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Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha/Dhalsim

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Moves List

Normals Moves

Yoga Smash When close, b / f + MP / HP

Yoga Throw When close, b / f + MK / HK

Special Moves

Yoga Fire                      qcf + P
Yoga Flame                     qcb + P
Yoga Blast                     qcb + K
Yoga Teleport (Zen Idou)       f,d,df + PPP / KKK
Yoga Teleport (Go Idou)        b,d,db + PPP / KKK
Kuuchuu Fuyuu                  f,uf,u,ub,b + K  (air)
Drill Zutsuki                  In air, d + HP
Drill Kick                     In air, d + K
(alternate attacks)            b / db + P / K when standing / crouching

Super Moves

Yoga Inferno qcf,qcf + P

Yoga Legend qcb,qcb + K

Yoga Drill Kick In air, qcf,qcf + K

Kidou Shuusei Direct d / u during Yoga Drill Kick

The Basics

Advanced Strategy

1  Yoga Fire
 2  Yoga Flame
 3  Yoga Blast
 4  Yoga Inferno
 5  Yoga Legend
 6  Yoga Drill Kick
 7  c MK (short), Yoga Fire
 8  Yoga Fire, Yoga Inferno
 9  Yoga Flame, Yoga Legend
10  j HK, (long) s MK, Yoga Inferno
11  Drill Kick, c MK (sliding), Yoga Inferno
12  Yoga Fire, s HK (long)
13  Yoga Fire, j MK, Yoga Drill Kick
14  Perform a 30-hit combo
15  Yoga Blast, Yoga Inferno, Yoga Legend, Yoga Drill Kick, (long) s HP
16  Yoga Fire, c MK (sliding), Yoga Legend, Yoga Drill Kick