Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha/Jack

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Moves List

Normals Moves

Power Hunter When close, b / f + MP / HP

Power Lift Throw               When close, b / f + MK / HK

Special Moves

Dash Straight                  Charge b,f + P
Dash Upper                     Charge b,f + K
Batting Hero                   hcf + P
Soccer Ball Kick               hcf + K
Final Punch                    Hold PPP / KKK to charge, then release

Super Moves

Crazy Jack                     Charge b,f,b,f + P  (press K, then P)
Raging Buffalo                 Charge b,f,b,f + K
Home Run Hero                  qcb,qcb + P

The Basics

Advanced Strategy

1  Dash Straight
 2  Dash Upper
 3  Batting Hero
 4  Soccer Ball Kick
 5  Final Punch
 6  Raging Buffalo
 7  Home Run Hero
 8  Crazy Jack
 9  c LP, c LP, Dash Straight
10  j LK, c LK, Batting Hero
11  j HP, c HP, Final Punch, Crazy Jack
12  c MP, c HP, Dash Upper
13  j HP, c HP, Final Punch, Home Run Hero, Soccer Ball Kick
14  Deflect 10 projectiles using the Batting Hero move.
15  Guard Break, Home Run Hero, j HP, c HP, Home Run Hero
16  Home Run Hero, Batting Hero, Crazy Jack, Home Run Hero