Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha/Kairi

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Moves List

Normals Moves

Kutei Kaku When close, b / f + MP / HP

Ura Jigoku Guruma When close, b / f + MK / HK

Special Moves

Shinki Hatsudou qcf + P

Mouryou Kasen qcb + K (perform 3 times)

Maryuu Rekkou f,d,df + P

Ryuubu f + MK

Super Moves

Shinki Hatsudou In air, qcf,qcf + P

Garyuu Messhuu In air, qcf,qcf + K

Sairou Kyoushu qcb,qcb + P

Kyouja Renbu LP,LP,f,LK,HP

The Basics

Advanced Strategy

1  Shinki Hatsudou
 2  Maryuu Rekkou
 3  Mouryou Kasen (x3)
 4  Shinki Hatsudou (air)
 5  Sairou Kyoushu
 6  Kyouja Renbu
 7  Garyuu Messhuu
 8  s MP, Maryuu Rekkou
 9  j HP, c HP, Shinki Hatsudou
10  c MK, Shinki Hatsudou, Sairou Kyoushu
11  Garyuu Messhuu, Shinki Hatsudou (air), Garyuu Messhuu
12  Shinki Hatsudou (air), Garyuu Messhuu, Sairou Kyoushu
13  j MK, Ryuubu, Shinki Hatsudou (air), Garyuu Messhuu
14  j HK, c MK, Mouryou Kasen (x3), Shinki Hatsudou (air)
15  j MK, c HP, Maryuu Rekkou, Sairou Kyoushu, Shinki Hatsudou (air)
16  Keep Kairi in the air for 10 seconds