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SvC Chaos: SNK Vs Capcom/Earthquake

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アースクェイク, Earthquake
"If you want to be strong like me, you gotta eat like a champ! Snort, oink!"
Difficulty Easy Execution, Hard Gameplay
Max Mode Needed? Doesn't Need It
Tier Placement Maybe (C)
Standing Hitbox Tall
Crouching Hitbox Huge



Earthquake (or EQ for short) is easily the fattest character of both the Samurai Shodown series and this game, and is almost as tall as Hugo. While he definitely has some issues, he's an overall unique character in SVC and may even surprise you with what he has to offer as an unorthodox big-body type character.

Pros Cons
  • Fun to play
  • Wide variety of tools
  • Nice damage, reach and recovery on his normals
  • Fast dashes
  • Pretty fast for a huge character
  • Not incredibly easy to pin down
  • Can punish projectiles a number of ways
  • Can link his Heavy buttons
  • Projectile allows for some unique setplay
  • Has wall jumps
  • Massive target
  • Most vulnerable in the corner for several reasons
  • Needs meter to safely punish zoners
  • Very easy to crossup
  • Unreliable jump-ins
  • Jumps aren't that good in general
  • Needs at least some matchup knowledge to work
  • Projectile has a lot of startup to it
  • Situational Exceed

Moves List

Normal Moves

Close/Far Normals

Damage Counter Dmg Guard G. Crush Stun Meter Cancel Startup Active Recovery Total Hit Adv Block Adv Invulnerability
- - Mid - - - - - - - - - - -
  • It's a fast attack that cannot combo in itself. It's cancelable, and the damage is nice for a light attack. You can use this to push the opponent if you want.

Damage Counter Dmg Guard G. Crush Stun Meter Cancel Startup Active Recovery Total Hit Adv Block Adv Invulnerability
- - Mid - - - - - - - - - - -
  • Fast kick that cannot combo in itself. The startup is almost the same than the move above (I think), but this move is not cancelable, so you can avoid it if you want.

Damage Counter Dmg Guard G. Crush Stun Meter Cancel Startup Active Recovery Total Hit Adv Block Adv Invulnerability
- - Mid - - - - - - - - - - -
  • Nice move, really. This is a fast move(A little faster than the moves above) that is cancelable and combos into EQ's s.HK. The damage is nice, so make sure to cancel if it hits the opponent. This move is safe if blocked, so you can abuse of it to push the opponent.

Damage Counter Dmg Guard G. Crush Stun Meter Cancel Startup Active Recovery Total Hit Adv Block Adv Invulnerability
- - Mid - - - - - - - - - - -
  • One of his long range pokes. The reach, the damage and the speed of this move are nice, and that makes this move a nice poke for him. It's not cancelable.

Damage Counter Dmg Guard G. Crush Stun Meter Cancel Startup Active Recovery Total Hit Adv Block Adv Invulnerability
- - Mid - - - - - - - - - - -
  • Fast and cancelable kick that can be used as a poke and as a followup for the cl.HP(Just time well and you'll be fine with this simple combo). The damage of this move is nice(EQ's normals are incredibly good, really), so this move is good for punishing combos.

Crouch Normals

Damage Counter Dmg Guard G. Crush Stun Meter Cancel Startup Active Recovery Total Hit Adv Block Adv Invulnerability
- - Mid - - - - - - - - - - -
  • The same info that is in the s.LP you can put here, but it hits low. You can use this as a low poke too.

Damage Counter Dmg Guard G. Crush Stun Meter Cancel Startup Active Recovery Total Hit Adv Block Adv Invulnerability
- - Mid - - - - - - - - - - -
  • Kick that is similar to the s.LK. Don't hits low and it's not cancelable. Avoid if you want.

Damage Counter Dmg Guard G. Crush Stun Meter Cancel Startup Active Recovery Total Hit Adv Block Adv Invulnerability
- - Mid - - - - - - - - - - -
  • Strange anti-air. Cancelable, and a little fast. Use if you want.

Damage Counter Dmg Guard G. Crush Stun Meter Cancel Startup Active Recovery Total Hit Adv Block Adv Invulnerability
- - Mid - - - - - - - - - - -
  • That's your low long range poke. It's a fast move that knocks down and the damage is incredibly good, but isn't cancelable, sadly. Use it only as a low long range poke. I know a nice setup for this move, it will be on the Advanced Strategy section.

Jumping Normals

Damage Counter Dmg Guard G. Crush Stun Meter Cancel Startup Active Recovery Total Hit Adv Block Adv Invulnerability
- - Overhead - - - - - - - - - - -
  • Neutral/Diagonal Jumping Attack
  • This can work as a surprise move, due to its reach, but as an air-to-air move, forget it. As a jump-in, forget it. EQ has better options, so avoid if you want. Sadly, EQ's air attacks are not cancelable.

