Rage of The Dragons/Johann

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Johann Caspar
Unique Partner None
Life 240
Stun 999
Guard 999
Profession The Black Dragon
Difficulty Unranked
Tier Unranked


Johann is a rich man that owns an island in Sunshine Bay, in which he has a mansion that is used as a shrine by the Black Dragon cult. Johann is possessed by the Black Dragon spirit, which is an evil entity destined to bring chaos and destruction into the world. Johann is seen as a prodigious man among members of the Black Dragon sect because he was able to tame and dominate the black dragon spirit at a young age. Details about his life are surrounded in mystery, even some people believe he comes from another world.

Johann once was under de guidance of Lee Song, being expelled due to his ambition and negative personality. After that, Johann developed great anger and hate for his former master, and eventually joined the black dragon cult taking from his master dojo a sealed scroll to set free the spirit of the black dragon after killing him.

Johann's objective is to find and eliminate the owners of the remaining dragon spirits to absorb their powers and to create a new world ruled by his cult.


Johann is unplayable in the MVS version of ROTD. The MVS version is the default on fightcade 2 and hopefully the future re-release from Piko/QuByte Interactive. You can unlock Johann in the AES version by pressing and holding A,B,C,D after you select your characters. You must hold the buttons until the round starts. Be aware though, Johann only has one color palette and will borrow the color palette of your last picked character.

Johann uniquely has an infinite guard and stun meter, so he cannot be stunned or guard broken. Johann lacks some of the core mechanics of ROTD like First Impact, not having an attack on a tag in, and not attacking in a duplex which causes the opponent to be infinitely stunned.




Command Moves


Special Moves

Shadow Ball

214A - Johann throws a fireball with a dragon imprint in it. Very cool, Joann! Recovery for this move doesn't finish unless the fireball goes off-screen or makes contact with an opponent.

Realm Slash

214B - Johann does a leaping back slash. Recovers quickly.

Hell's Dragon

214C - Johann slams his hand against the ground, making a pillar of energy shoot upwards. The projectile shot goes all the way up to the end of the screen.

You're Already Dead

214D - Johann lifts you up by the neck with one hand and explodes you with black dragon magic.. This is a command grab and can be combined into. The animation and damage are shared with Johann's actual grab.

Super Moves

Dragon Nightmare

214-1236B/D - Johann charges up a big energy ball around him, splits it in half, and launches it behind him and in front of him. Like most of Johann's moves, this one also has a dragon imprint in the energy ball. Both versions are the same except the heavy kick version gets an additional hitbox upon start-up, making it easier to link into combos.

Duplex Attack

Johann cannot initiate a duplex. However, he will participate in a duplex but will not attack. Since there is no attack, the opponent will be stunned until Johann attacks the opponent.


Are these combos impractical? Who cares! Johann is the boss of this game.

Throw > 214B
Throw > 5C
9D > cl.D (2 hit) > 236A > cl.D (1 hit) > 214D > 214B
9D > cl.D (2 hit) > 236A > cl.D (1 hit) > 214-1236B
9D > cl.D (2 hit) > 236A > cl.D (2 hit) > ... looop till death
(Corner Only) 9D > cl.D (2 hit) > 236A > cl.D (1 hit) > 214D > 214-1236D (Stun) > 9D > cl.D (2 hit) > 214D > 214B

Wall Combos:

(Corner Only)9D > cl.D (2 hit) > 236A > cl.D (1 hit) > 214D > 214-1236D (WH) > 214B
(Corner Only)9D > cl.D (2 hit) > 236A > cl.D (1 hit) > 214D > 214-1236D (WH) > 214-1236A (Stun) > 9D > cl.D (2 hit) > 214D > 214B
Any Character Duplex > cl.D (2 hit) > 236A > cl.D (2 hits) ... looooop till death

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