Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha/Hokuto

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Moves List

Normals Moves

Kyaku When close, b / f + MP / HP

Keishukou When close, b / f + MK / HK

Special Moves

Chuugeki Hou                   qcf + P
Shougeki Ha                    qcf + P from Chuugeki Hou
Shinkuu Geki                   qcb + P
Shinkyaku Geki                 qcb + K
Shin                           b + P / K from Shinkuu / Shinkyaku Geki
Ryuusui                        When close, rotate 360 + P
Gokyaku Kou                    b,d,db + P
Chuuhou                        f + HP
Kaishuu                        f + HK

Super Moves

Kiren'eki                      qcb,qcb + P, hold P to delay
Kyaku Hougi                    qcb,qcb + K

The Basics

Advanced Strategy

 1  Chuugeki Hou
 2  Chuugeki Hou, Shougeki Ha
 3  Shinkuu Geki
 4  Shinkyaku Geki
 5  Use the Gokyaku Kou to counter Ryu's s HK
 6  Kyaku Hougi
 7  Kiren'eki
 8  Ryuusui
 9  c HK under Ryu's Hadou Ken
10  c MP, Chuugeki Hou, Shougeki Ha
11  c MP, Chuugeki Hou, Kyaku Hougi, Kiren'eki
12  Ryuusui, c LK
13  Gokyaku Kou, Kiren'eki
14  Shinkyaku Geki, Kiren'eki vs. Ryu throwing fireballs
15  j HP, c MP, Chuugeki Hou, Kyaku Hougi, Kiren'eki, Kyaku Hougi
16  j HP, c MP, Chuugeki Hou, Shougeki Ha, Kiren'eki, Kyaku Hougi,