Damage Counter Dmg Guard G. Crush Stun Meter Cancel Startup Active Recovery Total Hit Adv Block Adv Invulnerability
- - Overhead - - - - - - - - - - -
  • Neutral/Diagonal Jumping Attack
  • His best air-to-air move, really. Can be used as an jum-in, but he have better options. Only that, I think.

Damage Counter Dmg Guard G. Crush Stun Meter Cancel Startup Active Recovery Total Hit Adv Block Adv Invulnerability
- - Overhead - - - - - - - - - - -
  • Neutral/Diagonal Jumping Attack
  • His best jump-in attack. EQ performs an attack with his big belly. Nice damage, easy to combo after the attack, can crossup the opponent, but bad as an air-to-air.

Damage Counter Dmg Guard G. Crush Stun Meter Cancel Startup Active Recovery Total Hit Adv Block Adv Invulnerability
- - Overhead - - - - - - - - - - -
  • Neutral/Diagonal Jumping Attack
  • It's a jump-in attack that can crossup the opponent. The damage is good, but it's hard to combo with it. Just practice if you want to use.

Command Moves

Fat Bound

  • (In air) d+K - Nice offensive and defensive move. It can be used to chip on the corner, and the LK version is better in my opinion(The HK version does more chip damage, but can be unsafe). LK version will make EQ bounce 2 times and the HK version will make him bounce 3 times. Can be hard to counter, but it's not impossible. Can be used to run away or to fill your Super Meter after a backdash(He have better options to fill his Super Meter, and I'm saying this because if you backdash with this move, you can go to the corner, but use if you're sure that you will not go to the corner).

Special Moves

Fat Burst

  • QCF+P - A strange, but interesting... Projectile... The LP and the HP versions have the same startup(Which is bad) and the same recovery after he... Farts(Which is nice, I don't know why). The projectile will disappear after a while, or if EQ use certain moves. The HP version travels further, so use this instead of the LP version. Due to the recovery, EQ can walk with the projectile under him, or even jump/dash over it. Nice to use on the opponent's wakeup, due to its speed. Can be hard to jump over(I don't know why).

Chainsaw Dive

  • (In air) QCF+P - Nice and fast move. The LP version is faster, and can be safe sometimes, so use this version. You can use after a backdash to build meter too(It's better than using b+K). EQ don't have air cancelable moves(Unlike some characters), so this move is hard to combo, sadly.

Fat Chainsaw

  • DP+P - LP version is a nice anti-air that knocks down. I'll try to explain the HP version in the Advanced Strategy, so use more the LP version for now. This version is nice for combos too(Can be comboed after a cl.HP or a s.HK). You have time to use the QCF+P as a meaty "fireball" after this move.

Fat Breath

  • QCB+P - Can be his best Special move. Why? You can almost EAT every projectile/Super projectile(I think) in the game. I(Redarts) could EAT Ryu's Shinkuu Hadouken with this(I won the battle because of this move). You can direct this move with u/d, so this can work as an anti-air sometimes. Can be useful as a chipping move too. HP version stays longer.

Fat Fake

  • HCB+LK - I'll explain this on the Advanced Strategy, so you can avoid for now. All I can say is that this move doesn't fill the Super Bar.

Fat Replica Attack(aka Fat Copy)

  • HCB+HK - This move is an overhead. You can control which side EQ will bounce after the disappear thig(Just hold left or right after he vanish). You can use any of the air moves(QCF+P or b+K) after the bounce, which is nice. This move can even trade hits with some DP-like moves, so watch out when you use. I'll try to explain more of this move on the Advanced Strategy too.

Super Moves

Earth Got 'Em 2003

  • QCF(2x)+P - Strange name, but nice move. It works like an anti-air, so you can try to use this when the opponent jumps in. This move can hit crouching opponents too, but it don't hits low, obviously. You can combo this move after a s.HK(Needs to be a little close).

Fat Guilty

  • QCF(2x)+K - His best Super. You can use this on characters with a slow jump(like Dhalsim). EQ is invincible to anything(Except throws) until the chain comes back. Use this to counter some super/normal projectiles, but can be hard depending of the character. Use if you're sure that you will land the attack, but it's safe if blocked, depending on where EQ is.


Fat Carnival

  • QCF,HCB+PP - Nice Exceed. The animation is the same as EQ's DP, so you can use as an anti-air. I'll try to explain more on the Advanced Strategy(Because EQ makes a little "poof" after the Exceed screen). You can do some buffering with this move too.

