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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future/Avdol/Combos

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Combos into stand off 623+C can be slightly unsafe, as the opponent can tech on the ground and Magician's Red takes his sweet time disappearing.

BE VERY CAREFUL WITH CANCELS INTO HITGRAB IN GENERAL!!! Avdol has absolutely horrible command overlap with his 214+A and 63214+A specials, resulting in cancels into the Sensor that were meant to be cancels into hitgrab. This means that slow execution may give you an unsafe cancel that your opponent can hit you out of and possibly combo from. To prevent 214+A from coming out, you can skip the diagonals to do the motion: 624+A will count as a valid input just like 63214+A. For some reason, if you do the full motion, depending on how much time you spend on the diagonals, the game can just give you a sensor even if you hit 6 and 3.  

During tandem combos there's nothing in particular that you need to be doing for the tandem to properly continue, but you can add damage while following with j.C into 2A if you can't get to the other side and spam 2A/5A. 

Stand Off:

2A, 2A, 5B xx 623+C OR 63214+A/B/C

j.C, 5B xx 214+S(Tandem) [ABC]x5, j.C, 5B/6C xx 63214+A/B/C (grab followup)

j.C, 6C xx 63214+C (grab followup)

2B, 2C

2B, 5B xx 623+C

2B, 5B xx 214+S(Tandem) [ABC]x5, j.C, 5B/6C xx 63214+A/B/C (grab followup)

2B, 6C xx 63214+C (grab followup)

2B, S+5A > s.5B > s.5C

Here you can substitute 5B and 6C with 5C: it moves Avdol forward making the cancels land even at longer ranges. Useful when landing 2B links from a jump-in. Avdol's routes are very versatile but he has a hard time landing jump-ins while stand off, as his jump C needs as low a connect as possible for him to combo out of it. In these cases, his 2B conversions are slightly more damaging but the simpler ones with 2A/5B/6C are more consistent and therefore preferred. 

j.C, 2B, 5C xx 63214+C (grab followup) 

663B/2B xx 214+S(Tandem) [ABC]x5, j.C, 5B/6C xx 63214+A/B/C (grab followup)

(Any tandem starter)... xx 214+S(Tandem) [ABC]x5, j.C, 5C xx 236+A, (hop) j.C, S+6A > s.5A > s.5A > s.5B xx 214+S(Tandem)... (loop) - Corner only. Avdol's tandem loop; if you end up in the corner after a tandem, this combo allows you to get another, bypassing the normal tandem lock-out time.

663B, 2A, 5B xx 63214+A/B/C (grab followup) - One frame link. Best combo off a confirmed 663B, but hard. 

Stand On:

s.5A > s.5A > s.5B > s.5C  

s.2A > s.5B > s.5C 

s.2A s.2B > s.2C

j.C/j.s.C, s.6A > s.6A > s.6A > s.5B xx s.63214+B/C OR 214+S(Tandem) [ABC]x5, j.C, 5B/6C xx 63214+A/B/C (grab followup) - Doing 4 s.6As works, but you risk of negative edge-ing an A Hellfire, which does not reach. Standing/stand on opponents only. 

j.C/j.s.C, s.5A > s.5B xx 63214+B/C OR 214+S(Tandem) [ABC]x5, j.C, 5B/6C xx 63214+A/B/C (grab followup) - Works on crouching opponents, but less consistent.

s.2A > s.5B > xx s.63214+C

Notes on Stand On chains:

At most ranges s.5C connects, but ending in the shorter s.2C does more damage and leaves you closer. Starting your stand on chains with s.6A makes them more reliable, but it whiffs on crouching opponents. Doing 4 s.6As still gives you a s.5B on the 4th hit, but you won't be able to chain into other normals, only cancel to special moves. Ending with a cancel into C Hellfire does more damage than full chains, and gives a hard knockdown, but is harder when the chain starts anywhere further than point blank.  

(A version of s.236+A connects) s.665A/s.665B(1 or 2 hits) xx s.63214+C - Safe on block. s.665B goes farther but is slower. At longer ranges the hitgrab may whiff. 

(A version of s.236+A connects) s.665C xx 214+S(Tandem) [ABC]x5, j.C, 5B/6C xx s.63214+A (grab followup)

(Remote mode ONLY) j.s.C, s.6A > s.6A > s.6A > s.5B xx s.623+C - Unlike the stand off 623+c combos, this one is always safe on hit.

(Remote mode ONLY) j.s.C, s.6A > s.6A > s.6A > s.5B xx s.236+AA - Works only if you have the opponent cornered in remote mode with the screen stretched. A lot of requirements for and ok combo. If the opponent doesn't tech/neutral or backwards techs, you can juggle a remote mode s.623+C, as it is air-unblockable. Flashy AF.

Sample grab followups

Some characters fall down faster/slower and/or are smaller/bigger in the air, so timing and consistency of juggles greatly varies among the cast. You have a lot of freedom with these juggles, see what works for you.

(hitgrab)... S+6A > s.5A > s.5B > s.5C - Depending on the height you hit your opponent at it may drop before the C. 

(hitgrab)... S+5A > s.5A > s.5B > s.2C - More consistent on late juggles, as it leaves closer.

(hitgrab)... (opponent lands) 214+AA then hop j.A or 2A - Basic mixup. High damage. Super and normal need to be timed differently depending on the opponent's wakeup speed, but is possible on all characters.

(hitgrab)... 236+S - Sets up remote mode. Only a relevant combo because its much easier than timing chains and works more reliably on some characters (ex: iggy).

In the corner, you can juggle into a s.623+C after a s.5B, but it's inconsistent as the opponent can sometimes tech before the uppercut hits.

Sample standcrash combos

When planning a stand crash combo using tandem, starting the chain with s.6A is better as it does more stand gauge damage and needs no precise following for it to combo.

(Stand crash) 665C xx 63214+C(grab followup)

(Stand crash) 663B xx 214+S(Tandem) [ABC]x5, j.C, 5B/6C xx 63214+A/B/C (grab followup)

(Stand crash) s.665A/s.665B(1 or 2 hits) xx s.63214+C(grab followup)

(Stand crash) s.665C(1st hit) xx 214+S(Tandem) [ABC]x5, j.C, 5B/6C xx 63214+A/B/C (grab followup)

663B/2B 214+S(Tandem) [6A]x8, 2A (Tandem ends), j.C, 6C (Stand crash) xx 236+A (Hop) j.C, 6C xx 63214+A/B/C(grab followup)  

663B/2B 214+S(Tandem) [6A]x8, 2A (Tandem ends), j.C, 6C (Stand crash) xx 236+A (Hop) j.C, S+6A > s.6A > s.6A > s.5B xx s.63214+C

663B/2B 214+S(Tandem) [6A]x8, 2A (Tandem ends), j.C, 6C (Stand crash) xx 214+AA, s.6A > s.6A > s.6A > s.5B xx s.623+C - Corner only. s.623+C here connects properly because of the hits of the super.

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