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Rage of The Dragons/Kang

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Jae Mo-Kang
Unique Partner Jones
Life 190
Stun 80
Guard 120
Profession Pro Wrestler


Command Moves

6B - Doskoi! Kang does a delayed upward then downward kick. At the peak of the upward kick, there is a brief hitbox that can juggle airborne opponents. Downward overhead kick can be canceled into any special or super.
3A - Kang does a signature 4 hit sumo palm attack. The 4th attack sends the opponent to the wall. You can cancel this command move at any point of the move.
3C - Kang sucks in his belly to prepare a counter. This move is a High/Medium counter that, on activation, can be canceled into a special.

Special Moves

Fire Bomb

236A - Kang breathes fire! This is a short-ranged projectile. Great for spacing since big-bodied characters cannot deal with this move well.
236C - Just like the light version but has an extra hit, more start-up, and slightly more damage.

Kang Attack

41236B/D - Kang does a charging headbutt. Very slow start-up but when it becomes active, it is invulnerable to any physical attack. It's unsafe on block, so hope they don't block.

Rolling Fire

214A/C - Kang does a somersault propelled by his flame breath. Very sub-par anti-air and combo ender.

Kang Screw

623A/C - Spin to win! Kang jumps up vertically while spinning like a top. This move is Kang's best move since it builds so much meter, deals so much stun, and sends the opponent flying to the wall on hit. The Heavy version gains additional height and hits.

Super Moves

Body Press Special

63214-63214A/C - Command grab. Kang grabs you and does his signature Kang screw. If you use the heavy version, Kang follows up the Kang screw at its peak with a butt slam.

Duplex Attack

236BC >> 236BC - Your partner must be alive or must be able to be tagged in. Follow-up again with another 236BC for an extra meter for more damage. Kang gets 1 extra point of damage on non-special (not with jones) duplex attacks for some reason.



First Impact combos:
Ground - A, A, A, A, C
Air - A, A, A, A, C

Basic Combos

9D > 2C > 3A > 236A
9D > 2C > 3A > 623A
9D > 2C > 3A > 63214-63214A
9D > 2C > 3A > 63214-63214C
6B > 623A
6B > 236A
6B > 63214-63214A/C
3C (counter) > 623A

Wall Combos:

9D > 2C > 3A > 623C (WH) > CD (air) > 623C
9D > 2C > 3A > 63214-63214A (WH) > CD (air) > 623C
(Corner Only) 9D > 2C > 3A > 63214-63214C (WH) > CD (air) > 623C
9D > 2C > 3A > 63214-63214A (WH) > CD (air) > 236BC > 236BC

Character Specific Combos

Kang has some issues where his 6B will not combo after impact on certain characters, so Kang's wall combos are character-specific. Here are the details about Kang's 6B hitting after impact:

-Alice cannot link impact after 6B.
-Lynn, Cassandra and Pepe cannot link 6B after impact. Lynn and Cassandra cannot be stunned within one combo.

6B Wall Combos:

9D > 2C > 3A > 623C (WH) > 6B > 623C
Use on everyone but you lose out on impact. Use this on Pepe since he cannot be hit by 6B after impact. Stuns Pepe, Sonia, Jimmy, Alice, Kang and Jones.

9D > 2C > 3A > 623C (WH) > CD (ground) > 6B > 623C
For use on Billy, Radel, Pupa, Kang, Jimmy, Alice. Stuns Jimmy and Kang.

9D > 2C > 3A > 623C (WH) > CD (ground) > 6B > 6B > 623C
Can only be used on Elias, Abubo, Jones, Annie, Oni and Sonia. Stuns everyone on the list except Abubo.

9D > 2C > 3A > 623C (WH) > 6B > CD (ground) > 6B > 6B > 623C
Exclusively used to stun Abubo but can be done on Elias, Jones, Annie, Oni and Sonia. It's hard to land the 6B before impact. To do so you have to catch the opponent falling from the apex of the wall hit.


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