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Rage of The Dragons/System

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Mechanics Video

Below are the core mechanics of the game, they're briefly explained here. If you need more of a usage guide, refer to the video above.


To do a throw, you will have to press B.png + Snkc.gif or F.png + Snkc.gif. The direction you choose is the way you throw the opponent. Throws can be broken by simply pressing Snkc.gif during the throw animation.

Running & Backdashing

Running - To do a run, tap and hold forward twice ( F.png F.png ). Let go to stop running. Every character has a run.
Back dashing - To do a back dash, tap back twice ( B.png B.png ). Back dashes are invincible to all attacks.

Spot Dodges

Spot dodges can be done by pressing Snka.gif+Snkb.gif. Spot dodges dodge physical attacks, projectiles, etc. But, spot dodges can be thrown out of. You can still break a throw if you're thrown out of a spot dodge.


To roll, press F.pngSnka.gifSnkb.gif or B.pngSnka.gifSnkb.gif. The direction you choose determines the direction you roll. Rolls are another evasive move, but unlike spot dodges, they cannot avoid hits. Rolls shrink your hitbox, allowing you to move under some attacks like projectiles. You can get hit and thrown out of a roll.


To tag in your partner, press Snkb.gif+Snkc.gif in neutral. They must be alive and the "CHANGE OK" bar below their health must be full to tag in. All characters do attacks on tag in which can be canceled with a roll or spot dodge.

Duplex Attack

To perform a duplex attack input 236Snkb.gif+Snkc.gif, you must have at least one bar of super meter, your partner must be alive and the "CHANGE OK" bar must be full. Duplex attacks are super tag-in attacks that deal much more damage. You can follow up for another bar of super meter by doing 236Snkb.gif+Snkc.gif again. Each character team (teams are the characters who appear next to each other in the character select, example: Billy & Lynn) has their own unique duplex.


Impacts are done by pressing Snkc.gif+Snkd.gif. Upon doing an impact, your character's attack will have a faint shadow around them and if the impact hits, you will see a combination of buttons above the super meter. Each character has a unique impact combo and the impact combo can be changed by tapping U.png after landing the impact. There's two types of impact combos: Air Impacts and Ground impacts. Ground impacts build less meter but can combo into special / supers easier. Air impacts build much more meter but struggle to combo into most special / supers.

Guard Cancels

Guard cancels are done by pressing Snkc.gif+Snkd.gif on block. You must have at least one super meter to perform a guard cancel. Guard cancels interrupt the opponent's attacks and send them flying away from you.


To surrender, hold Snka.gif+Snkb.gif+Snkc.gif+Snkd.gif while in neutral to surrender your current character's health to your partner and give you a maximum of 5 super meter instead of 3. Your partner must be alive to surrender.

Stage Walls

Stage walls are found on every stage except for Radel/Annie's stage and Jones'/Kang's stage. Walls allow you to extend your combos with wall hits (usually seen as (WH)). Wall hits are done by doing any knock-down move near a wall. This includes throws, guard cancels, sweeps, etc. When the opponent hits the wall, they'll bounce off the wall and give you time to do another attack. Walls can only be used once and will break if hit again, extending the stage.


Stun is an invisible meter that each character has, after a certain amount of hits taken. A character be put into a unique stun animation, allowing the combo to continue. Stun lasts for 3 seconds.

Guard Break

Guard breaks happen when your invisible guard meter hits 0. When a guard break occurs, a shattering animation will play, leaving you open for attack.

If you're looking for more info, check out the In-Depth System Guide

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