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Scorpion (MK2)

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The hell-spawned specter rises from the pits. After learning of Sub- Zero's return, he again stalks the ninja assassin - following him into the dark realm of the Outworld where he continues his own unholy mission.

Move List

Close HP : Quick Strike [Hits high]

Spear : B, B, LP 5%

Teleport Punch : D, B, HP 8%

Air Throw : Press Block while next to your opponent in the air. 20%

Leg Scissor Throw : F, D, B, LK 17%

If you do a turnaround kick, you can often do a teleport punch and/or spear and catch your opponent off guard. The leg takedown is almost worthless, since it does less damage than a throw, and if blocked it leaves you open to an uppercut.


Fatality 1 : (Close) Hold HP, D, F, F, F, Release HP

Scorpion slits his opponent's throat with his spear and slices them in half at the waist.

Fatality 2 : (Jump) U, U, HP

Fatality 3 : (Anywhere) D, D, U, U, HP

Scorpion removes his mask to reveal a skull. He then breathes fire on his opponent, turning them into a flaming skeleton, which shakes violently and eventually explodes.

Babality : D, B, B, HK

Friendship : B, B, D, HK

"Buy a Scorpion doll!"

Pit II/Tomb : D, F, F, Block

The Basics

Pros: -His teleport punch can get you out of a cornered position and give you the upper-hand while the enemy is turning around for a well placed hand-spear

-The hand-spear can stop Liu Kang's bicycle kick, as well as paralyzing him like normal.

-If Baraka does his Slice and Dice attack, he's way open for a free hit from the hand-spear, same applies to Kitana and her fan lift attack.

-If Scorpion is far enough away, Johnny Cage also leaves himself wide open if he uses the shadow kick or shadow uppercut, the same applies to Shao Kahn's shoulder charge.

Cons: -All projectiles take higher priority over the hand-spear, so if someone throws a projectile while you use the hand-spear, you will be hit and they won't be stunned.

-Rayden's Flying Tunder God attack will go right under Scorpion's hand-spear.

-Hand-spear is fairly slow, giving Kintaro a huge window of time to teleport stomp you.

Advanced Strategies

Uppercut: Weak

Jump Kick: Good

Roundhouse: Awesome

Scorpion can be used both defensively and offensively. His roundhouse makes him almost impossible to jump at. The Spear can be used to pull in jumping opponents, and is also good as part of a combo. Always follow the Spear with an uppercut, unless you are feeling cocky. Your opponent will be stunned after they are speared, but do not try to jump over them, they will suddenly revive. The Air Throw is hard to pull off against a decent human opponent. It is effective not at the top of Scorpions jump, but closer to the ground, where it is harder to react to. The Teleport Punch is good to keep people guessing when standing on the far side of the screen. Never use the teleport at an obvious time, it is easy to retaliate to.


Basic Combos

Spear - Uppercut

By far the most known Scorpion combo move. Spear the opponent and uppercut them when you pull them back.

Jump Kick - Spear - Uppercut

Jump kick your opponent below the waist and quickly throw the spear. Start the two back motion as you are kicking.

Jump Kick - Leg Grab

Jump kick your opponent below the waist and quickly performt he leg grab.

Jump Kick - Air Throw

Jump kick your opponent below the waist. Quickly press BLOCK in order to throw the opponent.

Teleport Punch - Spear - Uppercut

Teleport the opponent and immediately throw the spear. This works best then then opponent is in mid air at the time you execute the teleport punch.

Teleport Punch - Leg Grab

Same as #4, except you execute the leg grab.

Turning Kick - Teleport Punch - Spear - Uppercut

Perform the turning kick. As soon as you connect, perform the teleport punch. If the teleport punch connects, immediately throw the spear and uppercut the opponent.

Jump Kick - Punch - Teleport Punch - Spear - Uppercut

Jump kick the opponent when they are in mid air. Press the KICK button right as you jump. When you connect, punch the opponent once. If connection is made, immediately perform the teleport punch and throw the spear after.

Advanced Combos

1. (mid-screen) aaHPx2, JP, Teleport, JK (5 Hits, 48%)
2. (mid-screen) aaHPx2, Teleport Punch, Spear, Uppercut (5 Hits, 52%)
3. (mid-screen) RH, Teleport Punch, Spear, Uppercut (4 Hits, 57%)
4. (corner) JK, D+LP, D+LP, SUJK, Air Throw (5 Hits, 65%)
5. (mid-screen) aaHPx2, JK, Teleport Punch, Spear, Uppercut (68%)
6. (corner) aaSUJK, JP, SUJK, Air Throw (4 Hits, 71%)
7. (corner) JK, D+LP, D+LP, LP, Spear, RH, HK (7 Hits, 72%)
8. (mid-screen) aaHPx2, JP, Teleport Punch, JP, Teleport Punch, Spear, Uppercut (8 Hits, 80%)
9. (corner) SUJP, JP, JP, HK, Spear, RH, HK (93%)

1. (corner) RH, RH, RH, RH....
2. (mid-screen vs bosses) Spear, D+LP, Spear, D+LP, Spear...
3. (corner vs bosses) Spear, D+LP, LP/HP, Spear, D+LP, LP/HP, Spear (vs Shao Kahn only LP works)