Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha/Darun Mister

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Moves List

Normals Moves

Backdrop When close, b / f + MP / HP

German Suplex                  When close, b / f + MK / HK
Ganges DDT (Kuuchuu)           In air, any direction but u + MP / HP

Special Moves

Lariat                         f,d,df + P
Ganges DDT                     f,d,df + K
Darun Catch                    b,d,db + P
Brahma Bomb                    When close, rotate 360 + P
Indra Bashi                    When close, rotate 360 + K

Super Moves

Tasogare Lariat                qcf,qcf + P
Indra~ Bashi                   qcb,qcb + K
Chouzetsu Kishin Bomb          When close, rotate 720 + P

The Basics

Advanced Strategy

1 Lariat

 2  Ganges DDT
 3  Brahma Bomb
 4  Indra Bashi
 5  Darun Catch
 6  Chouzetsu Kishin Bomb
 7  Tasogare Lariat
 8  Indra~ Bashi
 9  Ganges DDT (air)
10  c MP, c MP
11  c MP, Lariat
12  Indra~ Bashi, Darun Catch
13  Tasogare Lariat, Chouzetsu Kishin Bomb
14  j HP, c MP, Lariat, Tasogare Lariat, Indra~ Bashi, Darun Catch
15  Grab Ryu with the Darun Catch while he's throwing Shouryuu Kens
16  s HK, Indra~ Bashi, s HP, Indra~ Bashi, c HP, Indra~ Bashi,
    Darun Catch.