The Basics

EQ can be a big target, but he is a little fast. You know that. EQ has some nice pokes to use(and abuse sometimes) in the battle, so don't forget to use them. Make sure to don't go the corner(You can go if you know what will do). You can ask: "What can I do when EQ is stuck on the corner?" You have options, but you need meter(EQ needs to have only one level to be a defensive character). Here they are:

  • GCF(Guard Cancel Frontstep) - Use any of the two inputs, and can be safe depending of which character the opponent is using. After you use it, counter him with what you have(Any attack or combo).
  • CD Counter - The easiest to use. But remember: The CD Counter is cancelable, so try to combo(I'm not so sure if it can combo), or even try to get near from the opponent with EQ's DP+LP or his HCB+HP. A nice option if you're on desperate situations.
  • Anti-airing the opponent - EQ has some strange anti-airs, but they are not so good to use on the corner. The best anti-air that you can use is the QCF(2x)+P(As a reversal if you want). Some players like to use the "Fat Guilty as an anti-air too, but remember, you're vulnerable to throws(But your opponents don't need to know that now, or they need?).
  • Grabbing the opponent(With CD) - A not so good choice, but can be the best choice if it works(Depending of the character that is cornering EQ). Let me explain how it works. Some block string combos(EQ has some too) have some "holes"(EQ's blockstring has "holes" too), if you know what I mean. You can take advantage of those "holes" to grab the opponent, or even punish him, but I think that grabbing the opponent with CD can be a better option. Why? Just see. You're on the corner, the opponent "creates a hole" near you. You can do a GCF if you're blocking(That's something optional). After that, just do an grab with CD and see what happens: The opponent will be on the corner! That's a nice thing, but can be hard sometimes. Use this with caution.
  • Wall/Normal/Hyper jump + QCF+P/b+K - Don't use, but it's possible if the opponent tries to fool you by making you think: "He will run now?" But don't try to think this, please.

EQ's Gameplan
"Don't get on the corner" is your main gameplan. Other than that, is to make the opponent throw a projectile just to punish him with his QCF(2x)+K. How can you make? Just use your... (Kind of) projectile. The opponent can try to use his projectile(If he have one, of course), and then you can punish him. After that, the opponent will try not to use projectiles on him(Which is a nice thing). But if you don't have meter, the opponent can abuse of them. Wait, there's more. If you want to do some jumpins/crossups with his j.HP, do a Hyper Jump(It's his best jump). If you know that the opponent will do a super projectile move, just EAT it. If you're cornered, just see the above.

Some Combos(You can add if you know some)

1- cl.HP, s.HK - 2 hits

Seems like one of those target combos on 3S. The damage is nice, but sadly, you cannot combo after the s.HK. Nice combo if want to start with EQ. You need to time well if you want to use, but this is metter of practice.

2- cl.HP/HK, DP+LP - 2 hits

Simple combo. That's EQ's punish combo. The cl.HP and HK are EQ's most damaging cancelable moves, so just choose which one you want to use. The damage is good.

3- (When the opponent is knocked down near from the corner) QCF+HP(A little far from the opponent), Hyper jump/Dash and jump, j.HP/HK(Crossup here), Hit from the "projectile", cl.HK(Cancel this into a QCF+HP to continue your pressure game, but if you're doing a combo), QCF(2x)+P/Exceed - 13/11 hits

That's EQ's blockstring. Can be used as a combo too. If you can hit this, after the fart hits the opponent, do a QCF(2x)+P. It's not hard, really. You can use this after you use the combo number two in the middle of the screen(Which is nice). If you want to repeat the process by canceling the cl.HK(Which is not so hard), go ahead, but can be easy for the opponent to flee. If you don't want to try, just do a combo on the opponent(Just see above).

4- (Corner only) cl.HK, QCF(2x)+P - 11 hits

Can be one of his most damaging combos. You can use this input to combo with more ease: QCF+HK,QCF+P. The QCF(2x)+P part whiffs on some characters(Even on the corner). The Super will whiff with this combo on: Mai, Goenitz, Shiki, Dan(One reason that Dan is not a Shoto), Chun-Li, Demitri, Guile, Zero, and Dictador(I'm not sure if this whiffs on Athena or Red Arremer, but if you if you want to check, thanks). If the opponent is in a Dizzy state, you can add a QCF+P and a Jump-in attack(like the blockstring above).

Sadly, EQ don't have Max Mode Combos. But those normal combos are nice to use.

Advanced Strategy

More info on EQ's "projectile"

EQ's projectile is pretty good, right? But it have some disadvantages. What do you mean? I'll explain. The recovery on EQ's "projectile" is very good, as you know. Because of this, the move/combo used after the projectile could result some nice setups. Now for the bad part: EQ's projectile will vanish after you use certain moves. EQ's fart will vanish when used with: QCB+P(That "Yoga Flame"), QCF(2x)+K(Fat Guilty), and his Exceed.

