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SvC Chaos: SNK Vs Capcom/Notation

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Basic Notation

You have a joystick with 8 directions on an arcade. The inputs of the joystick are called:

  • u = up = U.png
  • d = down = D.png
  • f = forward = F.png
  • b = backwards = B.png
  • uf = up-forward = Uf.png
  • ub = up-back = Ub.png
  • df = down-forward = Df.png
  • db = down-back = Db.png

With all these directions, you can make inputs. The basic inputs are called:

  • QCF = Qcf.png = quarter circle forward
  • QCB = Qcb.png = quarter circle back
  • HCF = Hcf.png = half circle forward
  • HCB = Hcb.png = half circle back
  • DP = Dp.png = dragon punch (Ryu's Shoryuken)
  • RDP = Rdp.png = reverse dragon punch
  • 360 = 360.png = full circle motion

Combo Notation

For convenience sake, and to distinguish stuff like proximity normals, the wiki will also use notation found on wikis, videos, etc. for the King of Fighters series. Examples include:

  • "cr." = Character needs to be in a crouching state
  • "st." = Character needs to be in a standing state, or in this game's case, farther away from the opponent
  • "cl." = Character needs to be close to the opponent
  • "j." = Character needs to be in a jumping state (mainly diagonal)
  • "sj." = Character needs to do a super jump
  • "nj." = Character needs to be in a neutral jumping state
  • "dj." = Character needs to be in a diagonal jumping state

All Other Notations

  • cl.A: Close A
  • st.A: Far A
  • cr.A: Crouch A
  • f.A: Forward A (aka 6A; press forward on the joystick and then A to perform the command normal and other similar attacks)
  • df.A: Down forward A (aka 3A)
  • j.A: Jump A
  • sj.A: Super Jump A
  • nj.A: Neutral Jump A
  • (C): Free Cancel (refers to Max Mode cancels)
  • (SC): Super Cancel (mainly for Max Mode)
  • OTG: On The Ground (hits a downed opponent)
  • dp A(1): The number in parentheses refers to how many hits must (or sometimes should) connect before continuing the combo, but not more than
  • cr.X x1-4: Can perform 1 to 4 of a given button in the combo
  • >: follow-up in a combo
  • b~f A: charge back then press forward and A
  • d~u A: charge down then press up and A

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