnerable to all hits. His other weapon is his jump kick. It has awesome range and hitting area, as well as being very accurate.


Basic Combos

Jump Kick - Flaming Skull

Jump kick your opponent below the waist and throw a skull. Start the two back motion as you are kicking. (Note: Only works on some players)

Flaming Skulls

If done right, the opponent will skip on the skulls. Throw the three skulls before the opponent jump either toward or away.

Advanced Combos

a) Normal Combos

1. (mid-screen) aaHP, HP, Double Fireball (4 Hits, 37%)
2. (mid-screen) aaHP, Triple Fireball (4 Hits, 42%) *(about 65% with Death Punch)
3. (corner) aaHP, JP, JP, HP, Fireball (5 Hits, 45%)
4. (mid-screen) JK, Triple Fireball (4 Hits, 51%)
5. (corner) aaSUJK, HP, Fireball, HP, Fireball (5 Hits, 57%)
6. (mid-screen) aaDouble Fireball, aaTriple Fireball (5 Hits, 59%)
7. (corner) SUJK, Double Fireball, aaHP, Fireball (5 Hits, 62%)

b) Morph Combos

1. (mid-screen) [Reptile] Forceball, [Scorpion] HP, JP, Teleport Punch (TP), Air Throw (5 Hits, 56%)
2. (corner) [Kung Lao] aaSpin, [Shang Tsung] Triple Fireball (4 Hits, 58%)
3. (mid-screen) aaDouble Fireball, [Scorpion] Teleport Punch, Spear, Uppercut (5 Hits, 62%)
4. (mid-screen) [Reptile] ForceBall, [Scorpion] HPx2, Teleport Punch, Spear, Uppercut (62%)
5. (mid-screen) [Reptile] Forceball, [Raiden] Teleport, RH, aaHP, SUJK, Torpedo (5 Hits, 75%)
6. (corner) [Kitana] Fan Lift, [Mileena] SUJP, Air Sai, aaLP, Roll, SUJK, Air Sai (6 Hits, 77%)
7. (mid-screen) [Scorpion] RH, Teleport Punch, Spear, [Jax] Hammer, TAK, BackBreacker (6 Hits, 83%)
8. (corner) [Cage] Nut Punch Female Glitch, [Raiden] Shock Grab, RH, RH, HK (5 Hits, 100%)
9. (corner) [Kitana] Fan Lift, [Scorpion] RH, LP, Spear, RH Infinite
10. (near corner) [Scorpion] JK, Teleport Punch, Spear, [Sub-Zero] Freeze, TAK, Ground Ice, RH Infinite
11. (corner) [Jax] Overhead Hammer, [Sub-Zero] Freeze, TAK, Ground Freeze, RH Infinite
12. (corner) [Scorpion] SUJK, HP, Spear, [Cage] Rising Kick, Shadow Kick, Shadow Kick, Shadow Kick (7 Hits, 100%)
13. (near corner) [Sub-Zero] Ground Freeze, RH, [Kung Lao] Spin, JP, Whiff Div Kick, Spin, JK, Div Kick (7 Hits, 100%)
14. (mid-screen) [Scorpion] aaHPx2, JK, Teleport Punch, Spear, [Jax] Overhead Hammer, TAK, Gotcha (12 Hits, 100%)
15. (mid-screen) [Scorpion] aaHPx2, JP, TP, Spear. [Kung Lao] Spin, JP, Whiff Div Kick, JK, Div Kick (9 Hits, 100%)
16. (corner) SUJK, Double Fireball, LP, [Mileena] Roll, LP, Roll, JP, Air Sai (9 Hits, 100%)
17. (corner) [Kitana] Fan Lift, JP, Air Fan, [Shang Tsung] HP, [Scorpion] LP, Spear, RH, RH, HK (9 Hits, 100%)
18. (corner) [Scorpion] SUJP, RH, HP, Spear, [Kitana] Fan Lift, SUJK, Air Fan, HP, Wave Punch (9 Hits, 100)
19. (against the corner) [Reptile] Forceball, [Scorpion] aaHPx2, TP, Spear, [Sub-Zero] Freeze, TAK, Ground Ice, RH Infinite
20. (against the corner) [Reptile] Forceball, [Liu Kang] Bicycle Kick, SUJK, Air Fireball, Bicycle Kick (5 Hits, 100%)
21. (mid-screen) [Scorpion] aaHPx2, JP, TP, otg JP, TP, [Sub-Zero] JK, Ground Freeze, JK, JK (10 Hits, 100%)
22. (against the corner) [Reptile] Forceball, [Scorpion] Spear, HP, Spear, [Mileena] RH, Roll, LP, Roll, JP, Air Sai (10 Hits, 100%)

1. There are no known infinites for Shang Tsung yet....