Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha/Allen Snider

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Moves List

Normals Moves

"Straight ni Body nagete kiwameru waza"                 When close, b / f + MP / HP

Special Moves

Soul Force                     qcf + P
Rising Dragon                  f,d,df + P
Justice Fist                   b,d,db + P
Vaulting Kick                  When close, hcb + K
"Uryaa!" Kick                  f + MK

Super Moves

Fire Force                     qcf,qcf + P
Triple Break                   qcf,qcf + K

The Basics

Advanced Strategy

1  Soul Force
 2  Justice Fist
 3  Rising Dragon
 4  Fire Force
 5  Triple Break
 6  Vaulting Kick
 7  j HP, c MP, c HK
 8  s MP, Justice Fist
 9  j HK, c MK, Rising Dragon
10  Hit Ryu with the Justice Fist while he's throwing fireballs.
11  j HK, c MK, Soul Force, Fire Force
12  j MK, c LK, c LK, Rising Dragon
13  j MK, c LK, c LK, Triple Break, Fire Force
14  j HP, c HP, Fire Force, Triple Break, j HK
15  j HK, s MK, Justice Fist, Fire Force, Triple Break
16  Keep your opponent in the air for 10 seconds