Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha/Zangief

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Moves List

Normals Moves

Iron Claw When close, b / f + MP / HP

German Suplex When close, b / f + MK / HK

Stomach Block When close, b / f + MK / HK from behind

Special Moves

Double Lariat b / f + PPP, or press PPP, move b / f

Quick Double Lariat b / f + KKK, or press KKK, move b / f

Spinning Piledriver When close, rotate 360 + P

Russian Suplex Rotate 360 + K

Flying Body Attack In air, d + HP

Super Moves

Super Stomping qcf,qcf + K

Chuudan qcb + K during Super Stomping

Final Atomic Buster When close, rotate 720 + P

Final Atomic Buster (Level 3) When close, rotate 720 + PPP at Level 3

The Basics

Advanced Strategy

 1  Double Lariat
 2  Quick Double Lariat
 3  Russian Suplex
 4  Screw Piledriver
 5  Super Stomping
 6  Final Atomic Buster
 7  Final Atomic Buster (Level 3)
 8  Stomach Block
 9  c MP, c MK
10  Use a Double Lariat to hit Ryu as he throws fireballs.
11  Flying Body Attack, s LP, Double Lariat
12  Super Stomping, Final Atomic Buster
13  j HK, s LK, Quick Double Lariat
14  j HK, c MK, Super Stomping
15  Use the Screw Piledriver on Ryu while he is jumping and kicking
16  Super Stomping, Chuudan, s MK, Super Stomping