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His real name is Maj. Jackson Briggs, leader of a top US special forces unit. After receiving a home made porn VHS distress signal from Lt. Sonya Blade, Jax embarks on a rescue mission. One that leads him into a ghastly world where he believes that Sonya is still alive and virgin.

Move List Showcase

Move List

Close HP : Overhead Hammer [Hits high, Stuns]

Energy Wave : F, D, B, HK 11%

Ground Pound : Hold LK for 3 seconds, Release [Unblockable] 13%

Gotcha Grab : F, F, LP [Tap LP for up to 5 hits] 6% each punch

Back Breaker : Press Block while next to your opponent in the air. 20%

Quadruple Slam : During throw, tap HP 33%

Jax is the best close-range fighter in the game. An overhead hammer followed by an uppercut, Grab 'n' Pound, or Multiple Throw is devestating, and if the hammer hits, the next move is automatic success. After hitting the kick button for a jump kick (especially a turnaround kick), immediately hold block. It doesn't put you at any disadvantage, and if timed right it will do a backbreaker when the kick hits.


Fatality 1 : (Close) Hold LP, F, F, F, Release LP

Jax clasps his hands on his opponent's head, causing it to splatter into pieces.

Fatality 2 : (Sweep) Block, Block, Block, Block, LP

Jax rips off his opponent's arms.

Babality : D, U, D, U, LK

Friendship : D, D, U, U, LK

Jax makes paper dolls.

Pit II/Tomb : U, U, D, LK

The Basics

Pros: -He has an amazing ground-level gameand can throw people off with that ground punch attack.

-Jax thankfully has a projectile attack, which will knock enemies out of the mid-air, often good for exposing an invisible Reptile because of the range.

-The projectile fire can also knock down a mid-bicycle kick Liu Kang, and takes priority over Smoke and Scorpion's hand-spear attacks.

-Jax's multi-slam is capable of an incredible amount of damage if it connects, which is pretty easy to do, as is the Gotcha-Grab. They're both quite similar.

-If executed at the proper time, he can stop Kitana's flying punch with his projectile

-His mid-air grab can be useful for oppoents who like to spam attacks from the sky such as jump-kicking.

-The ground punch attack will stop Mileena's ground roll right in it's tracks.

Cons: -The ground punch is also his greatest weakness, as it will force an opponent into the air and a possible jump kick while Jax is vulnerable, if they don't stay on the ground.

-His projectile has a decent range but can still be jumped over for a jump kick.

-He is one of the characters without a real stunning or cheap ability, so a slightly higher level of skill is required to use him effectively, especially against Shao Kahn and Kintaro.

Advanced Strategies

Uppercut: Good

Jump Kick: Good

Roundhouse: Weak

Jax has some very powerful moves, and is a terrific close in fighter. The Quadruple Slam can be done every time you throw your opponent. Just throw them the regular way and tap HIGH PUNCH until the fourth slam is over. The Gotcha Grab can catch unsuspecting and jumping opponents and subject them to facial assault. Up to five face smashes are possible, just keep hitting LOW PUNCH. The Back Breaker is best used as a combo. You can follow must jump kicks or hop kicks with this for additional damage. The energy wave takes off average damage, but has a very long hitting area, which is great for hitting jumpers. Add the Ground Smash to every hit you do for extra damage. The only way to block this is to jump.


Basic Combos

Overhead Hammer - Uppercut

After performing the overhead hammer, uppercut the opponent. You can do other moves, such as the 'Gotcha' grab, instead of the uppercut.

Jump Kick - Energy Throw

Jump kick the opponent below the waist, and immediately perform the energy throw.

Jump Kick - 'Gotcha' Grab

Jump kick the opponent below the waist, and quickly perform the 'Gotcha' grab. Start the two forward motion while you are kicking and quickly press LOW PUNCH. Timing is crucial, or Jax will miss.

Jump Kick - Back Breaker

Jump kick your opponent below the knees. Quickly hit BLOCK to perform the back breaker.

Jump Kick - Ground Smash

Charge up the ground smash first. Then, jump kick the opponent below the waist. As soon as you touch ground, performt he ground smash. This may not work on human players, since the only way to avoid the ground smash is to jump in the air.

Advanced Combos

1. (mid-screen) JK, bleeding JK, Ground Pound (3 Hits, 45%)
2. (anywhere) Quad-Slam, Ground Pound (5 Hits, 49%)
3. (mid-screen) aaHP, HP, JK, Backbreaker (4 Hits, 50%)
4. (mid-screen) Overhead Hammer, TAK, Backbreacker (3 Hits, 51%)
5. (mid-screen) Overhead Hammer, TAK, Gotcha Grab x5 (7 Hits, 59%)
6. (corner) aaHP, HP, JP, JK, Backbreaker (5 Hits, 60%)
7. (corner) SUJK, JP, aaHP, Gotcha (6 Hits, 65%)
8. (corner) SUJP, JP, JP, JK, Backbreaker (5 Hits, 66%)
9. (corner) SUJP, JP, JP, RH, LK (5 Hits, 66%)
10. (corner) Overhead Hammer, TAK, JK, Backbreaker (4 Hits, 68%)
11. (corner) SUJK, Jump Punch, SUJK, Backbreaker (4 Hits, 70%)
12. (corner) SUJP, JP, JP, HK, JK, Backbreacker (6 Hits, 86%)
13. (corner) Uppercut Interrupt, JP, RH, aaHP, Gotcha (9 Hits, 90%)
14. (corner) SUJP, JP, JP, HK, bleeding JK, Gotcha (10 Hits, 94%)
15. (corner) Uppercut Interrupt, JP, JP, HK, Bleeding JK, Gotcha (10 Hits, 100%)

1. There are no known infinites for Jax yet....

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