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James "Jimmy" Lewis
Unique Partner Sonia
Life 180
Stun 90
Guard 100
Profession The Red Dragon,
Crying Over Marian's Death


Jimmy is the older brother of Billy who accompanied him on their many adventures in the streets. However, both brothers soon grew tired of the physical abuse and moved to Sunshine City with their uncle. There, both brothers were introduced to Master Lee Song, who taught them the Ryu Zui Ken techniques. Jimmy was taught the ways of the "Red Dragon" to prepare him for the trials he would have to face. Unlike his younger brother, Jimmy has always been involved with the local gangs. A powerful gang, whom Jimmy refused to join, killed his lover, Marian. Enraged, he and Billy defeated every member of the gang in vengeance. However, once he hears that his brother was involved with her death, he broke off all ties with Billy by leaving Lee Song's dojo and Sunshine City.

Jimmy continues his life as a famous street fighter, both for the money and the thrill. He got the scar across his face after he was badly injured by an unknown fighter. Due to his training with the Red Dragon spirit, Jimmy eventually returns to Sunshine City as he felt the resonance of an evil dragon. He reluctantly enters the tournament with Sonia, who followed him to his old home. In both of his endings, he visits Marian's grave and refuses anyone's help. He is confident that he can defeat the "Black Dragon" by himself.


Jimmy is a neutral heavy character, who relies in good reads and his Light DP to anti-air opponents. Jimmy has great close B button that cancel into super or DP, Far A and C are his best pokes. Most of Jimmy strength is in confirming his Close C or Crouch C to get a super confirm. Also having a good projectile that can combo into super makes Jimmy a somewhat lackluster without strong combos besides confirming into his super or First Impact combo. Most of his normals and specials are unsafe on block, so you need to press your buttons carefully. Jimmy can mixup his opponent with his overhead (6A) or his Cannon kick (214B or 214D) for crossup when close to the opponent.



Ground - A, A, B, C, C
Air - B, A, C, D, D

Command Moves

6A - Elbow Strike

Overhead. Can only be special and super canceled. Cannot link into normals.

3A - Power Punch

On hit, Launches the opponent into the air allowing for a special/super cancel combo. Has one tic of high/mid armor before going active making it good for catching tag ins, guard cancels, etc.

Special Moves

Red Rage - 236A/C.

Light fireball moves slower than the heavy version. Good fireball but not the best.

Sho Ryu Da - 623A/C.

Light Sho Ryu Da hits once and has a bigger hitbox than the heavy version. The heavy version hits 3 times and has a more vertical hitbox.

Heat Hurricane - 63214A/C

Light version causes knockdown and blows them back to the wall on hit. It's difficult to link into this so it's not used much.
Heavy version can be mixed up with a low/mid/high. To get a high mix, hold 8. To get a low mix, hold 2. To hit mid, remain in neutral (5). It's also difficult to combo into this one like the light version.

Cannon Kick - 214 B/D.

Both versions are overheads. Light version hits once, heavy version hits 3 times, has a bigger arc and causes a knockdown.

Super Moves

(n)Gun Blow - 2141236 A/C.
Charges with a burning fist then uppercuts the opponent to the air in flames. C version has fire geyser finish after the uppercut. Great for combos. B version has almost full screen distance, while C version travels full screen.

Super Tag

A note about his unique duplex when partnered with Sonia: Jimmy can juggle any character with Gun Blow after they're launched by the flame pillar. You can combo into a First Impact on Oni, Elias, Jones, Kang, Sonia, Jimmy and Abubo.


Basic Combos

cl.B or 2B > 623A
cl.B or 2B > 2141236A or 2141236C
6A > 623C
(crouching only) 6A > 214B > 623A
9D > cl.C > 623A
9D > cl.C > 63214A
9D > cl.C > 2141236A or 2141236C

Wall Combos

9D > cl.C > 623A (WH) > CD (ground) > 6A > 623C
9D > cl.C > 623A (WH) > CD (ground) > 6A > 2141236A or 2141236C | Delay the super input to connect.
9D > cl.C > 2141236A (WH) > CD (ground) > 6A > 2141236A | does a lot of damage
9D > cl.C > 2141236A (WH) > CD (ground) > 6A > 2141236C | does a lot more damage
9D > cl.C > 623A (WH) > CD (air) > 236BC > 236BC

Advanced Combos

Whiff Super Combos

In order to do these super whiff combos, you must use 3A to launch the opponent high enough for your super to go under the opponent. The key to whiffing the super is doing the super immediately after 3A hits. These combos require a wall hit, raw 6A anti-air or raw impact.

9D > cl.C > 623C (WH) > CD (ground) > 6A > 2141236A (Whiff) > 623C | Delay 623C slightly to hit all 3 hits of the DP.
9D > cl.C > 623C (WH) > CD (ground) > 6A > 2141236A (Whiff) > 2D
(Midscreen Only) CD (ground) > 6A > 2141236A (Whiff) > 623C | This one crosses under midscreen.
9D > cl.C > 623C (WH) > CD (ground) > 6A > 2141236A (Whiff) > 236BC > 236BC | Does more damage than standard duplex combos.

Unique Duplex Combos

These combos can only work if Sonia is the one to initiate the duplex. Jimmy must follow up. These combos can be found on Sonia's wiki page too.

9D > 2C > 3B > 623C (WH) > CD (Air) > 236BC > 236BC > 2141236A
Works on everyone.
9D > 2C > 3B > 623C (WH) > CD (Air) > 236BC > 236BC > CD (ground) > 3A > 623C
Only works on Elias, Kang, Jones, Oni, Jimmy, Sonia.
9D > 2C > 3B > 623C (WH) > CD (Air) > 236BC > 236BC > CD (ground) > 3A > 2141236A
Only works on Elias, Kang, Jones, Oni, Jimmy, Sonia.
9D > 2C > 3B > 623C (WH) > CD (Air) > 236BC > 236BC > CD (ground) > 3A > 2141236A (whiff) > 2D (stun) > CD (ground) > 3A > 2141236A (WH) > CD (air) > 2142136A
Only works on Kang/Jones. TOD's kang and jones since it stuns.


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