Some strategies with your fart - Throw a HP fart when you can. Don't use the 3 moves above. Now just walk with it(You're faster than the projectile). After that, the opponent have one(or two) option(s), and they are: Jump over the projectile(The opponent can crossup EQ with ease, remember?), or throwing a projectile(If he/she have one). For the second one, you'll know what to do. Now for the first: The opponent will try to jump over your fart(It's strange, really) and it will be with you. The opponent will do a jump-in/crossup on you. So what to do? You have two options: Backdash + QCF+LP/d+LK(To gain meter), or just block the attack(The opponent will fall on the projectile, but you'll lose a little ammount of your Guard Meter).

Some tricks with EQ's "poof" moves

Well... You have 4 poof moves: The Fat Fake(HCB+LK), the Strong Fat Chainsaw(DP+HP), the Fat Replica(HCB+HK) and the Exceed(QCF, HCB+PP). This strategy works if you're far away(You don't need to be on the other side of the screen). Just remember that your Fat Replica is your main move, and when you "poof", EQ's invincible until he appears again. Now for the trick: Just do some Fat Replicas many times you want(You can do near the opponent if you want), and after that do any of the other "poof" moves. You can choose depending of the situation: The Exceed you can use as a surprise move, the DP you can use when you know that the opponent will do a jump-in, which can be almost everytime(It's not safe, but it's nice for the strategy, and you can do the fart strategy above/that blockstring combo after it if you want). For the Fat Replica, it's a little hard to use, but you can catch those characters with BAD/not so reliable anti-airs/reversals(excluding Super Moves), like Mai, and (maybe) the Dictador.

More info on the Fat Guilty

EQ's Fat Guilty is really an important super(To punish projectiles/other special moves, of course). But you need to know when you're going to use, after all, each character has a different projectile, and that means, different recovery. Here is a list on who is easy/hard to punish(Assuming that they use the Light version of the projectile). And If I forget something, just add here.

SNK side:
Iori: Normal
Kyo: Doesn't have a projectile(Sadly)
Terry: Normal
Mr. Karate(Normal version): Easy-to-normal
Ryo: Normal-to-hard
Choi: Doesn't have a projectile, but you can punish his Giant Tornado instead(His Exceed is something hard to punish, but if you want to punish it, go ahead).
Kim: Doesn't have
Shiki: Doesn't have
Kasumi: Normal-to-hard
EQ: Normal(It has almost no recovery, but you can hit him while he's talking that "KUKAMON KURUMI" thing)
Genjyuro: Easy-to-normal
Geese: Normal(Reppuken), Easier(Double Reppuken, it's a different move, so it counts too), and you can punish his Raging Storm Super if you want.
Goenitz: Easy if the "Koko Desu Ka" whiffs, if the tornado was blocked, it's hard(If you cannot GCF it)
O./RTB Iori: Same as the normal Iori
Mars People: Normal-to-hard
Shin Karate: Hard(Invisible thing), Hard(Haoh Shikouken), Hard(Chou Haou Shikou Ken, you'll need to do the super at the same time he charges the move)
Athena: Normal(That insect), and was hard for me to punish those giant animals too.

Capcom Side:
Ryu: Normal(Hadouken), A little easier(Shakunetsu, or the Fire Hadouken), the easiest of the three(Shinkuu)
Ken: Easier than Ryu's Hadouken
Chun-Li: Normal, and you can punish the Kikosho too.
Guile: Hard(You'll know why if you use him)
Dhalsim: Hard(Yoga Fire), Easy(Flame), Easier(Inferno)
Akuma/Gouki: Hard(Hadouken, same in the air), Normal(Shakunetsu), Easy(Super in the ground, but it's Normal if used the air)
The Dictador: Doesn't have(And he needed one)
Sagat: Easy(High/Low tiger), Easier(High/Low Super)
Claw: Doesn't have
Boxer: Doesn't have
Tessa/Thabasa: Normal(Ground projectile), Easy(The air one)
Hugo: Doesn't have
Dan: Easy(Gadouken), Easier(Gadou Shokoken)
Demitri: Hard(Chaos Flare), Easy-to-normal(ES version), Easy(Exceed that doesn't knock down)
Violent Ken: Normal
Zero: Hard(Ground shot, normal/charged), Easier(Air shot, same as ground), Easy(Support Cyber Elf, it's not a projectile, but you can punish it), Hard(Cyber-Elf that does damage), Normal(Super projectile), Easy(Exceed)
Shin Akuma: Hard on everything
Red Arremer: Easy-to-normal(Fireball), Easy(When he flies and launches a fireball on the ground), Normal(When he charges), Hard(If he calls a monster)


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